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iTunes is now asking me to fill in 3 security questions:


1. How can i still use iTunes store and NOT use these security questions?


Why would i not want to use them? Well, i prefer to use a password only i know, not use insecurity questions like "whats your first car?" It's not hard for a whole bunch of people to know that one. Setting these insecurity questions is just giving anyone that vaguely knows me free and easy assess to my account. I DO NOT WANT THAT!


2. How do i make iTunes stop asking my account password every time i want to play songs, download something, or do basically anything in iTunes? It's really irritating to have to put in my password 50 times a week (and nobody else uses this computer.)

Solved by Bobaloo on Apr 20, 2012 11:58 AM Solved



I am not sure if that is what made it work for me but that is what i did as well and i can connect now.


Either that or they are just making some of us wait for two days while they run a security check on our security questions.

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    I agree.


    The questions are not secure, some are public knowledge and some I don't even know the answer to myself, so I would have to fake an answer, which then I won't remember.


    The thing that ticks me off more and more is that every time I want to update preinstalled apps or install a free app on the iphone, ipad, ipod ... I need to give my password (which is an alpha numeric combo, so it takes a bit of effort to type it). I don't mind it when it is a purchase that is $ or $$, but for updates of pre-installed or previously bought apps it is lame when you have multiple idevices to do that several times a week and even per day.

  • Bobaloo Level 1 Level 1

    It is only going to get worse and more difficult since many accounts were compromised recently leading to the new security questions. I too agree, very lame questions anyone could answer. Oh well, prepare yourself for more and more of this kind of thing that makes your online experience more difficult and annoying. I would imagine that in the future in order to access everything Apple wants you to store in iCloud it is going to be a nightmare of passwords and security questions just to access a document or listen to a song.

    I have even answered all the secutrity questions and entered my correct password and still I cannot connect. iTunes has been telling me to try again later for 24 hours now. How long should I wait in order to be able spend my money at the Apple app store with a Apple iPad and iPhone? I can update my apps but I cannot purchase new apps or install new free apps now.

    Try getting some help from Apple............hahahahaha

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    I have been trying for two days to enter the answers and I get an error message that it cannot be completed at this time and to try later.  I NEED TO DOWNLOAD AN APP AND I CAN'T!!  So frustrated!  When I call they tell me to email support and that could take 24 hours.  I can't download to my phone, iPad, or computer.GRR!!!

  • Bobaloo Level 1 Level 1

    FORGET THE EMAIL SUPPORT! They don't even read your whole question. I had the same exact thing and there was no help from Apple other than to keep sending me form letters full of links to search. Talk about mindblowing frustration! I emailed that I can update current apps (so you know it IS connected to iTunes) but I get the "cannot connect" trying to purchase new apps after filling out the security questions. All Apple did was send me basic instructional links like "Connecting your device to Apple iTunes" or "Updating your software" or "Credit Card won't work on iTunes" and my personal favorite "iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections"  WT_? Didn't I just tell you that I AM ABLE TO CONNECT AND UPDATE MY CURRENT APPS???  WHOA guys are you listening to me?! Do you want me to spend my money in your app store or not?! Obvisously they don't give a hoot about your actual problem they just want to answer as many questions as they can in one shift. It is always like this, usually I start my emails to them by asking them NOT to send a form letter with basic links but they do so anyway. Occasionally I have received a response from someone who actually is helpful but that is the RARE occasion.

    What a joke! Major email outage yesterday (for the full day not just a few minutes) as well and this is why I will never store anything in iCloud. Totally unreliable anytime Apple decides to change policy or change an online product there are bugs they have not worked out.


    I had the "Cannot Connect" problem for two days but suddenly and mysteriously, last night it started working on both the iPad and the iPhone.  Keep the faith and keep trying.

  • flappospammo Level 1 Level 1

    it's going to save me a fortune as no way amd i amnswering all those bloody stupid questions everytime i want to access my itunes account


    utterly pathetic imo


    since steve died apple has gone down the drain imo


    i might even go wndoze after all this crap ( 20 years mac user ) 

  • Bobaloo Level 1 Level 1

    I am pretty sure the new security questions are a one time thing until there is a problem and then you will need to know the anwsers. Once I got it to work on the iPhone, the iPad installed the new app automatically.

    flappospammo wrote:


    i might even go wndoze after all this crap ( 20 years mac user ) 

    funny I just had that conversation with a friend this morning. Ive been all mac since the beginning but with this new trend to dumb down and corrall everything into what Apple thinks you should do online I have had second thoughts. I do not need a 27" iPad that can only run apps from the app store (which are so limited in creativity and access to the system they become basically webapps) I want a real computer that I can purchase and install third party software on. Apple's Idea of computing these days is Facebook, Sharing Photos on the iCloud only and listening to only Apple stored music.

    What ever happened to "THINK DIFFERENT". We are not all sheep going to the slaughter, some of us have bigger aspirations in life than living an "Apple Approved" life.

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    I agree these questions are probably a one time thing until your account is compromized (or somebody tries to compromize it) ... or if you forget your account password, or mistyped it two or three times.


    Though as with banks, there is a chance they might ask you to review your information every year.

  • Cyberhugger Level 1 Level 1

    My problem is with the last item in the list, my email address. I enter it then it rejects the address because it can't be the same address that they already have on file. Sorry but I only have one email address.

  • Cyberhugger Level 1 Level 1

    Correction... It turns out that the email address is an optional field.

  • Bobaloo Level 1 Level 1

    Yes it is, good you found that. I tried my dotmac it said cannot be the same as appleid, so I tried one of my aliases and it said, that email is in use already so I gave it my gmail and that would not connect, finally I just left it blank but it still did not work until hours later when I tried the process again. I do not know if leaving the email blank made a difference or not.

  • smuffster Level 1 Level 1

    Had a similar issue with contacting support. Basically made a complaint and the person who email me back very obviously didn't even read my message and instead sent back a form letter on steps to take to reset my password. Waste of time.

  • daddybladedawg Level 1 Level 1

    i haven't contacted support and am trying to wait for them to fix these glitches.  my problem is that on setting the security questions window, it says select a question and there are no questions to select or even write in.  so i click on submit thinking that the next window will show some questions only to get a pure white window.


    i don't disagree with these security measures but right now it's so secure i cannot even download anything at all!

  • annefromemmett Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same question and problem as the initial message. Suddenly, I can't use my account for my iPad even though it is authorized. And, in fact, I can't use my account from my computer without going through the three-question h*ll. Not going to do it, Apple. Help us out here, this is rediculous.

  • patentdude Level 1 Level 1

    I simply don't have answers for all three questions.  As I'm seemingly required to answer them to be able to use my apple devices that connect with iTunes and now I can't I wonder what the process is to get a refund on all of my iphones, ipads, apple TVs etc. as they are pretty useles without iTunes access.


    Seems like a class action will be filed soon on this....

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