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  • ashtonmitchell Level 1 Level 1

    Are we all genuinely being serious on this discussion, there are people who would genuinely stop purchasing from apple due to three security questions designed to protect your credit card details, I would rather just not be so stupid as to forget my password in the first place and if I do then luckily I've chosen answers I can remember because I was born with the ability to remember, and finally if I really am that stupid I forget oh yay they give you the ability to reset them!! Couldn't be more simple!!

  • troyd5676 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple does not have any of my credit card information to protect - that is how I handle my security.  They are requiring these question to even download free apps.  And I have a password that I will not forget - that is why I chose it. 


    The questions they gave me to choose from have no relation to my life.  Favorites?  I don't think like that.  I have no favorite movie, teacher, car, etc.  I would have to make something up and hope that I would make up the same answer if ever asked again.  What ever happened to "mother's maiden name" or another question to which there is one and olny one answer?  Nothing that could be forgotten.  And why the overkill of having 3 questions.  One is plenty.  

  • smuffster Level 1 Level 1

    Personally I have not bought anything from Apple since they instigated this ridiculous security question. Like Troyd5676 I find that I cannot answer the questions. They're juvenile and subjective. There was nothing wrong with the original security question that you were able to write yourself.


    The plus side is I've bought way more CDs the last 12 months, supporting artists directly, and I'm not wasting time playing stupid games.

  • teresdad Level 1 Level 1

    ashton - Thanks for your input.  However, it's clear you've only read a few of the comments on this thread.  I did not forget the answers to my security questions, I was never given a chance to set them up in the first place. You will see that others on this thread have had the same experience.  You cannot forget the answers to questions you never selected. 


    So I hope this takes me (and others in the same boat) out of the "stupid" classification system you wield with such  expertise.


    This strikes me as nothing more than a QA failure.  Apple rolled out the new security system without testing the effect on all account types.  NOTE: when I tried to log into to my account to set the answers to the questions- guess what I was presented with - the same questions!


    I am not an Apple hater - just a growing Apple skeptic.  This security "bump" is but the latest in a string of real disappointments: Itunes on Windows (need I say more?), dropping google maps (again - this one is too easy), and my personal favorite (admittedly obscure) - each Quicktime update installing itself as the default TIFF viewer in your browser - after you check the box asking it NOT to be the default viewer (TIFF is a format for many technical drawings.  We simply banned Itunes/Quicktime on all work computers after that one).


    When you are number one, you can afford to rest on your laurels.

    You just won't remain number one with that attitude.


    I think Jobs understood that.

  • geoffreyfrommerseyside Level 1 Level 1

    You don't need to answer the questions if you do what I posted here earlier.

  • Halloway Level 1 Level 1

    I had my first computer nearly 20 years ago. It was a Mac. I had one of the first iPods. Since then I've spent a fortune on Macs. I've never had anything but Macs. Both at home and at work. Five years ago I spent over two thousand pounds on an iMac, laptop, software etc. At the time, my neighbour who had a revolting looking Dell which had cost him a couple of hundred pounds said "You're a ******* mug!"


    Since the security question fiasco, I have been unable to use iTunes. (Yeah I know there are dozens of way round it. But the whole point of spending a fortune on Macs is so you don't have to find "a way round it")


    So I now buy CDs or download from Amazon.


    In fact, I can't use anything Mac on my Mac now. I went to buy an iPod Touch at Christmas and realised to my horror that I can't use it with my OS. My neighbour, however with his ancient two hundred pound Dell, now held together with Gaffa tape can use it with no problem.


    As he now puts it: "You're a bigger ******* mug than I thought you were".


    And after 20 years of praising all things Apple and denigrating all things Windows I have to admit that he has a point. Both the desktop that I am typing this on and the the laptop that my wife is using are constantly featured in TV dramas and live studio settings as 'modern state of the art technology.'


    My neighbour's computer on the other hand is more commonly featured in skips.


    But if I want to continue using iPods, iPads, iPhones or any other future Mac stuff I need to update my obsolete iMac with something that can match my neighbour's 'skip' computer.


    After twenty years I am seriously having to think the unthinkable.

  • troyd5676 Level 1 Level 1

    I am just the opposite.  I have never owned an Apple product in my life until about a year ago when I got my iPad.  I was pretty happy with it and I had always heard good things about Apple.  Then this security fiasco came to me around April/May and I started asking if I could get my money back.  Of course, I knew I couldn't but I wanted to express my displeasure with Apple in some way. 


    Then in late summer I was ready to get a new smart phone.  I probably would have tried an iPhone, but I got so little satifaction from Apple "support" over these inane security questions that I did not even consider one. 


    Anyone see how Apple's stock price is doing lately? 

  • mgeez Level 1 Level 1

    I Would strongly encourage you to call in, and request to speak to Account Security. Which helps in these kind of scenarios.


    I do not believe the security questions were intended to cause dismay amongst us as supporters, but to make it harder for account compromises and or misuse. Note, that these only appear on new devices (iPod Touch 5th, iPhone 5, IPad Mini, etc)


    Also, for those whom do not have the liberty to pick their own questions, sign into Apple ID and see if Password and Security tab allows you to add a rescue email. If it does, you can then reset your own questions as I did.

  • RandyInBC Level 1 Level 1

    Hi mgeez,


    I have probably spent over an hour on the telephone with Apple over this and was told in no uncertain terms the questions can NOT be changed.  Remember this is not about the one question tied to your Apple ID, this is about the three multi choice questions tied to the iTunes store.   The multi choice questions are un-changeable.  Also you mention they are only for NEW devices, I had my iPhone for 18 months and had bought well over a hundred apps or songs before I suddenly had to answer these ridiculous questions, the same goes for my old G4 Powernbook, I've had it since 2006 before I had to answer these questions.  Three months ago I bought a new Mac Mini and when I went to the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID and credit card on file, NO questions to answer.  Why would that be if the whole idea here is to protect my account ?   For kicks I tried to buy a couple paid apps with my iPhone around Christmas.  NO question were asked, I bought them, a couple days later the questions were back and I can't even get a free app.  There is no logic here.



  • pauldy Level 1 Level 1

    Because they don't work, unfortunatly.  I tried them multiple times and ultimatly it failed every time always requiring the questions.  I still refuse to fill them out because they are the same type questions I used for my bank and I'm not aobut to have these questions floating around everywhere so that when apple gets compromised now they have my banking questions too.

  • Geary Wootten Level 1 Level 1

    This whole theme sure seems dicey at best... in that there are about three main different experiences represented: 1.) I can't get on because I've forgotten my security questions. 2.) Can't get on because Apple refuses to answer calls at help desk. 3.) I had a problem, emailed Apple, and then Apple sent me a a solution and now everything is fine.

    There are some sub-categories of these three main themes but basically the same.


    For me personally I'm happy to say it was solved in the third category.  I had a problem with the answers for awhile...but,  I emailed them and within hours I had a chance to get a new password made  and in five months I've had no problem getting apps with the exception of one caveat:  Once while traveling out of town.  I couldn't update an app in the motel I was staying at. As soon as I got back was working again. 


    So,  yeah....stuff is definitely weird.

  • dexxjones Level 1 Level 1

    Epic customer fail. I wanted that app but sorry I don't remember how I answered the question of my favorite job a year ago and I am not interested in being harassed by my device


    A password is enough


    For the same reason I don't patronize sites that use capthas I will not be harassed for my own protection


    People need to not stand for this

  • rakebhar99 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know whether it's a glitch or bug in itunes (PC) , but it's a fix definitely.


    Follow :


    1) Download a free app from app store. It will ask for password, give it.


    2) That app will start downloading.


    3) Now within a short span of time, download the desired (paid) app, and it wont ask any password or security questions.


    4) Done !


    Best of Luck @Aric Bolf and rest who faced it .

  • RandyInBC Level 1 Level 1

    Hi rakebhar,


    You got lucky with your go at it.  I've tried what you suggested several times, once or twice with success.  The rest of the times I've tried, no luck.  I've tried from my iPhone and Macs, does not work.  The fact it has worked for me once or twice and for you shows there are issues with store security.



  • rakebhar99 Level 1 Level 1

    Atleast it worked once or twice