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I have two G5 Quads - One is a 2005 build year and the other is a 2006 build year  CK618- - - - - - - - -)


Both machines run lovely


I have a DVD that a Apple Technican gave me from a servicecentre

It is a Apple Therimal Calabration workshop disc 2.6.3 especially for the PPC  Quad 2.5GHz


I have a problem when calibrating the one machine. (serial number CK547- - - - - - - - -)


It comes up with this a warning:




I have taaken the Plastic Air Door on and off now during end of test when it says above - The Red & Yellow & Green lights come on  (above the Ram at side of Ram slots) - so it knows the plastic door is off - the Large INTAKE Aiir Fans slow down in front of Radiator.

When the Plastic air door is put back on - the fan speed up again. (in test mode see pic above)


I have also put in other Large INTAKE Aiir Fans ( I have purchased 5 of these which I have in the store room - in case a unit went down)


This has no effect - I still get the message.


All the other tests - using this Apple Workshop Disc 2.6.3 - ALL PASS with flying colours


PS - The machines ARE MINT INSIDE - and when I say you could  eat your dinner I mean it - theres NO DUST (they are just like they ahve come out of the box - They are always on sleep - I start them up once a week for about 7 hours. They Sleep well - when asked (No Panic Kernals)

They are just fine - except the above problem.

PS - The above machine used to pass this test.

Theres NO collent leaks (Both machines have the Last Panasonic Cooling System MK3) see pic


Has anyone got a fix.




PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G5 Quad 2.5GHz - 16GB Ram (2006)
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