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Hi -


After I did the 10.7.4 update on my mid-2010 macbook pro core i7 this evening, my wifi adapter/internet is not working, it is grayed out and says "no wifi hardware found". I have re-booted my machine 4-5 times but that did not help.


Apparently, if I boot into recovery partition via holding Cmd+R > there my wifi is working and is properly connected. Infact, I am writing this message through that receovery partition safari window connected to wifi just fine.


Another weird nothing I noticed is if I boot into the Safari-only Guest User account, there also wifi is working just fine, no problem.


However, in both of my user accounts, it is giving me this "no wifi hardware found" error and won't connect to internet. In fact, ethernet wasn't working as well in user accounts.


Any suggestions besides taking to apple store?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 8GB, 500GB, core-i7, late 2010
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