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I was wondering about two things in regaurds to the privileges, the first one being Conference Calls can someone explain in detail waht those are please? And the other question I have is in regaurd to Lounge Acess and MVP Meetups what are these? Thanks in avance!


Reputation, status levels, and privileges

When another community member marks your answer as helpful or solved, you receive reputation points. You can find any user's status level and points next to each post.

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Status LevelPointsPrivilege
Level 10-149
Level 2150-499Report Post
Level 3500-999Custom Avatar
Level 41,000-3,999Conference Calls
Level 54,000-7,999User Tips
Level 68,000-19,999Lounge Access, MVP Meetups
Level 720,000-34,999
Level 835,000-49,999
Level 950,000-79,999
Level 1080,000+




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