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Where is the 17" new macbook Pro??

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    They seem to have killed it.

    It's the worsed thing they ever did to estrange their pro users. These are the people that are responsible for the image and brandvalue of the company. It seems to be set aside for mass profits.

    This decision will move me away from Apple and I am pretty sure I won't be the only one.

    I am not purchasing a consumer machine for too much money.

    Windows 8 looks pretty nice.

    Feeling really sad!

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    It's devastating news...I wanted to replace my MBP 17". I've been waiting for an upgrade for over a year to find out that it's been discontinued. I honestly think that it was a poor decision. I wouldn't buy a 15" laptop. The extra real state on the MBP 17" is more important to me than any eye candy. I'm a graphic and web designer and use my MBP 17" as my main machine and have never complained about it being big, or heavy, etc. I take it with me everywhere because I work on the go. The idea of having a 15" laptop and carrying around an external display defeats the purpose of portability for me. The 15" model is simply not big enough for my line of work. It is a dark day for us MBP 17" users. I'll have to go back to the other side!

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    I don't recall a statement by Apple to the effect that there will be no more MBP 17" models.  Apple seems to be looking for a reaction of the market to a choice between two models of the MBP 15".  While awaiting a verdict Apple will still be producing three lines of MBP's as before, and perhaps does not want to increse manufacturing capacity until it knows whether it can drop one of the MBP 15" models.  If and when that happens, perhaps we'll see an MBP 17" similar to the surviving MBP 15".


    I suppose, too, that the sheer size of an MBP 17" with Retina Display poses technological challenges.  Is the rejection rate of 17" Retina displays sufficiently low to make its production economical?  How stable (i.e., immune to torsion and bending) would an MBP 17" as thin as the MBP 15" with Retina Display be?


    We live in hope.



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    Yes where is the 17 inch macbook pro? I have only had a 17 inch MacBook Pro beacause the others are to small for the work I do they should give people the option to have a 17 inch built not just totally end one of the best products Apple has to offer im heart broken over this my 17 inch MacBook pro is my life I dont know what I will do without it. i hope they are just setting the ground work like the did in the pass and releasing the updated 17 inch at a later date.


    S. Forbes

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    You mention retina and how it would affect a 17" model, but I don't think that's the issue of this thread. The 13" and 15" both got upgrades to the gfx, ports, processor without retina, but the 17" - Apple just removed it altogether. No upgrade. Nothing. I use my 2011 17" for Logic Pro (which itself is due an upgrade) but if they've dumped the 17" line, I guess I'll eventually have to go to Windows and Pro Tools or something. 15" is just far too small for professional use, even with retina display. At the end of the day, I need screen real estate, and I'm sure Final Cut users will feel the same. I could care less if I see jagged lines if I hold a magnifying glass to my screen.

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    Yes, I understood that.  That is why I brought up the consideration of limited manufacturing capacity even before I questioned whether the sheer size of a 17" laptop like the new 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display wouldn't pose challenges of its own.


    To reiterate:  Suppose you were manufacturing three models of a laptop and you wanted to upgrade the line, not with incremental modifications (like the ones that characterize the "new" 13" and 15" MacBook Pro's), but with something that would leave the competition eating your dust.  Suppose further that this "something" would make the laptops fairly expensive, something your fans won't expect.  They have been used to upgraded model s costing no more than the models that they replace, i.e., more performance for the same price.  So you test the market by giving it a choice between a normally upgraded version of one model, or a version of the same model with the technology that will enable you to leave the competition behind.  How do you propose to manufacture the "ground-breaking" version without having to increase your manufacturing capacity?  After all, you don't want the test to be more expensive than necessary!  You decide to devote the line that presently manufactures the least popular model to manufacturing the "ground-breaking" version of the one model.


    I think that make some sense, don't you?  Now suppose that the MBP 15" with Retina Display turns out to be a runaway success.  I doubt that Apple would continue to offer just the three MBP's that it is offering today.  It would make a lot of sense to consolidate around models with Retina displays, i.e., to replace the unibody MBP's by models with Retina displays (and without all the things that some of us which hadn't been sacrificed in the name of thinness).  That would be the time to introduce a 17" MBP with Retina Display.  Here's another "suppose".  Suppose Apple had introduced an upgrade to the 17" MBP along with the upgrades to the other two models.  Which segment of the customer base do you think would howl the loudest, becasue no sooner had they bought the upgrade, than the version with the Retina display was introduced?  Correct!  That segment that had always purchased the technologically most advanced model.


    I think I'm going to hang on to my MBP 17" until the verdict is in on the new Retina MBP.  Maybe by that time Apple will see fit to let us in on its plans for us.




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    Yes, I had read that too.  Endgadget seems to have no more compelling evidence for its claim that Apple intends to produce no more MBP 17"'s in the future than that the company is not producing them now.  As I point out, that is not the only conclusion than one can draw from what we all agree is the present situation.


    I feel I am in good company with my alternative scenario.  Like Endgadget, I too have no evidence for it.




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    I get what you mean and I agree. I personally am not concerned with a 17" MBP having retina though - real estate is more important, so if there were issues getting retina onto a 17" as appears to be the case with the 13" and overheating, just do what they did with the 13" and give us a performance update until retina is able to work.

    My main concern is the creative industries are what kept Apple going when everyone else was PC. Now it seems Apple are more interested in how many copies of Angry Bird they can shift than taking care of their original core "professional" customers - the AutoCad, Logic, Final Cut etc. customers. I guess I knew the writing was on the wall when they started calling all the MacBooks "Pro" a few years back.

    I'll give it some time with the current 17", but since they've removed the 17" entirely from the line up, my guess is it's gone for good and in a year or so I'll end up building a hacintosh with a specced up 17" laptop - assuming they don't all go ultrabook on us.

    Btw - looked at the 15" retina MBP and compared to the regular 15", there's not much difference at working distance. You notice retina on an iPad or an iPhone since you hold those closer, but on a MBP at working distance, it's not much use tbh. More of a gimmick than anything.

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    in my pocket

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    The biggest problem that I have with my MBP 17" is the screen.  Like the rest of me, my eyes aren't getting any younger.  But I, too, like the screen real estate, especially for software engineering.  At home I can connect it to an external monitor, but when there is none available, the equivalent of a 27" display is an acceptable alternative.


    I am hoping that there will be a Retina version of the 17" MBP, and that Retina technology will bring the same benefits to it that it brings to the iPhone.  The tiny text is no larger on a Retina display than on, say, the 3GS, but it is much better formed.



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    I read that the 17'' accounts for only the 2% of the market.


    I was wondering if that is due to the form factor or the price.


    If the latter is true since a 15'' top of line is worth ~ 3000$ how much

    would have costed a 17'' retina + SSD?


    If price is related to a model popularity it's easy to think that the 15'' (top line)

    will take more or less the same market share: 2% or even less.


    So the idea that the 17'' was dropped because not sold enough doesn't sound good.

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    Well having been a 17" user since they came out (on my 5th) I am very disappointed to see its demise.  I certainly do not want ot step down to a 15".  Being a high end user I would like to thank Apple for its total lack of consideration in ditching this line.  Essentially they are forcing you to buy a downsized unit then connect it to a larger monitor to provide you with adequate screen real estate, or an iMac or other desktop unit thereby defeating the purpose of portability.


    As for the $2499AUS price tag for a 15" laptop - what a rip off.  Hello Windows. Lets see 17", Toshipa Satellite P780/027 (yes the video card is slightly lower I know), upgrade to Win7pro save $200.  Granted Windows 7 isn't OSX but 17" is better than 15" - as the actress said...


    Steve are you rolling in your grave yet? 


    Poor form Apple.

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