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I clicked on software update today and learned that there were updates that needed to be installed. I clicked on update and after some twenty minutes, it's asked to restart to install the updates. When it was done, I got this message on the screen UNABLE TO FIND DRIVER FOR THIS PLATFORM ACPI. YOU NEED TO RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. HOLD DOWN THE POWER BUTTON UNTIL IT TURNS OFF, THEN PRESS THE POWER BUTTON AGAIN.


I did this but it comes back to the same screen.


Help me please.

MacBook Pro
Solved by Franco16 on Jun 12, 2012 8:13 AM Solved

I found the solution, thanks to MrE_the_Great (read following cut and paste)


I'm glad it worked out.  I'll put the steps below again for others who join this discussion late and to clarify as I was typing on a phone last night while my MBP was re-installing.


1) Hold in command-r while rebooting (or from cold start) to boot to the recovery partition.

2) Chose re-install mac osx

3) Enter appleID credentials

4) After the re-install is complete (may take a while depending on your intenet connection etc) all your files, preferences, and software will be there, you shouldn't lose anything.

5) DO NOT reattempt the Thunderbolt update.  You can update the iPhoto and other updates that Software Update finds...just DO NOT check the Thunderbolt one or you will be at step one again.


for more information go here

Reply by 3kellerkinder on Jun 12, 2012 2:51 AM Helpful

The only solution I found, press an hold Command+r

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