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Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

The new Mail with Lion doesn't display received attachments any more. I just got an important attachment and can't find it. The paperclip icon is visible in the list. In Mail Prefs the Desktop is selected for attachments, but it's not there. It doesn't show up in the body of the email message as it used to in 10.6. Why is that? Is there a folder where Mail attachments go? Thanx.

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    I hate the new mail...have you clicked on the paperclip??

    Have you searched mail>prefernces for anything such as a "show attachments" box to click?

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    I just looked more closely at mail>preferences- and saw a "Use Classic layout" in Viewing.

    YAY! I was upset that I could not see to whom I sent what when I sent same picture to a lot of friends- they all get chunked into one box- totally frustrating..took a five minute joy to twenty minutes of anger..

    OK- back to your thing a minute....

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    OK the best I see in mail>preferences>viewing is, have you selected the box Display remote images in HTML?


    And one other thing- you have the mail so the column on right shows the email when clicking onthe mail in middle (boxes to left?)? Do you scroll that image to see bottom of page?

  • Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am using Classic Layout. I have selected the box 'Display Remote Images in HTML.' Yes, I'm happy that I can display in classic mode. However, I don't understand the 2nd paragraph in your last post. It doesn't make any sense to me. I have the classic list of incoming e-mails and when I click on one it opens the e-mail in a new window. Under Snow Leopard, and every other version of OS X, when you got an attachment it showed up in the body of the e-mail as an icon or, as in earlier versions, you had the option of viewing it (as in 'Quick Look'), or downloading it.


    Clicking on the paperclip does nothing.


    This is a serious problem. I will have to do more testing, send myself some attachments, because right now I've had experience with only 2 examples. But unless this is solved, I will have to go back to Snow Leopard, which would be a major hassle. Somebody has to know the answer to this. I'm not going to let up.

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    I have searched mail help..... Nothing there.

    Then I hit on an idea.

    Have you been to your incoming mail site lately? Do you use cloudmail? Or an ISP site?

    I ask due to the fact I recall firewall or what ever the term is, setting to choose to not allow files over X big....

    The comment about the various columns- the old mail did not do it- the new does this window showing the email you select from a column and the pics are usually under copy so must scroll to see.. but if doing classic, never mind that.

    I will look to see a minute if file size settings are also in pref's maybe the accounts? If I find something right quick, will also answer quick- but I need to get showered and out the door for now...

    Hopefully someone can help soon!

  • Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

    I did some experiments with mail.  I sent numerous e-mails to myself with attachments.I found that Mail will not transmit pictures, neither when I drag them to the body of the e-mail or when I click on that day paperclip icon. I find however, that PDF attachments do come through. This is strange.


    I checked the firewall settings and I couldn't find anything that limited e-mail attachments. I turned off the firewall entirely but that didn't help. I couldn't find any settings in e-mail preferences that relate to the size of attachments, and I don't think it has anything to do with my e-mail server because I didn't change any settings there. I have always been able to get pictures and attachments without any trouble.


    Not being able to attach pictures is a serious drawback. In fact, it looks like a major bug. I'm not very happy with the fact that Mail opens a whole thread of e-mails in the same window but I can live with that. Not being able to receive attachments however is a very serious problem. Because I am able to receive PDF attachments while I'm in the classic layout mode indicates that the classic layout has nothing to do with my problem. Tiger mail just isn't receiving certain attachments. I will of course make a bug report, but I cannot believe that such a major problem was allowed to go unaddressed for so long after the launch of Tiger. Thank you for your help if anybody knows a solution to this problem please help.

  • CT Level 6 Level 6

    I don't think this is really a bug. I mean, I can send/receive all types of attachments no problem. And I believe that is the same for most everybody.


    I don't understand your statement:  "In Mail Prefs the Desktop is selected for attachments..."


    Attachments are stored in the folder ~/Library/Mail Downloads , not on your desktop.

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    You missed that I mentioned your ISP mail server settings... I have not messed with icloud settings yet- just joined with new purchase... But my telephone company page has a thing for allow or not items over certain sizes... check that.

    If you do not get it into your computer, nothing will let you see it.

  • Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

    Thank you, CT, for getting back to me on this.


    In mail preferences under General > 'Downloads folder:', Desktop is selected.


    In the folder ~/Library/Mail Downloads I find the 2 PDFs I sent to myself, but none of the pictures I sent, or the important attachment (a small app) that was sent to me from outside.


    In the list of incoming e-mails, all e-mails that were supposed to contain attachments are marked by paperclips. But some, the PDFs, show up in the body of the e-mail, whereas others do not, especially I notice the absence of any pictures. Only the PDFs appear in the library mail download folder.


    I notice that when I send myself attachments whether pictures or PDFs the paperclip appears in the received mail but not in the Sent list. Mean anything?


    This sure looks like a bug. I just a few days ago upgraded to Lion 10.7.4. Everything else works beautifully. Unfortunately, I can't send myself experimental attachments from anywhere else except my own computer, so my experiments are limited.

  • Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

    The pictures are ~50K to 200K, nothing my isp can't handle and has handled always before.


    Question: If an attachment was too big to transmit, would Mail still post the incoming message, sans attachment, with a paperclip icon in the list?

  • CT Level 6 Level 6

    How big are the attachments that are/are not getting through?  What types of files are they?


    I agree that messages with attachments in the sent list will not show the little paperclip.


    From the sent emails with attachments, can you see the attachment (or at least its icon) if you view the message in your sent mail folder (not just look at its name in the list)?

  • CT Level 6 Level 6

    I searched these forums for similar reports as yours. I found one. From you. Almost 3 years ago.





  • Ken Spiker Level 2 Level 2

    You're right, I did have a similar problem. When attached content wouldn't display I would have to go to View>Message>Best Alternative and I could get the content. I don't know why this would happen with some atached content and not others, as far as I could tell there wasn't any difference. This seemed to be a bug, but with an easy workaround.


    I tried this on my recent experiments and my I did get the last picture I sent myself but not the 3 others. I did not get the original attachment from a 3rd party I was concerned about. And I don't understand why with a simple picture I had to do that to see it.


    Perhaps the original (app) attachment was too big to be transmitted. I have asked them to resend it and if that doesn't work to post a link to it.


    No, the pictures do not appear in my outgoing message. Thanx for your input.

  • crampy Level 4 Level 4

    "Question: If an attachment was too big to transmit, would Mail still post the incoming message, sans attachment, with a paperclip icon in the list?"

    A: it used to, so I think YES.

    "In mail preferences under General > 'Downloads folder:', Desktop is selected."  Have you tried selecting Downloads folder?

    I do not have the option in mail pref>general> downloads folder>desktop.

    There is "other" as an option.....

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