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  • nvarie Level 1 Level 1

    is your 2wire on 5ghz? also are you using a magic mouse and still getting full speed?

  • AppNerds Level 1 Level 1

    Yes that's what I meant: 2.4 Ghz and magic mouse used to cause wifi stalls every few moments. Now, wifi is at full speed and no stalls. It was an immediate and permantent change after the last update.

  • B_zaww Level 1 Level 1

    For me , the last update did not fix completely. It is intermittent. With the latest update, I think the distance from the router and rMBP plays critical role.


    Because I cant use wifi - magic mouse together before the latest update from the spot where I use my rMBP (the distance is around 5 metre). After the latest update, the 5 meter distance is able to use wifi-magic mouse together.


    However, with the latest update, I cant use wifi-magic mouse from 15 metre at all...(But my HP can..WTFcuk APPLE !! )

  • nvarie Level 1 Level 1

    would you mind telling me what update you did. i did my last update thru software update and still have the same problem. (he genius bar confirmed I am running the latest 10.8.2)  when i go to and run a test with itunes radio streaming my internet speed decreases decreases by half. if i am not downloading anything the test is similar- you have to be streaming to notice the difference (or downloading).  if i use a dsl with 1.5 mbs speed i cant use the magic mouse it completly loses speed.

  • ciesiel Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue, WiFi network drops every 5-30 minutes with bluetooth enabled (magic mouse connected). With bluetooth off everything works fine. It's probably not a massive issue for browsing, but I use VPN and every break in WiFi connectivity disconnects me from VPN, very annoying.


    Called Apple Customer Support, they advised doing the resets mentioned in some of the posts here. That seemed to fix the problem for a while, but after few days it came back. I was assured it's not hardware but a software problem.


    It seems that the issue affects quite a lot of MacBook Pro Retina users so I would hope for Apple to release a software patch soon. After all, the products are expensive and we expect them to be better than that. So please Apple, hurry up and release a proper fix asap!

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    I seriously doubt there will be a software fix. The rMBP has been out since late June or July, I forget which. That is 7 months ago. If Apple has not come out with a Real Fix by now I doubt they ever will.


    IMHO it is purely a Hardware problem. Both the WiFi chip and BT chip are on the same daughter card. Apple did that to save space so the Retina model could be made as slim and sleak as possible. Looks are all that counts, hense the screen.

  • nvarie Level 1 Level 1

    this has been an issue since the launch of the retina 15 they know it and just tell you to bring it back but if you found out after they offer no return policy- there will be a class action lawsuit just like the iphone 4. too bad cause they could just offer a 5gh router to people that spent the money on these. but the lawyer will make a fortune and we will get 15 dollars

  • my-username-was-taken Level 1 Level 1

    This really stinks. The rMBP's have so many issues... I had to fight to get my LG (image retention) screen replaced with a slightly warm Samsung (which is at least correctible via software). My friend's had a monitor flickering problem where it just lost its image (yet external monitor was fine). They miraculously somehow replaced his completely in the store with a maxed out model since his was build to order with fairly high specs but not the hard drive...Don't ask me how he lucked out there... Just goes to show Apple is super inconsistent! In that case, it worked out for the consumer...


    Anyway...I'm also having this bluetooth issue. My mouse disconnects alllll the time. My bluetooth speakers are skipping on a regular basis. I still use both the magic mouse and external bluetooth speakers but it's really annoying that 20% of the time you'll get interruptions in the signal. It's interference really. It's not consistent enough to be anything else.


    It would be wonderful if you could just take your machine in and have them shield something or move something...Or something. This really stinks and is yet another reason why I would recommend to anyone to wait for the next generation rMBP... As much as I love the display and slimness of the machine, they really didn't think this product through. It's extremely un-Apple like. Every time I hear that bald smug guy talking about design in the vidoes I just think, "yea right you moron. you don't know the first thing."




    Anyway, I didn't upgrade to Mountain Lion because that has a whole host of other bugs and issues (particularly worried about some things I have installed with homebrew) but I'm curious if by some miracle this issue could be solved by software?? I know everyone seems to indicate hardware and I'd agree normally, but maybe if 2.4ghz WiFi is completely disabled?? I imagine your WiFi card still scans for networks on the 2.4ghz range and if that can be cut out?? (yes sacrificing 802.11a/b/g networks so long as you have it disabled as the downside/trade off)

  • Studio Engineer Level 2 Level 2

    my-username-was-taken wrote:


    Every time I hear that bald smug guy talking about design in the vidoes I just think, "yea right you moron. you don't know the first thing."


    That is exactly what I am thiking whenver Mr. Ive talks about his design. I dont think he has ever been using any of his mice. The mightly mouse (only device with a cable) scrollball stops working after a few weeks. And the Magic mouse was clearly not designed with people in mind. Even if it was - not having a cable renders it useless with the Retina because he couldn;t figure out how properly use wifi and bluetooth at the same time.


    Every time Apple puts this guy into their ad - it makes me wanna throw up. He does great-looking designs, not many would doubt that.. But he aint got a first clue about funtionalty. That is why he is always so unhappy. He should be designing steel astrays or candle holders or whatever does NOT contain ANY electronic parts. He should also be barred from designing ANY devices capable of interaction.

  • domydeal Level 1 Level 1

    Has there been update from Apple on this issue?


    I have a hardlined ethernet into my Thunderbolt display, it appears if I disable bluetooth I still have slow downs, is this possible?



  • mr_dj81 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello fellow sufferers,


    this WiFi/Bluetooth-interference thing is so absolutely ridiculous! It's only the tip of the iceberg. The famous "It just works"-times are over. I can't find words for it. This piece of hardware is such a misguided investment.


    - Image retention

    - UI lagging

    - WiFi/BT-Interferences


    This is so f%$§"ng annoying.


    And an official statement from Apple? They pretend this issues never happened...


    Greetings from Germany



    P.S. Sorry for airing my opinion.

  • McG1978 Level 1 Level 1

    You're absolutely right Dom. The retina MBP has been the worst thing apple have released since their reincarnation.


    Mine suffers from the image retention, and the bluetooth interference and I haven't gotten a satisfactory solution to either.


    I expect more from Apple and I expect more from a laptop that costs over €2,000.


    I'll be seriously considering alternatives when it comes time to buy a new computer.

  • my-username-was-taken Level 1 Level 1

    Totally right.

    This was my first Apple laptop and will likely be my last.

    Once PCs have the same resolution... There's just no point to buying overpriced hardware. Literally. They charge more for the SAME hardware. Plus, you can simply buy OS X (cheaper than Windows and I agree with their pricing actually - though it totally illustrates their business model of overpriced hardware) and then put it on a PC.


    Apple was doing something right (they even had me switch despite the price gouging), but now they are going downhill (again).


    In all honesty, I'd stay with them...It's not like I don't know computers can have bugs and issues...Been using them for years. That's not the point. Perfection isn't the point. It's how you handle problems. It's how you conduct business. Overcharging cusomters and then dismissing thousands of those customers and, in some cases, REFUSING to fix faulty hardware (I'm very happy I got my screen replaced because I read about many who did not - and I was turned away from an Apple store on my first attempt!). ... THAT. That is what's wrong. Not that they made a silly mistake in the design. Not that they got a bum lot of screens. Crap happens. It's how you deal with it. Apple = fail.

  • Thaughtless Level 1 Level 1

    There is a solution to some of the problems. Bootcamp and install Windows 7. After this you'll be able to:


    1. Work productively again

    2. Avoid lots of the buggy issues with OSX

    3. Use the wifi properly with bluetooth.

    4. Use business applications that work without all the app crashing (ie: work productively again)

    5. Solve the UI lags.


    Believe it or not, it runs fantastically.

    It doesnt solve the image retention problems, but is a lot better than with OSX.

    Note: Dont put Windows 8 on it. Bootcamp drivers not working right with that yet.


    You'll be much happier with the hardware after that.

  • mr_dj81 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Thaughtless,


    to hear that the Bluetooth and WiFi interferences are not present when you're running Windows, gives me hope that the issue is not only hardware related. Maybe they can fix it with an Mac OS Update.


    The Windows 7 Tipp is only a bridge. I want to use it as it was designed for: Mac OS X.

    It's nice to know, that Windows runs flawless on this maschine, but I want to keep it MS free. (Don't get me wrong, Windows 7 is good, but therefore I've got my dedicated Windows Maschine.) I don't want to mix these worlds.


    What I'm really concerned about, is the way how Apple handles this issues. They should focus on what they're famous for rather than throwing Hardware in a 3 month cycle on the market.


    (Just my 2 cents)


    Greetings from Germany


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