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Hey all,

i'd be really thankful for some info on the following issue :

i've got a Retina Macbook Pro and a Bluetooth Sound System from Logitech. The System connects to Macbook via Bluetooth which always works fine. Connecting to internet via WiFi works fine as well. The problem occurs when i use both WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously : there seems to be some kind of interference, which makes my internet either go down completely or become very slow. This issue is not that nasty, but I'd expect a $2300 machine to work perfectly. So my question is : is this problem known for all of new Retina Macbooks or is it just my unit? In case it's just my unit, i'd still have a chance of exchanging it for a new one. But i'd like to know for sure where this problems comes from. I'd also be very thankful for every other solution you can think of.



Thanks in advance

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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