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    For all.


    Apple said that customers can still purchase a copy of Snow Leopard or Lion from its online store's telesales agents: 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753) or Customer Service and Sales Support at 1-800-676-2775. For Lion you'll get a redemptions code via e-mail and need to DL from the Mac Apple Store (requires SL 10.6.6+).

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    thanks for the info!  i just ordered snow leopard for $19.99 from 1-800-MY-APPLE too. 

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    I called 1 800 MY APPLE and ordered snow leopard for $19.99.  A few computer prompts to say what I wanted, and after a few minutes waiting for a representative I was able to order.  Unlike when I had problem with my iTunes account, the representative actually listened to me and assisted me based on my needs.  Thanks Apple. And thanks for the information thread. It was very helpful.

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    Thank you so much! This really helped me and saved me a lot of money. Amazon wants like $70 some dollars for a used copy. It's a total rip off when you can get it directly from apple for $19.99.

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    Do any of you know, if this applies to tele sales outside US+CAN? I'm in Sweden and need this upgrade, preferably for $20 not $90(on amazon).


    If tele sales outside US+CAN don't make this offer, do you know if the US tele sales ship internationally

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    This won't particularly help you but maybe add weight to your gripe.   This problem comes up daily and the replies (sometimes from myself) are pretty much the same.


    Apple needs to understand there are Apple users OUTSIDE of the USA.   They neither want, nor should need, to call New York when they have an international directory to guide people to their national Apple contact number.


    Snow Leopard is virtually extinct yet is a necessary requirement for many people in the process of upgrading to Mountain Lion (especially now Lion is almost extinct too).   It is a ridiculous situation and something which is of no credit to what is usually a very professional organisation.


    I spent half an hour this morning filtering through all manner of links looking for somewhere official to make these points to.   I'm still looking!

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    Probably the OS X icon is the one to go with, 71

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    Thanks Roan (My ever reliable Aussie!)


    < Off topic >   Do you know, the other day I found an answer to one of my very first communities questions ... and it was from you; back in 2008.


    Do you think it is worth writing to Apple?   This has been a running sore for months and I cannot believe they are unaware.




    71.   (76, next week, ha ha!)

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    2008! wow.

    As to feedback, there is always the reservation that one's lonely voice will not be heard, but one must always resist that doubt, despite whatever monolithic juganaut it is, whether goverment or corporation.


    Happy birthday for next week, you're a wonder!  

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    iValu wrote:


    Do any of you know, if this applies to tele sales outside US+CAN? I'm in Sweden and need this upgrade, preferably for $20 not $90(on amazon).


    Start here for worldwide contact nos.


    0771 199 519 in Sweden. Be sure to ask for a sales representative.

    I understand UK users have been able to obtain it this way (c. £14) so expect around €20.

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    Then I do wish they would formally announce it, noondaywitch; why the reticence?


    It's good that people like yourself are able to feerret out such detail but it should be part of the service.   Clear, unambiguous instructions.   To obtain Snow Leopard ... go to your national Apple service number and order by phone.  


    All I can imagine is that they are on commission from the American phone company.

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    seventy one wrote:

    76, next week

    thumbsup.gifCongrats on another eighth-decade denizen. Hope you have many more. I only turn 72 at month's end.

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    iValu wrote:

    Do any of you know, if this applies to tele sales outside US+CAN? I'm in Sweden and need this upgrade, preferably for $20 not $90(on amazon).

    Handla på Apple Store på webben 020-120 99 71.


    EDIT: just saw noondaywitch's post. Sorry for the duplicate.

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      Thanks, Baltwo,


    I'll celebrate with an extra pint (yours) ... and you can do the same at the end of the month.


    By the way, do you know the answer to my post in Snow Leopard about an hour ago?

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    Answered at that thread. BTW, no pints here, just a healthy swig of Crown Royal.