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  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    All I want is for the bugs to be fixed and Logic Pro 9 to be totally stabile and reliable.  I really don't care about Logic Pro X.  Not at all.  No doubt there will be wonderful new bells and whistles.  But if they don't iron out the bugs finally in Logic Pro 9, who's to say it won't be the same with Logic Pro X.  I'm officially done waiting and have moved on to DP.  Just bought the app, and a book to learn it. 

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    Fine, then ignore my previous posts...


    Also..  I've never heard any info, rumor or otherwise that a Logic X update was "around the corner" nor have I posted any such info before this evening.

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    Fredo Viola wrote:


    All I want is for the bugs to be fixed and Logic Pro 9 to be totally stabile and reliable.  I really don't care about Logic Pro X.  Not at all.


    That's precisely what I mentioned an OS update as well, like you, I hope it helps/fixes Logic 9, but it makes no difference to me as I have a perfectly working system using Logic 9.1.3 and Snow Leopard. I don't care about the running the latest OS, all I care about is stability and ease of use.


    However, Apples M/O is that when a new product is released, updates for the previous product stop!


    As always, vote with your pocketbook, although pro users money doesn't have quite the allure (to Apple) that it used to.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    Logic X ?  The Letter "X" simply stand for a cross-out,  which means logic no more.  Yes, it's exists. 

    U can get it for free in apps store.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    even though i am abletoner now, the horrid memory sense of LAG still haunting every time i press the spacebar!!!

  • gen_ Level 2 Level 2

    I doubt it, in a strict business sense, fixing a bug in a previous version of a product on the launch of the new one is a great way to harm sales. This is especially true of Logic. If Logic X came out along with a bugfix for L9 on the same day, I would hold off from updating for at least a year just because I would be so afraid of being in another bug armageddon and I'm sure a lot of other forum members would keep thier Logic 9 installs when upgrading at the very least. I'm so happy I'm getting SOME functionality out of L9 even now, simply becasue I didnt upgrade to ML after the issues I had with Lion.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    I am just little bit curious.  What do u do to keep on music making when u encounter this LOgic breakdown?

    I know everyone has their way of survival.

  • Deroly Level 1 Level 1

    I went back to Snow Leopard and 9.1.7 everything's working fine now.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    Congratulation Deroly,  but the risk/complexity in regression simply outweighed the effort to learn a new DAW.

    I got tons of old logic projects frozen pending for migration. Midi to midi. Audio to audio.

  • Steven W Ross Level 1 Level 1

    hi. i've been following this threasd and have'nt had much to contribute to it in as far as criticizing apple or questioning when or what Logic Pro X, or an OS update, will bring.  it's a pretty pathtic situtation we've been in.  i've solved the "lag" problem somehow, for now, but i did som nay thing that i can't figure out what i did.  i also (think i with the help of a pro support person) resolved my other issue with random routing changes- and that was most likely my fault, or at least studpidty. 


    being that you question is specific, i may have a possible solution.  there are at least two possible ways for you to salavge your projects and continue to work.  assuming the lag doesn't start when you open a project, and you can hit "play" once.  this also assumes you have edited / comped tracks with regions that may be of different lengths, or some / any tracks that are varying duration.  i assume you have used plug-ins and automation.  you can bounce your tracks two ways, with and without plug-ins (the dialog will give this option). 


    first make a copy of your proect file (Logic session) in the finder.  you can go crazy and make a backup in Logic too.  Open Logic and save a safety copy of your session, and also rename your Logic file.  this is to be really safe. 


    you're going to bounce your tracks and import them into a new empty logic (or other DAW) session with and without plugins (your choice).


    create a folder for the new audio files. I'd place within the "bounce folder." yu'll set the sample rate etc. click for automation and to include plug-ins (a second bounce without plugins may be worth doing, and you ca try disalbing the plugins too).  or try as may type of bounces to see which is best for a / the project.  when finished close Logic. 


    Then re-open Logic (or another DAW such as Cubase) and create an empty project. chose the stereo, mono configuration you need if asked.  import your tracks from either the bin or file menu.  they will all line up since you bounced them.  if all your tracks are all same length (ie., if recorded live).


    the new tracks will have, depending on the bounce setings and whether this works for you, the same sound they had with the plug-ins, ie., your plug-ins intact will now be part of the tracks.  you will therefore obviously not need the plug-ins,  however, you will no longer able abot adjust or disable the plug-ins.           


    in your bounce copy you are able to select "bypass" plugins and indepently the automation and panning (check box).  it's amatter of choice and future control, how close to finished you are, and how satisfied you are with the processed sound.  or if you plan to import in another DAW. 


    as i mentioned, and i'm not sure which is best-  you can disable or even delete the plugins.  it seems the Lag happens when a plugin is opened, so... 


    i was concerned about a radio music bed i use every month.  i edit for new voiceovers, change levels, mutes, and placement of regions. some tracks are MIDI and other audio.  i need control to make each new month's spot fresh. i'd have prefered to make new sessions with Logic and bounce a stereo mix but used this as a fallback. i ended up importing my tracks with level automation and panning, and plugins. Now the MIDI is audio, but i can cut the regions.  i plan to export the MIDi regions as midi too. At least I can work.  I've done this with six songs sessions too.  Here it's not a great solution but better than losing mnoths of recording and mixing.


    sorry if i was redundant.  starting with a new Logic session may help you.  at least this eliminate the plug-ins though.  it's a little conveluted, ther are choices and it'll tak time but may be a solution for now.  i hope this helps.      

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Steven for your kind and detailed advice.  For me I would keep the Logic project in fridge for something until I need it for necessary reasons. The migration take so many working hours.  Since Logic Pro can not longer be used for mastering in which invite lot of graphical analytic thing and big LAG ensue. Bouncing individual track in bypass mode may help, in which I can migrate to other DAW for further processing.  Still, it means labour.


    But for psychological reason, everytime I open the Logic Pro again I feel humiliated and shameful.

    I need to maintain a balance mind to make music.  It's a delicate thing u know.

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    buddhistmarty wrote:




    But for psychological reason, everytime I open the Logic Pro again I feel humiliated and shameful.

    No you don't, you just want to have an excuse to complain.


    Who wants to use ML anyway, it's a dog of an operating system, remember, the same version of Logic works perfectly well on Snow Leopard. Call Apple and complain that their current operating system is not playing well with their current ProAudio DAW system. It's probably a 50/50 (Logic/OSX) problem but it's not all Logic. If you really want to be heard call Apple otherwise you're just preaching to the choir.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    hi Pancenter,


    u must be the lucky one who didn't do the ML upgrade. i really envy u.

    whether it's OS/logic problems it's all the same to me. = the DAW breakdown.

    I am a musicman and work for music only,  not a military man, no politics, not computer expert,

    never intend to be. apple never state this requirement to me.

    i am a consumer, and consumer only. i buy a product, i want it to work properly.

    i don't think i have responsibility for apple internal management affair.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    If you really want to be heard call Apple otherwise you're just preaching to the choir.

    i know they hear me just fine enough. otherwise, all the unwanted message won't be deleted fast enough before my next return key.

  • buddhistmarty Level 1 Level 1

    you just want to have an excuse to complain.

    it's not a complain anymore, it's a mourn. it's an obituary.  for the death of something i love before.

    it's a good idea to do "requiem" in different version with DP, ableton, cubase and pro tools.

    in a remembrance day of a workable Logic Pro.

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