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  • neilmacmusic Level 1 Level 1

    My problem is i have a different set of notes on all devices and NONE of it is syncing!!

    My iPhone notes are different (2012 - 13) to the small amount of notes on iCloud ( a handful from Mid 2012)

    and my iMac has another different bunch of notes from an earlier time (2010 - 2011)


    Somebody please help me!!

    My Notes have not synchronised on any of my devices since 2012


    It used to work fine - with all my Notes safely in my Mail under Notes (which no longer exists)

    and they always matched the Notes on my iPhone


    I use my Notes for jotting down song lyric ideas and poetry and have lost over a dozen pieces by using Notes

    over the last year


    This iCloud / device syncing does NOT WORK

  • hosshess Level 1 Level 1

    I went into system preferences-> icloud and unchecked notes then agreed to delete, then checked the box again and it shows only one copy shows now on phone and MBP. Have not looked at the iPad yet though.

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    I had same problem after upgrade to Mavericks. When I unchecked notes in preferences/icloud it just stayed checked. I went to Internet Accounts and unchecked notes there. Then I rechecked it. All is well.

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    Since upgrading to Maverick, I have lost the ability to see the notes in IMail.  I do not even see a place to "show notes" in the preference.  I love to create and edit notes on my MAC Book and have them appear on my IPAD and IPHONE.  Have I lost my mind (or just lost my notes?)??

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    I hate you right now, Apple. I am not spending more time on this right now. UGH.

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    Hi, jasonbroccoli.


    I feel the same way you do. I've been hating Apple for quite some time now because of this very same issue. It just seems amazing to me that the company could do such a poor and amauterish job with two essential applications for all those who use their iPhones and iPad for serious, work matters.


    Both Notes and Reminders have been useless to me because of the iCloud-only sync method and all the bugs users have experienced and reported. Apple has no excuse that could possibly explain the horrible job they've done with these two apps.


    On a good note, after searching for more than a year I have finally found one to do app that can be synchronized locally via Wi-Fi without the need for any cloud-based service. I downloaded and started using Todo 7. It has a nice interface, syncs easily using Wi-Fi and is very simple to use. In addition the price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it.

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    Yes, that works!  Thanks!!

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    The Brian Roach/Aremac solution on syncing works.

    Here is, perhaps, an even simpler version.

    My software Mavericks and IOS7.

    Problem: Notes syncing between iPad and iPhone but not with iMac.


    1. If you do this the notes on your iMac will be lost, so check that the stuff on your phone and pad are the ones you want to keep or save the notes on the Mac somewhere else

    2. Check all your devices are linked to the same iCloud account

    3. go System Preferences > iCloud.

    4. Uncheck Notes. In the drop down box click on Delete from Mac. All your notes will be deleted from the Mac. Do not sign out from iCloud.

    5. Check Notes in the list and all your notes from your other devices should sync onto your Mac.

    6. Update your notes and check it is now syncing


    Some of you will say "..but, but all my notes have to be updated". And I say yes there may be a better way but life is too short to spend too much time on it.


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    Hello to everybody!

    until few minutes ago I had double notes on OS X Mavericks only. Both iPhone and iPad were correctly syncing.

    I read some posts here and tried only one solution which worked perfectly: I just unchecked the Notes box in iCloud Preferences, nothing else.


    I'm writing this post to report that when I reopened the iCloud Preferences, I saw that the Notes box was checked again, but the Notes weren't double anymore.

    (Sorry if someone else wrote that, but I didn't read 10 pages of posts! ).

    On iPad&iPhone nothing changed.


    I have NO idea of what happened, but happy it worked.


    A year ago, my Notes and Calendars weren't syncing, but in that case the reason was that on my iPhone Notes and Events were only saved on the iPhone, while the Mac was using the iCloud account. I solved the problem just moving all of my Notes saved on the iPhone to the iCloud account, and immediately they appeared on the Mac!


    Hope this may help, but maybe is a double info!

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    This worked for me as well.  seemed to simple.  do a wait and see if the syncing will work..

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    Here is the solution that worked for me:


    Go to Mail:Mail:Accounts


    The account "Farrel's Email" is a carry-over from an earlier version of the OS. Just turn off syncing NOTES on any other accounts other than iCloud.

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    Mac OS X

    That worked for me too. How bizzare is that.

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    Thanks for these clear instructions that probably will work for most people.

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    This worked for me. Thank you.