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  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Cool. Good to know.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    In case you guys were wondering.  Day three back on Lion.  Still smooth sailing to report.  No more hiccups, stutters, crashes, or other delightfuls apple has seen fit to include in 10.8


    But my sister did find out her HDD is crapping out on her 1 year old iMac and is affected in the Seagate Recall from apple.  It's such great service she said.  She gets to haul her machine to the store, have the drive replaced, lose all her contents, re install the HDD, and then reload her entire computer's contents back on.  For a company that prides itself on being the best, they sure do their best to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Carlo TD Level 3 Level 3 (550 points)

    Oh... wow... it must be really hard to bring it in... A computer is not that difficult to move around. Perhaps you should help your sister out being it is going to be a difficult thing, and you should go with her. Bring your computer also. (you should have done that on page one of this thread). Anyways I do hope you help your sister out. Good luck.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Carlo, I would if I could.  And since she would be going by herself, it's not exactly a light computer.  Plus, the last time she took something in, they were kind enough to scratch it and damage it.  Personally, I'd rather crack my iMac open and do it myself as I have in the past.  I have no issues getting into one of the computers despite Apple's constant attempts to thwart such efforts. 


    BTW, you are a troll Carlo.  When you commented before about having me reinstall 10.8, I wanted to look above your comment.  But seeing as you are simply here to have fun.  How's 10.8 treating you?  Enjoy the stu stu stut stutt stuttering.....  =)  I can see why others on here have said what they have to you. 

  • Carlo TD Level 3 Level 3 (550 points)

    I do not have a speach problem. And my 10.8.x is working wonderfully. I have not been trolling, I have been giving suggestions for people to help. I admit my last comment was a bit on the side of trolling... but in retrospect... every single one of your posts have not been supportive but ranting and raving, and very negative. So it takes one to know one.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    If you aren't having the issues, then you shouldn't even be on this thread unless you actually have some sort of expertise in the matter.  However, you don't and your posts reflect that. 


    And if I'm upset, I have every right to be.  I paid how many thousands of dollars like many others who have posted on here?  And you have the gall to sit and be a backseat driver trying to make suggestions to a problem you have aboslutely no experience with and couldn't possibly understand what it is like.   The word obtuse comes to mind.



    I may post on here and "rant".  But I have stock in this problem, unlike you, and this affects my ability to generate income.  I've never had this bad an issue for this long with any apple product before or with Microsoft.  And when an intilligent person who understands IT as I do can deduce what it is and isn't as I have, then I think that has some worth despite the sometimes emotional delivery.  Go find another post for a problem you aren't having and spout some silly tips over there.  Thanks

  • MoogNinja Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Finally got off Mountain Goat.


    Took the full weekend, it was a battle every step of the way.


    First off I own Lion because it came w my computer BUT Apple includes no instal disk, only Leopard, and has discontinued Lion downloads. Okay so right there, what?!  That's a problem Apple.


    Finally got a copy and did a clean install on two computers. BOTH locked me out at sign-on and required the recovery disk to reset the user password. A google search shows this is a known Lion bug. Oh but there is more in the bug dept...


    Now finally have both computers up and running again with Lion and no audio troubles. Used time machine at setup to migrate. Clearly it became confused because now mail won't open (this version is not compatible error) yet Apple won't allow me to delete the app and reinstall an older version!!!  Says required by OSX can't delete. Apple is so infuriating with their inflexible lock downs. It's one thing if it works, but it ain't working. Also more errors when trying to open system preferences (desktop, energy saver: "pane cannot open").


    Also Apple IDs are a total mess, .mac, .cloud, mobile me, what the heck. I only want one and I want to pick the email yet it won't allow me to change it. They also are clueless regarding people who move around the earth. Requires new apple IDs for different country stores, local store is in foreign language I can't read, can't use US store because have foreign address...not allowed. It just goes on and on with the hassle. Inflexibility.


    So it's working but issues.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    If you have a time machine backup from when you were on Lion, if you just do a Command R, tell it to restore the computer to when you had the last backup on lion, then you should be good.  The other issues shouldn't crop up.  Glad you made the switch too!

  • Spooky_Instinct Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,


    I have been having this issue for a really long time. The thing is i am DJ and its all hooked up to an external sound card , i get a static sound , its like the sound is unclear , it is also crackling and poping , the thing is i have the same issue when i connect my headphones directly to my laptop , but i dont get the issue when i listen through the internal speakers. I have tried everything , i rolled back to 10.7.2 , 10.7.3 , 10.7.4 , 10.7.5 , 10.8.0 , 10.8.1 , 10.8.2 . I keep pon getting the same issue . i am starting to wonder is it a hardware problem . I took my machine to the Apple Store here in bahrain . they keep telling me no issues with Audio output even thought they tested through Headphones. is it because i updated the RAM to 16GB i still cant tell cause the issue started prior to that but my attempte to address the issue were all after i installed the RAM . I simply dont know what to do the only reason i spent a fortune on my MAC is that it is known to be stable for Software Mixing. Honestly now i cant even hear the sound .


    Please Help,


    Hamad Omran.

  • Spooky_Instinct Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Im gonna try to Format and Install Mountain Lion as a fresh installation , i will let you guys know what is the outcome.



    Hamad Omran.

  • woodentopian Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    guys please dont have a go at each other. im watching this thread waiting for that eureka moment when someone says its fixed or there's s a way and theres a bit of bad blood in the thread. Going back to the lion seems to be the only way out so far. works fine from my internet lion being such an obvious problem it must get fixed soon.these are not old models we are using in general. though it ***** to do it, im waiting in good faith for the fix, lioning away when i work on audio.i cannot deny i was furious about it at first, in a way relieved to find im far from the only one with this issue. I too had a phone call or two with the chaps at mac, got passed to someone more senior and got some kind of denial..bring your machine in there must be something broken with it. i said well i dont have the time ill just work in the previous system and get some work done thankyou. he knew my imac was under a year old. the robotic slow motion mac voice of calm and care also said 'we dont have a list of people reporting this issue". I said "well sir go online and look at your apple forum and would you like me to send you some links to other forums too?" Voice of calm and care sounded a little less calm and caring and verged on irritated.

    That irritation is of course 3% of the 100% total that customers feel when they realise they are unable to work with their v exepensive  tools.


    Just to say. first couple of ML's had badness in the mail client. I went though that as well.bad! however its been fixed. So surely so will this eventually. next update?hope so

  • Victor In Munich Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)

    I had reported this issue a couple of times to Apple Care, with little reaction.


    A guy called Lukas in Berlin said he would escalate it but I didnt hear anything. Asking him again a bit later he said he still hadnt heard anything.


    I did a bit of investigating on who in Apple it might be worth contacting and sent an e-mail with a sample file to someone high up in Apple (Not Tim Cooke) and 2 days later I had an e-mail from a guy in Sacremento who wanted to talk to me. He called me, sent me the data capture utility which I ran and sent the results to him to as we spoke. He said he was aware of "a few instances" where this was happening and gave the impression that they were not sure of the cause. Next he asked if he could send me a replacment system, and have mine in its current condition for research.


    Someone from my local Apple Care should be contacting me to arrange the exchange. I think its encouraging that they want my system to investigate the cause. I just trust that Apple Care follows through.

  • MoogNinja Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having worked with enough lawyers over the years I imagine they have been instructed to not acknowledge that the bug exists. Like I said, when I called a couple days ago the dude swore there was no such bug and they would have heard about it if there were.


    They know, they just don't want to know.

  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I would like to add, that some of us might not even be talking about the same thing.




    I just want to watch video on my HDTV ...


    PS: I spoke too soon about the VLC reinstall. The whole audio dropping thing seem like it's completely random to me. Still it might be a problem with VLC - a bug that only go triggered with Mountain Lion.

  • tzbikowski Level 4 Level 4 (1,945 points)

    I’m after 5 day battle with that issue and may be able to help – at least some of you.

    I have MacBook Pro 13inch early 2011 (i7 2.7GHz and 8GB of RAM, 500GB HD 5400 rpm)
    I gradually upgraded to Lion and then recently to Mountain Lion. My issues started with ML upgrade. It was a gradual decline in performance – music became choppy and stuttering to the point that you cannot call it music anymore. The same happened with video.

    I’m an IT guy with 20 years behind the belt I will spare you the details what I have been through with this issue over the last week.
    After double figure reinstalls of SL, L and ML I have worked out that it has something to do with the hard drive read/write. Obviously the hard drive was (still is) healthy and Activity Monitor did not notice anything unusual.

    I luckily had a 128GB SSD spare hard drive which I finally decided to put into my MBP. Clean install of ML and for the first time all started to work again. MacBook got very responsive and no more issues with playing HD video and obviously iTunes.

    So, although I know my 5400rpm should be more than fast enough to play music somehow it chokes on Lion and Mountain Lion.

    Few things to notice:
    after downgrading back to Lion the music was still choppy, however, before my upgrade to ML it was working perfectly fine. The conclusion is that iTunes 10.7 (which now comes as standard) may the culprit (or one of them).


    I have not tested on 7200rpm hard drive so can’t say if that would sort out the issues.


    Now I have ordered 512GB SSD drive for £300 from crucial and will put all back on.
    This should be the end of the story for me..


    I have many other observations during the troubleshooting ordeal but this would be to long for this forum.

    Tomasz Zbikowski

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