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  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    Well, I just got passed up to customer relations where they told me my 2010 and 2011 iMacs are too old to refund.  So I'm not sure how you managed that, but they don't want to do it voluntarily.  I'm giving them one last chance to get in touch with the engineering team so that I can again document I've gone above and beyond to let them resolve this issue before my hand is forced.


    If they marketed these machines as gaming consoles and were used for leisurely activities, that would be one thing.  It's entirely another when you need it for work and they market them for creative business professionals. 

  • MoogNinja Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry we must have miscommunicated. I'm talking about refunding ML, that's easy. Basically you'd have to get a lawyer before these guys would ever refund your computer.


    But that's the thing. We buy Mac because they sell hardware/software that works together. If this is one of their tricks to force people onto new software that is incompatible with old hardware, thus make them buy a new computer; they are going down. I'm not going to do that. Macs have great resale value, their stupid software needs to work on older macs.


    There was no reason for them to issue a new OS so soon, when Lion still didn't work properly. Just greed. Customers got screwed.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    I was gonna say...  


    They also refunded me for Mountain Lion early on.  But even after that, it pales in comparison to the load of issues that it has caused.  And I think you're correct, I am under the impression they rushed the product out the door for the sake of their shareholders.  I hope to reconcile this amicably, but based on the conversation I had this afternoon with a senior tech support agent telling me their engineering department won't even speak with thim unless I pay for support again is an absolute laugh at best.  They gouge you on the price of the computer, lure you with cheap operating systems, and then force an upgrade when the half-baked operating system makes it so you have no choice because the hardware is ruined by their software.


    I have years in IT and tech support myself, so I understand well what is being said and also troubleshooting myself.  Others on here have been invaluable in helping narrow down what it could and couldn't be.  But Apple has been just the opposite.  Hand consistently out for more money and idle on helpful results to the problem. 


    Thanks Moog for the clarification.

  • wheetabix Level 1 (20 points)

    Actually, this isn't at all limited to older hardware. If you noticed my post, I'm running a mid-2012 Macbook Pro and have the same problems. This is understandable, I suppose, since the problem seems pretty clearly to be in ML itself. But I just thought I'd point out that it isn't in any way limited to older machines.


    For my part, I've actually been considering getting a copy of Windows and testing out my set-up in Bootcamp. Personally, I've always hated Windows, but if it allows me to run the music software I need to run, then I'm happy to do it. No point getting rid of the hardware, as long as it's not actually faulty (i.e., if the same problems happen in Windows, then the machine's going back!). And I'm sure Apple software engineers will remember how to make their system play audio... It's pretty hi-tech, playing audio... but I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually...

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    Then I guess it's absolutely pointless then to continue buying Apple hardware if they can't write the software for even newer hardware.  Interesting wheetabix.  Dissapointing, but interesting. 

  • designaholic Level 1 (0 points)



    The issue happened again yesterday (while I was cropping images in Photoshop) and I captured this interesting info straight away from the console log. It's the fIrst time I've seen an actual reference to audio – could this be indicating the exact problem? Does this indicate an iTunes / OSX / or hardware issue?


    12/11/2012 12:26:48.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - Error: attempting to clip to a position more than one buffer ahead of last clip position (77fe,77c)->(77ff,1a14).

    12/11/2012 12:26:48.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - adjusting clipped position to (77ff,77c)

    12/11/2012 12:26:49.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - Error: attempting to clip to a position more than one buffer ahead of last clip position (7800,1214)->(7801,2b40).

    12/11/2012 12:26:49.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - adjusting clipped position to (7801,1214)

    12/11/2012 12:26:50.188 WindowServer[72]: _CGXGetWindowOrderingGroup: Operation on a window 0x272d requiring rights 0x5 by caller Photoshop

  • designaholic Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing once again today:


    14/11/2012 12:57:19.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - Error: attempting to clip to a position more than one buffer ahead of last clip position (1b54,1c0c)->(1b55,2310).

    14/11/2012 12:57:19.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - adjusting clipped position to (1b55,1c0c)

    14/11/2012 12:57:22.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - Error: attempting to clip to a position more than one buffer ahead of last clip position (1b61,2c04)->(1b63,550).

    14/11/2012 12:57:22.000 kernel[0]: IOAudioStream[0xffffff802ae9ea00]::clipIfNecessary() - adjusting clipped position to (1b62,2c04)

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    Another disgruntled ML user here. Audio dropouts etc. Reverted back to Lion and everything fine. Have left review on App Store stating the same. Boo!

  • wheetabix Level 1 (20 points)

    @designaholic. Yes, this is the same error I looked up before (see my last post). The call itself apparently doesn't direclty indicate a problem, though it could indicate recovery from a previous problem. As such, it doesn't point to anything really specific.


    I'm curious, though, of all the people here with this problem, how many had an SMC update installed with 10.8.2? I tried reverting back to 10.8, 10.8.1, and even 10.7.5 (not much of a "reversion", but at least it's Lion not ML) and saw no improvement. So I wonder whether, in my case at least, the audio dropouts started with the SMC update, not necessarily the 10.8.2 update. This is a pretty new machine, so I hadn't used it much when 10.8.2 came out, but I don't recall having these problems before that update (and the firmware update that came with it).

  • gmoehewitt Level 1 (0 points)

    dcollett, do you have any updates on this? I have the same problem, Imac 3.4G, 16G ram OS X 10.8.2

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    I don't get this.  Apple has how many people on these machines and there is still no update of any kind.  A simple company acknowledgement would be great.  Obvoiusly not on here, but apple has our contact information.


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  • erictf2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I finally, today, rebuilt a machine using Snow Leopard and it's working great. What a mess.  As a advocate of OS X since the beginning my confidence is shaken.


    Beuller?  Beuller?  Beuller?

  • MoogNinja Level 1 (0 points)

    ^ haha, yeah there is nobody home.


    People are talking about a public sentiment problem with Apple...uhh make stuff that works. It's that simple.  Fire all the marketing guys and hire more programmers, cause it ain't working. Don't ship it till it is working. Sheesh, unbelievable.

  • dcollett.seattle Level 1 (5 points)



    Unfortunately, I have no update. About 2-3 weeks ago, I emailed the same tech guy who collected logs from me. I asked him if Apple is making progress or even addressing this problem. He replied that he has no information about it.


    I'm extremely pessimistic about a fix coming in 10.8.3, .4, .5 or ever. It's quite clear that Tim Cook is much more interested in throwing out lots of new products (HW and SW), regardless of whether they work or not.


    New sales generate money. Fixing the software doesn't.


    We can all moan and groan about the drop in goodwill, faith, etc. that most of us have about Apple now. We can all rant and rave and curse Apple in this and other forums.


    But the bottom line for Tim Cook, is, sadly, the bottom line.


    My one-year-old iMac is barely useable because of ML. It's now a piece of garbage. Sound stutters then eventually just quits. Video stutters. The entire system (mouse, menu, etc.) stutters constantly for 5-15 seconds or more at a time. I've told everyone I know, in person and online, to avoid buying Apple. And that's coming from someone who has bought almost every Apple machine since the company started.


    No, I have my hopes set for 10.17.93 – certain devs say that's the version that something will be done about the stuttering. Until then, we will ju...ju...ju...ju...have to wa..wa...wai...wai...wait.




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  • MoogNinja Level 1 (0 points)

    Agree w Collet above.


    They are shifting to a very PC/Blackberry/Windows mentality. That they used to NOT think that way was what made Apple special, and attracted us as customers.  To now start shipping junk to short-term boost the bottom line is the most short sighted thing imaginable. A nasty change is public sentiment is bound to come with that. 


    Just fire Cook and get it over with, see stock price.

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