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    What number did you call in the US?

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    What phone number are you using?

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    Well Brian Grand you are not Alone - my inbox is also empty - nothing - using a browser there is nothing on the icloud site - nothing on my iphone - Will someone respond from Apple !!!! I never wanted iCloud ! I was content with Mobile me - If apple have *)%!ed up - come clean there are a lot of people out here who have no backup - my last time machine was 25th July .... H E L L O 

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    Same thing happened to me and my account got disabled too, changed the password to reactivate it.


    Spoke to apple on the phone for an hour things arent looking too great. They confirmed all my emails were gone from my account. They looked for a back-up on their servers but could find nothing, they noted the time-zone settings on my account were not listed eventhough it was set on which was strange but after checking that out appeared not to be the problem. They have now set my account in trouble shooting mode (whatever that means) and flagged is as a high priority problem so should hopefully hear back from them in the next two days. I got warned not to set my hopes too high, i did get recommended to change my password so my iPhone couldnt sync anymore and the emails should hopefully stay on my phone.


    I can't give you guys the number that i called because they actually called me after i filled in a support form in the icloud support section. No idea how it worked, the guy was as surprised as me when we got connected.

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    Same thing happened to my wife here.  Clearly this is something widespread which was triggered just in the last 12 hours or so.

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    Same thing happened to me.  Everything OK last night. But , this morning CST,,,, all old emails gone (including my airline tickets),,,etc.  I am on tech support with Michael ,,,as I type (on hold). He ,,,,and Kimberly, did not know of this,,,,,at all.  Said they had not received calls and do not watch these types of posts.   I am amazed that Apple does not have a clue about this.  And, as suggested by a few "experts" on this web site,,,,why do we have to call tech services,,,,,when they are have such a problem.... Early complaints,,,yes,,,, but , where is the ICloud alert to our email boxes....?????    Further, try and find a path to tell them about this.... ie: go to the ICloud input/service site.   Just freaking amazing that the various tech support folks are not alerted to this issue,,,,,at least at this late time.......


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    Jack, what number did you call?

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    I am in the previously mentioned " troubleshooting mode".  Neither Kimberly, Michael, or, trouble shooting engineer (not named) knew about what you all have been posting (as well as in several other sites).  Claimed they had not had any phone calls.   They Do Not check these sites.  They build a list,,,,and , then act if the list is long enough,,,,,,at least that is the jist I took away.   So, each caller must go though the same interregation. 

        Call corporate.  The service infastructure does not appear to work.   Especially for our "special" ICloud.

    Further, for some of you who have audio documentation ability,,,, do so.  Clearly shows the ignorance and holes in their system.  Hopefully , this will help in getting better....     I'd suggest a few days for their efforts and if we have truly lost our emails/files,,,,,send the documention files to your local IT reporters.....Also, pick an Apple Officer to send  the files. 

        Last note:  when asked if using the ICloud backup feature would greatly support the recovery efforts of my emails,,I was told,,,," ,,,I don't know,,,,".  So, if you back up ,,as I do,,, about once a week,,, ?????

       Sorry for the rant,,,but, after two hours of this incompetence,,, I'm very frustrated.



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    The support person I talked with this morning acknowledged last night's outage and suggested I turn off all iCloud-related services on my iPad (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc.), wait a bit then turn them back on.  She said that everything would return after a short period of re-synching.  It's been a few hours and still nothing.  This is the number she gave me to call back on - (800) 275-2273.

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    you must of connected to the famous customer service type,,,,who just gets rid of you.  Obviously , she did not report the problem,,,because hours later,,,when I called.... they said they did not know about this.  Had received No phone calls (their stated primary method of monitoring issues).   I called the IPhone number.  Good folks there,,,but, still clueless.

           I have received no further communications from the Apple trouble shooting mode folks.  I have some back up ,,,but, was relying on the ICloud back up more.  Now being told that it may not really be a back up,,,!

           Good Luck..  

    Seriously,  this whole mobile me to ICloud change over , IMHO,,, has been poorly launched and managed.


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    bit of an update - managed to get through to support here in the UK - They were not aware untill I called that there was a problem - two helpfull support people went through the process to try and recover my entire inbox and a load of other mailboxes that have vanished. No success!!! I have another .mac account that is fine - They have issued a temporary password and I will get a call back tommorow. Bit of a home goal this one apple!!!! If CGI companies are thinking of having render farms in 'the cloud' , maybe think again - It looks like a few of us have lost emails that go back years - imagaine losing millions of dollars of complex Hi Def images !! What are we suppose to do now - go find emails on our time machines !!!!!! A response from Apple would be a good idea.


    Does anyone else agree - Mobile me was not broken but this is....


    I want my mail back :-(

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    Join the club - They lost all my past emails as well. The email was totally empty this as on this AM. The support person said he could not restore it but that he will talk with some system engineers and see if they can do something. I'm not holding my breath.....


    This is totally unacceptable and Apple should respond with an explanation in public. How can anyone have faith in their icloud system. As former employee of CBS - I am going to distribute this information to all news organizations today!

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    I too just got off the phone with a helpful support person. My iCloud account still only shows today's email, but I was able to restore prior data from Time Machine. First we tried to include it in the "regular" inbox. That did not work all the data disappeared again once it synced with iCloud. So I just imported the data to have available to me on my main machine. This is not a good solution since I really need access to my prior email on my other iCloud devices.


    I now am in troubleshooting mode with a new temperary password to allow Apple to work on the issue. I hope to get a call back later tonight, Eastern US, but he said it would most likely take a day or two to resolve the issue.


    Like others my support person had not heard of the issue. I allowed him access to my desktop and I showed him this thread. A few minutes later he said he was starting to see other support personnel discuss this topic in their internal chat. So let's hope this is the high priority they have stated and that this issue is resolved soon.

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    I was on the phone earlier with a support supervisor, who told me she was trying to restore my inbox and sent mails, but that it might take a few days if it worked at all.  She told me that Time Machine could supply the backup if that did not work. 


    So how come Apple doesn't have a Time Machine for what they are charging us for? 


    There was no point in slagging the tech, but what are they thinking?

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    That's why I steered clear from Apples e-mail services, not that I could foresee this tragedy. It's better to use one of the other major mail services and if you use Mac's Mail app, have it download to the computer as well as having it on the server. I wish you guys luck getting your mail back.

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