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kielzog Level 1 Level 1

I have bought the new MacBook Pro Retina but have found the 'state of the art' display to be much less white than my 4.5 yr old MBP. Is this something others have experienced as well? I am a graphic designer and really need a very good screen. Even my iPad retina has a whiter white.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion
  • NNEU Level 1 Level 1

    The Retina display was manufacured by two different companies. LG and Samsung. All LG screens have this problem, and burn-in/ghosting problems. Samsung Display are mostly working perfectly, just as they should.

    If you bring your device to an Apple store, they will replace the mashine.

  • Matt05x Level 1 Level 1

    kielzog, some people are happy with their LG screens. Sure plenty have image retention, but it would seem not 100%. If you aren't having any image retention problems you can calibrate your screen which should sort any colour issues you have. Just go to:


    1) System Preferences

    2) Displays

    3) Click the Colour button

    4) Click the Calibrate button

    5) Follow the directions


    Having said that...if you notice any image retention, take it back & order another one before your 14 days 'no questions asked' period is up. Otherwise things will be more complicated.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Take it back for a full refund and buy another one.


    Apple has a 14 day No Questions Asked return policy. Return it before that time limit is up.

  • kielzog Level 1 Level 1

    Thanx all for posting. I'm afraid I bought it at a reseller and they sent it to Apple (I'm in the Netherlands). The reseller surely doesnt have this two weeks cash back option. Thats usually an American thing. I'm worried Apple will send it back to the reseller saying theres nothing wrong with it and therefore will charge me €85 inspection cost. Anyway, i will fight it untill the end if they wont acknowledge there's a flaw here!!

  • Jerbz Level 1 Level 1

    Shootist007 wrote:


    Take it back for a full refund and buy another one.


    Apple has a 14 day No Questions Asked return policy. Return it before that time limit is up.

    And this coming from the person who thinks people are going through so much to get what they want.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    Jerbz wrote:


    Shootist007 wrote:


    Take it back for a full refund and buy another one.


    Apple has a 14 day No Questions Asked return policy. Return it before that time limit is up.

    And this coming from the person who thinks people are going through so much to get what they want.

    Sorry but your post make absolutely no sense.

  • evilZardoz Level 1 Level 1

    I have a max spec Retina system with the LG display - I find the display is very strong with blue and has a pink/megenta colour cast in the whites; my Spyder 3 calibration system was unable to correct for this issue.


    My 17" MacBook Pro had a similar issue but wasn't as severe and it was corrected sufficiently by the Spyder 3 for me to continue work.


    I would like to know if the Samsung-based panels have the same issue.

  • evilZardoz Level 1 Level 1



    Was in a remote desktop session today.  Couldn't help but notice that the display was flickering.  Upon closer inspection, it seems that these LG panels are 6 bit panels .???

  • *Dom* Level 2 Level 2

    So, was your problem solved?


    I ordered a MBP Retina display in early August and I was quite annoyed when I received it because it exhibited a very yellow screen as well.


    After reading forums and looking up articles, I checked what screen I had — turns out it was an LG (LP154WT1–SJA1).  I have to say, unlike what many other customers seem to experience, I was not seeing any retention image problem.


    However, working with imagery, the screen's color temperature is a real problem. 

    Like you, I hoped calibrating it with the Spyder 3 could possibly solve the issue, but it did not.


    I called Apple Care and after explaining my concern, I was transferred to another agent to set up a return for an exchange.


    Today I received the new machine (which shipped directly from Shanghai). 

    This time, the screen is a Samsung (LSN154YL01001).

    Even though it seems slightly less yellow than the precedent, it is still far more yellow than it should be.


    When set on the regular D65 color temp, the first MBP exhibited an image closer to 4000K.

    This one is closer to 5000K.


    I have ordered a Spyder 4 spectrophotometer. I'll see if it improves things after using it for calibration. If not, I'll have to send this replacement back again.


    Apart from a manufacturing flaw, I have no idea what could be causing this.

    Especially with a gamma set on 2.2 displays are generally having a white point that is a bit too cold/blue (not yellow) —  it is the first time I witness such a dramatic yellow white point.

  • kielzog Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for sharing Dom. Your e-mail makes me kinda shiver - what a complete and utter drama. I thought the Samsung version would be ok.


    Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my replacement. The original order was placed on June 30th. I'm becoming rather irritated now. There is no way of telling what version of the Retina I will get. The Apple reseller here in Holland can't say a thing - they are as desperate as I am. I'm thinking of canceling the Retina unit alltogether and opt for the much cheaper 'old' version.


    I will keep you posted.

  • *Dom* Level 2 Level 2

    I can easily sympathisze with your frustration.  I waited about 3 weeks to receive the first MBPR.  Thankfully, it only took 10 days for the second one to arrive.


    To be fair, though, I would hope among all the customers who have bought this model, many are very happy with their purchase and they do not experience anything wrong.  However, even if it is just 100.000 of us, it remains a big problem on Apple's hands.


    I got the Spyder 4 in the mail today, so I could calibrate the MBPR.  I also re-calibrated my 27" Cinema Display.


    Since the screen has a very yellow white point by default, calibrating it brings ameliorates perception slightly for print documents — in other words, the image looks a bit better than using the built-in profile —, but it is still just somewhat acceptable. And again, I want to stress that is for OFFSET output.

    However, it is but a catastrophy for web-based design.


    I am running the CS6 Suite on both computers MBPR and MacPro 5,1.

    Clearly, using the custom profile, the MBPR exhibits the same CMYK image as on the Cinema Display with a more red/yellow tone — a pink background composed of 100% M looks more red-ish/orange than it should.


    When using the built-in profile — which is supposed to be the default web standard — and using the appropriate settings in Photoshop, it is just plain bad.

    For example, an image in grey tones that looks perfect on the MacPro just looks horrible (darker and yellow) on the MBPR.

    That means if I would create the same image on the MBPR, I would end up with a picture looking too light and bluish on everybody's computer.  That *****.


    Unfortunately, I'll have to live with it for a week, since I have to travel for an on-site shooting job. Problem is, I'll have to retouch every single image when I come back, on my MacPro. Really not good.


    I have dropped an email to the Apple representative who takes care of my account to let him know about it, copying the person in charge of returns.  Chances are, I'll have to send it back yet again and I am quite stressed about it, I have to say.  Simply because not only is it an unnecessary waste of time —working freelance, I often travel on-site for many jobs—, but also because I may just end up with a replacement featuring an LG screen that not only will be too yellow again, but also will exhibit an image retention problem.


    I do not want to be paranoid about it and I just hope all this finds a sound resolving.

    In the meantime, I am a bit worried since I cannot schedule my workflow as to work on site and then come back home to do it all over again on my desktop to deliver a professional result to the client.

  • kielzog Level 1 Level 1

    I have just received my new MBP Retina but alas, the problem is identical. This time I have identified it as an LG display. The yellow tint is here as well and looks yellow compared to my iPad Retina.

    It's a disaster and I think I will exchange it with a traditional MBP. Apple really have a big problem with this.

  • *Dom* Level 2 Level 2

    If ever you can afford some time, I would suggest you just simply wait.  Ask for a refund instead of exchanging the machine and order another unit in a couple weeks.


    I am currently in Italy, working with a photographer and we are 4 people here with a MBP Retina. Two of us are having a VERY yellow display.  The two others (both LG screens) are absolutely stunning and the best screens I have ever seen.


    Right now, as I said, I have a laptop with a Samsung screen which is still terribly yellow.  Beyond the Image Retention problem mentioned in another thread ( I never experienced it myself even on my first LG screen), the yellow issue itself is such a massive problem working in imagery that I will return this unit as well. I simply cannot work with it.  It just means all the work I am doing while on-site, I have to do again, running back home to my 27" Cinema Display. 


    That's not so much, except it becomes a problem when one travels far to work as I do, hence I do not always have the timeframe to afford waiting to come back home to work properly.


    I intend to send back this second unit, ask for a refund and wait a few weeks before purchasing another one.

    There are several reports of people receiving either Samsung or LG screens lately and they say the color temp is perfect.  Therefore, it means there are GOOD units out there.


    I cannot understand HOW this YELLOW temp affects both brands, but there is something wrong here for sure.

    Since some are now happy with their MBP, I prefer to wait to get another one.

    In the meantime, I'll buy a second hand MBP - previous model so at least I CAN work, then re-sell it when I buy the Retina.


    Overall, it's quite a pain I have to say. However, the specs and quality of the Retina model are just outstanding and worth the money and the wait, I think.

    It is just sad it has to go through such a painful ordeal.

  • PGDesigns Level 1 Level 1

    For probably 3 years now I've been reading about and reporting on yellow screen issues with my own Macs. For Apple to so blatently ignore this issue, and at some times saying "all fixed!" is rediculous. Of course, I'm talking about the iMacs, and now the RMBPs. Each time it gets traced back to LG as the culpret. WHY do they keep sourcing from them? I must have gone though 6-7 iMacs a few years back...I lost count. Let's see... dark bar issue...darker screen at top then bottom... bright spotting... light bleed in corners while viewing movies... and very strong yellow tinting. After selling off my last iMac and counting my blessings I only lost $500 on that lemon, I decided to give the RMBP a go. Now I'm on my second RMBP with LG yellow screen (and creaky case) and it's going back as well. For the money one pays for these machines, common complaints should be addressed immediately and resolved, and not just pushed under the carpet. Get your head out of your ---- on this one, Apple.


    If you are an iMac 27" or RMBP user who is stuck with an LG panel, there is only one solution if you can't exchange. You'll need to recalibrate your display's "target white point". Set up up a new calibration and skip through all settings until you see the target white point screen. Native is set to about 6500K. You will want to crank that up to 7000 - 7500K range. Keep in mind though that with my iMac, in just a year's time, I had to continually bump up that number by small increments. In other words, the yellow tint only seems to get worse with time.

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