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    thank my freind

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    deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist file did not work for me...

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    I have two Mac Book Pro, one 13" using at Work and another 15" using at home. Everything is fine with MBP at home. I can use Mac App Store without any problem. But at office I guess it happened in last two weeks, I had a problem to sign in Mac App Store. I can navigate and look all apps in the Featured, Top Charts and Categories. But when I want to see Purchases, asks me to sign in. I enter my Apple ID and password correctly but it says "An unkown error has occured" and can't sign into Mac App Store. I've attached snapshot for this here. I searched forums and discussions on WEB and did many things like deleting files, ByHost, Network Pref etc. Everything I have seen on the WEB useful. But unfortunately couldn't pass that. I have other Apple products and my Apple ID works well at them also at WEB.

    Yesterday, this problematic MBP at work installed updates for iPhoto and OSX Mountain Lion but didn't let me sign in.

    Does anybody has a solution for that which is not written at discussion or at SERPs?

    Thanks for the useful help, will appreciate deeply.

    App Store.jpg

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    I had this problem too, until today. I noticed that not only was I having trouble updating applications, facebook wouldn't load certain pictures and sometimes webpages wouldn't open because "safari couldn't find the server." Anyway, for me not being able to load the webpages was the most annoying since the ones that wouldn't load revolved around college. So, I googled the problem. Turns out, I needed to update my DNS. Here is what I did:


    Click On:

    System preferences > Network > Advanced

    At the top, there is a tab for DNS.

    I added and


    On top of this I also deleted my cookies. To do that, open safari.

    Safari > Preferences

    At the top there is a tab for Privacy.

    Remove All Website Data...


    Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was the DNS change that fixed it, but it doesn't hurt to delete your cookies every once in awhile


    Let me know if that helps

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    OK been talking to Apple and this seems to be the answer - for me anyway -


    Go to Finder/Computer/Library/Preferences/networkinterfaces.plist and delete networkinterfaces.plist


    delete it from trash too then restart.

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    Thanks Kenasie, I tried what you said. But didn't work. Still same problem.

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    Still no luck, with either deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist nor changing the permissions on Library/Cookies (even with -R recursion). It does work if I log in from a newly-created Administrator account, so it seems to be a problem with my user account.


    The other day I even tried deleting many other things from my Library — many caches & preferences (all stuff I know isn't irreplaceable). No luck anywhere.


    Hopefully someone can come up with another solution. But thanks for the info, mohd hatta & unixy_goodness.


    ~peter in oakland

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    Thanks njbc! That did it for me!  I had tried a lot other suggestions, including a modification to the plist, and I even think deleting it, but no one had mentioned deleting from the trash before restarting. Praise God!

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    I've had the same problem. I went through all the troubleshooting that others have mentioned here, as well as some other things.


    I have spent a couple of hours on the phone with Apple support, and they suggested a few other things, as well as reinstalling the OS from my recovery partition (which I did).


    Still no joy.


    Interestingly, this problem does not happen when I log into the Mac as another (test) user. That user has just the standard OS installed with no add ons, and no non-Apple system tweaks (such as 1Password, Weatherbug, etc).


    My fourth phone call with Apple suggested that I wipe the hard drive, reinstall the OS from the recovery partition and a Time Machine backup. Finally, they said that this is an issue "on their end" that they are working on, and they hope to have a fix for it, but offered no timeframe.


    Not that big a deal for me, because I can always log into the other account and update important stuff. Otherwise, I'll wait for the fix.

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    Same here. I have a secondary user account that works fine with the App Store, but my main account only generates "unknown error".


    I've tried different Apple IDs, changing passwords, deleting and trashing caches and preferences and networkinterfaces.plist and every other file mentioned in this thread and others... and, of course, plenty of restarts and permission repairs and Safe Boot starts and what not. Everything but reinstallation (the one length I'm not willing to go for this problem).


    All no good; my main account only spits out "unknown error" when trying to log in to the App Store.


    Really bizarre. Hearing some people suggest that it's a problem on Apple's end is discouraging, as it suggests anything else I try may automatically fail. Yet if I can use the App Store from another user account, that suggests there has to be something lurking in my main account's Library (probably) that's causing the problem...


    Interesting, too, that different things are working for different people. I hope some more new solutions pop up, for those of us who still have no help! My thanks to everyone offering suggestions –

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    Yet if I can use the App Store from another user account, that suggests there has to be something lurking in my main account's Library (probably) that's causing the problem...

    And that's the problem. I've been on the phone for hours, deleting this file, and that one. Anything possibly related to the App Store went into the trash - dozens of restarts, booting into "safe mode", etc. And nothing fixed the problem. Yes, we deleted network preferences as well, tried to log in via ethernet as well as Airport Wi-Fi.


    So, for now, any time I see that I have an update, I'll log into my "test" account - the one that's a stock Apple install - and update.

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    I'm having the same problem on my iPad but iPhone is working fine. Any suggestions for iPad?

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    iPhone fix

    Go to settings

    Click on the app store

    Click on user ID ( email address)

    Click on user info

    This also turned off the music and app download buttons in the app store

    Look at info and in my case I needed to approve new apple rules.

    I also needed to add security code for cc on file


    Then the error went away

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    wagaya wrote:


    Really bizarre. Hearing some people suggest that it's a problem on Apple's end is discouraging, as it suggests anything else I try may automatically fail. Yet if I can use the App Store from another user account, that suggests there has to be something lurking in my main account's Library (probably) that's causing the problem...


    After running around in circles trying to get this resolved for me I finally found a (fairly easy) solution - the key point here is that the AppStore works just fine form another user account on the same computer (using the same AppleID) so it has to be something in ~/Library rather than /Library (thus ruling out the NetworkInterfaces.plist fix - which I tried and which didn't work for me).


    Here is a step-by-step of what worked for me:


    1. Create a new user account - let's name it "Test" - I did not make this an administrator account
    2. Log into that new user account (skipping the AppleID/iCloud screen)
    3. Select "Software Update…" from the Apple menu - you will be asked to enter an administrator name and password in or to check for system updates - just provide your normal (admin-enabled) user name and password
    4. If you have any updates available, click "Update All" and log into the AppStore with your normal AppleID/password (this should work since you are in a new user account)
      (If you don't have any updates available, I assume that you can also log in using the menu item in the Store menu of the AppStore application though I have not tried that)
    5. As soon as the download starts, you can quite the AppStore application
    6. Log out of your test account and back into your normal account
    7. Open /Applications/Utilies/Terminal
    8. Type the following command:
      sudo cp  /Users/test/Library/Cookies/ Library/Cookies/
    9. Open the AppStore again and you should be able to log back in


    What does this do? It seems that the file in your normal user account has become corrupted - we use a new account and create a new one (which is interchangebale since we use the same AppleID) and move that one back to the main account with the corrupt file.



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