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    Posting for anyone who happens to make it this far in the thread.


    Yup! Same issue of updating iTunes and all of a sudden no joy for video. 5 to 10 seconds of audio (with no video or a still of it) then stop! None of the Apple suggestions you’ve read thus far did a darn thing except waste my time. Thank goodness I didn’t go so far as to rebuild/reinstall Win7. Like many here, I’ve felt this was an Apple problem since it’s only after installing their update that the issue appears. Yes, all my drivers are up to date and all my software has the appropriate updates as well. Running Win7 64bit on PC and Asus notebook.


    Issue first showed up on PC. Updated from ver10 (Something) to 11 (Something). Painstakingly followed the uninstall and reinstall of iTunes as directed by Apple. Even tried going back to an earlier version. No dice. Tried all the switches suggested in all the Apple articles. Waste of time. And yes, Apple, I did reboot after every little switch. Thank you for wasting 8 hours that I’ll never get back.


    Just upgraded to 12 on my notebook. Guess what. Same issue as my PC. “Bugger”!!


    Back to my PC…Just for kicks and giggles, I tried the handy dandy windows compatibility tool. HERE: Windows-All Programs-iTunes…Right click on the iTunes icon. Third item on the list, just below Run As Administrator, “Troubleshoot compatibility”. (You can probably get there through control panel as well, not sure how.) NOTE: Do not try to right click on any of the shortcuts scattered around your PC. You have to right click on the icon under all programs as described. After it opens, click on “Try recommended settings”. Let it run. In my case it came up that I should try “Win XP SP2”. As iTunes was opening it came up with a warning of some sort that iTunes won’t like compatibility mode. I had nothing to lose and figured it was worth trying. I did. And guess what? It worked!!! What iTunes would not do before, it now does. Plays video. Even the ones I bought from Apple!


    Close iTunes and click next on the Troubleshoot compatibility window. Save the settings for the program. Done! I hope this helps someone else.

    As for my Asus Notebook? Well, still looking for an answer. No joy trying above so far. Tried all versions of Windows back to "ME". Looks like I'll have to try some other jiggery pokery as Quick Time is part of the issue. I'll advise if something does work. At least I learned from my PC issues to save a copy of the previous install file.

    Thanks Apple!!! Always nice to know you're on top of things when it comes to making sure your updates work before you unleash them on us.... Sorry, was that too tongue in cheek?

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    ITUNES - QUICKTIME PLAYER SUDDENLY CRASHES COMPUTER WHILE PLAYING HD MOVIES SYMPTOMS: * Whether rented or bought--some HD movies (1920 X 1080) playing in QT Player, may suddenly freeze-up. * Synchronistically, 99.7% of the time, there is usually a startling loud-static noise (coming through the speakers)--which typically doesn’t go away.  On the other hand, sometimes (rarely) there is suddenly no sound and, instead, there’s only a frozen QT Player; including a frozen Windows 7 OS.  Hence, I am unable to close any Windows-based applications. * The only option for ending the Windows 7 OS “crash” and static sound scenario is to press, the PC power-button, for several seconds or more.  This, in turn, automatically shuts down (turns-off) the computer. * I’m able to restart the computer/Windows programs, however, when accessing QuickTime (to continue viewing the movie), the film will usually start from some earlier point-of-viewing.  And, because of that, I have to manually fast-forward to (the point in the movie) where QuickTime previously froze-up. * Sometimes, all of the above will repeat itself (later) in subsequent same time-frame viewing(s). * The only permanent (workable) solution at the moment, which avoids the abovementioned scenario, is to buy a “hard copy” edition of a movie (i.e., BD disk), and, play it via a BD disk player using a movie viewer (e.g., Corel WinDVD Pro 11). * Ironically, the “crashing” problem doesn’t ever happen for SD format movies. SYSTEM INFORMATION: * MOBO:  ASUS P8Z68 DELUX/GEN3 * CPU:  i7-2600K @ 3.40 GHz * RAM:  Corsair 16 GB - DDR 3 * GPU:  NVidia GeForce GTX-660 - PCI Express 3.0 * Monitor:  HP ZR30w – Wide LCD * Current operating system:  Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit SP1 * Current iTunes version: - My downloading “Preferred Video Version” (iTunes Preferences) is “High Definition (1080p).” * Current QuickTime Player: * Software:  All versions of any Windows-based software is up-to-date. OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE WHICH MIGHT BE RELATED TO THE ABOVE: * A movie will not initially play because of an erroneous iTunes HDCP software-detection-malfunction.  That is, an iTunes Windows pop-up error message occurs.  And, it says:  “Display doesn’t support HDCP,” even my monitor (HP ZR30w) and GPU (NVidia GeForce GTX-660) do support the HDCP standard.  Likewise the display is configured (enabled) to be in a HDCP mode via the NVidia Control Panel.  However, if I go to the iTunes Extra feature of the movie--then, that item will play.   * Currently, the only workable solution (to the aforementioned) is to restart the computer (one or more times); or, buy the movie (BD disk) and play it.  However, the latter solution (ironically) doesn’t produce a “false positive” when the HD movie plays. Comment_1:  By the way, uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes and/or QuickTime does not resolve the abovementioned issues.  Nor, does “clearing the cache” work. Comment_2:  HDCP - I notice that Corel WinDVD Pro 11 and CyberLink PowerDVD 13 can “get it right;” or, a Blu-ray disk’s software can adequately detect DHCP (which means it will play).  So, why is iTunes amiss on the foregoing issue?   Comment_3:  For some earlier editions of iTunes, if, someone has their monitor resolution set @ 1280 X 720 during a request for a rental or buying (HD), then, iTunes does not seem to be able to distinguish between a current screen resolution and a user’s potential screen resolution of 1920 X1080. It may (in most cases) refuse to download or “balk” at downloading a movie @ HD 1080p; even though or in spite of one’s personal iTunes preference (e.g., downloading “Preferred Video Version” is “High Definition (1080p). The question is:  If auto-detecting is inadequate and it might be costing iTunes some business, then, why have it at all? --Russell

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    I also have this problem. Bought a new HP desktop last year & iTunes has never worked properly. The video won't play, the time bar does not advance, you get about 2 seconds of audio, then nothing. If you advance the time you'll get a still picture, but no actual video. I updated the graphics card drivers, but no luck. I did a clean install, twice, & spent an hour with tech support. Graphics card is AMD. Even the trailers won't play. Is Apple even listening? When I spoke with tech support I was told the engineers would get back to me but guess what? They didn't. Purchased movies will play through QuickTime, but not rented, & they have to be fully downloaded. I tried to upgrade to QuickTime Pro, but that didn't work either. The code I was given didn't work, keep saying it was invalid.

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    Hi Guys, I've had the same problem and managed to solve it.... Right click on the iTunes icon properties, compatibility tab, tick run this program in compatibility mode, select windows vista service pack 2, check run as administrator at the bottom.


    Hope this helps.

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    I've actually noticed that since the latest version of iTunes (the true 64 bit version) I'm able to watch videos again.  Huzzah!     

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    Yes, thank you. It worked!

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