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  • MacUserAE Level 1 (10 points)

    This seems like a very elaborate workaround. Wouldn't doing a continuous ping be equivalent to not letting the computer go to sleep. This seems to do the trick also.

    Why do you have to unplug the Apple TV?

  • Alchemancer Level 1 (0 points)

    Sleep syncing spotty at best. Had a few issues of MDCrasshReportTool stopping which could interrupt, after which sync would usually continue. Several times couldn't get connection. Airplane toggle and iTunes relaunch had no effect, but wifi toggle on laptop would then allow automatic reconnection. After reboot it seems to act stable again, and never had a problem connecting after coming home and waking first simply by moving the mouse. My laptop only falls asleep after I do, or if I am gone all day, so not really troublesome to me unless I was experimenting.

  • Orest75 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have read mutiple threads and tried mutiple soltions and all ofhtem result in temporary fixes.  Today my wifi synch was working perfectly.  Tonight it doesn't work at all.  I am just sticking usung the usb cable until they fix this... sigh...

  • garypaul Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5 magically showed up in the side bar when i shut off Vipre AV. When I turned Vipre AV Internet Security, the iPhone disappaered from the iTunes sidebar. The long and short of it is I ended up putting Vipre AV Internet Security in the learning mode. So now I have iTunes working with wifi sync and Vipre up at the sametime. Also I have the computer that Itunes resides on hardwired into the router and not connected via wifi, and it so far iTunes wifi sync works. But I am not bettin the farm that this will stay working.. I would not have cared at all if Mophie would have used the thunderbolt cable so I could do a regular sync. but I think there must have been a licensing issue or some other really stupid issue, preventing the battery case makers from using the thinderbolt cable to charge and allow sync at the same time. I had no problems with the 4s Mophie case it allowed regular sync and getting the 4s to wifi sync was just as much a pain in the ***, but now with the new iPhone 5 mophie case no can do. I really like the new thunderbolt cable because I don't have to fumble with installing it into the iPhone 5, because it goes in either way. But now when I want to connect it into the car jack to play music I have on the iPhone,  on the car stereo I have to take the mophie case apart to intall the thunderbolt cable. This seems so incredibly STUPID.  I suppose that Apple will invent a way to blue tooth the music into my car stereo so they do not have to let the battery case makers use their thunderbold technology!? I think somebody should be fired for this, look at what happened to the exec who was in charge of  iPhone maps navigation system. Well the same thing should happen to the licensing aholes for the thunderbolt cable.


    And I still have to plug in the new cable into the iTunes computer if I want to update to a new IOS, unless of course I want to take a chance and do an over the air update with a low battery charge  NOT!


    I am a stubborn ******* when I can not get something to work. like this wifi issue even if I do not plan on using regularly like many of you. I just think and believe that if something is suppose to work it **** well better work as advertised without having to cluge together paper clips, magic sauce, and gum.


    As I was writing this I kept syncing, on the third attempt I had to shut down iTunes and start it back up. It appears that iTunes loses it's network connection to the iPhone, but at least I could resync after I brought iTunes back up. The bonjour browser shows the iphone5 as well.  I wished this worked rock solid.

  • iOSGuy2012 Level 2 (195 points)

    Your security software is definitely an issue it sounds like. Try disabling the firewall and follow some information in the article posted below.


    iTunes: Troubleshooting security software issues

  • garypaul Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear IOSGuy2012, I put the security software in learning mode, so now it does work. When it asked if I wanted to allow the itunes connection to the iphone it did allow. But given all of the coplexities of this I do not believe this is the final soltuion..

  • iOSGuy2012 Level 2 (195 points)

    The only way to fully verify on if that is not the issue causing the problem is to disable the firewall. If you have absolutely no "time out" issues during the WiFi Sync process, the security software is null and void. Make sure you have edited the firewall to make sure that iTunes and using WiFi sync will not be effected, even if you verify the issue doesn't persist without the firewall enabled.

  • garypaul Level 1 (0 points)

    What rules do I have to put into the Security software to insure it is allowing iTunes connectivity?

  • iOSGuy2012 Level 2 (195 points)

    This should help


    iTunes 10.5 and later: Troubleshooting iTunes Wi-Fi Syncing


    Choose the very last expanded option for Firewall settings.

  • ZonYX Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everyone here is my situation:

    Win7 64


    iPad 2 ios 6.1.3

    iPhone5 6.1.3

    Router: Airport Extreme 802.11n (5th Generation)


    I have some problems to use the wifi sync with my ipad 2 and iphone 5. If I start my itune, my 2 devices will show on itune and I will be able to sync them. But after some time (about 30 mins), the sync button on my iphone and ipad turn to grey. If I try to click the sync button on one of my devices in itune, is says looking for iphone or ipad and after a while the peripheral, just disappear from itunes. For the moment, to get the wifi sync work again I need to force the restart of the apple mobile device service and restart itunes. Then my devices will show up again after 1-5 mins and I will be able to sync over wifi again until "my sync now" button option turn to grey on my devices. Is there a way to avoid restarting the apple mobile device service and itunes to get the wifi sync work?



    I've already tried to uninstall all the apple software and re-install them on my pc, delete all my itunes library folders and format my computer. Also tried to restore my iphone and ipad to factory.

    Tried to disable my windows firewall and my kaspersky anti-virus to.

    I'm running out of options, any suggestions is welcome!


  • MacUserAE Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes. Complain to Apple and they will tell you that you are not in a pure Apple environment or that it is the fault if your Internet service provider. They will NEVER air that it is their fault and would rather continue to waste tour time with troubleshooting. This will persist even if you escalate it to the Executive relations team. I am losing all respect for the company that I have invested a lot into. The fact that they ignore their valuable customers is becoming ridiculous. They would rather send an Apology to their Chinese customers and call them their number one priority.

    Sorry for the bitterness of my response. It is undoubtedly an Applr issue. I have done extensive troubleshooting with Apple and they keep insisting in more troubleshooting and keep pointing fingers. I have also done extensive troubleshooting with the engineering team from Verizon Fios (my ISP) and they have proven beyond a shadow if a doubt that it is an Apple problem. When Apple was confronted they no longer respond to my request or return my phone calls.

    This is just atrocious particularly for a company that everyone aspires to be like.

  • Alchemancer Level 1 (0 points)

    Man, stop dissing Apple! The fact that I can run iTunes 10.6.3 for like 4 days, with nearly 100% stability for my 3Gs, and then switch back to iTunes 11 and begin having massive issues immediately, and have nothing but trouble since then, all points to the fact that this is my fault and not something Apple has screwed up and refuses to admit. Installing iTunes 10.6.3 just somehow happens to turn my HP laptop into a MacBook Pro, through the magic of science.


    Seriously, I wish I didn't have an iPad mini, so I could stay with the old iTunes. So far since switching back, I've been able to sync my phone a couple of times, usually only from iTunes, not initiated from phone, and haven't been able to sync the ipad at all yet over wifi now. Always greyed out on ipad, usually grey on phone, even when both devices show up in iTunes there is like a 10:1 chance that the sync will start, then stop with no error given, but the sync almost never completes.


    The constant ping is just about the only trick left that I haven't tried. All others "solutions" fail within a day at most.

    That will be be my next attempt to resolve.

  • pagemakers4 Level 1 (15 points)

    What do you mean "stop dissing Apple"?


    Apple should be "dissed" far more that it has on here.


    It's an absolute disgrace that this issue has persisted for a year.


    We are not beta testers.


    The fact you can have near 100% success for 4 days is not good enough. You should have 100% success over 6 months.

  • William Zeallor Level 1 (0 points)

    He's being sarcastic.

  • pagemakers4 Level 1 (15 points)

    Oh sorry then.


    I was just in the process of waking up when I wrote it.


    Brain wasn't yet in gear.

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