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I was really looking forward to the new maps but am very disappointed. Don't get me wrong the 3D maps are great, but so far in the UK I can only find London with this function.


But this isn't my gripe. It's the view in standard mode, none of the road types have different colours so navigation is much more difficult. On google maps the motorways are blue, major A roads green and so on. All the roads are the same colour on apple maps so motorways look the same as a roads etc. Is this likely to change?


If not will google maps be available in the App Store any time soon? Or is there a free/cheap map app that is as good as google maps? I can use google maps in safari but its nowhere near as intuitive :-(


I know the OS is only new, but they've been making a song and dance about this maps and I find it a big disappointing. I don't even like the colour scheme, oceans and rivers etc are shocking blue.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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