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    I had the same problem and I deleted the onavo profile I had installed and it fixed my problem. If anyone has an onavo profile installed on ios6, delete it.

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    I have a 4s and have the exact same problem!

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    I have a 4s through Verizon and have the same problem.

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    This also fixed my problem on the 4s. I had to delete the app and then go into settings and delete the profile. This has been driving me nuts since I updated and I'd tried everything else. Thank you!

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    Hi alexgophone or schtink, if anyone can help me I know this thread is awfully long and it probably has the same repetitive questions because probably everyone is freaking out just like me! haha. But about this tmobile sim card swap and changing the APN Settings..... why will it not work if we just go on website and change our apn there directly from our phone? I tried doing that directly from the iphone, going on the website, getting an apn and selecting AT&T (PAYG) in the US..... it installed in my phone but it did not work for picture messaging. Are you trying to say that we must manually type in under Cellular Network Data the APN and all that info from AT&T (PAYG) what's the difference from that and getting it directly installed from And it is the option AT&T (PAYG) right? Because has like 8 different options for AT&T.


    Thanks so much for you help!


    -an equally freaked out iphone 4 updated to ios 6 and now no mms picture messaging user.

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    easy fix. you have to go to setting and select message, turn on imessage and you will get a drop down list, go to the bottom and you will get sms/mms and underneath you can turn on or off the mms messaging, show subject field and character count, make sure mms messaging is turned on and then you will be able to send multimedia ie pictures.

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    I hope you're joking. If not, kill yourself. Obviously that's one of the first steps to do, but that's clearly not the problem here..

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    LOL @ this post I'm sure Steve jobs is turning over in his grave....     oh how I adore these red exclamation points lol sarcasm.....well I hope my post does not get a edit

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    Sorry dezso1 but that's not the problem here. The problem here is that AT&T or Apple, one of them is blocking the APN settings. I am paying for text, picture and video messaging. I should be able to do so but I am not. My MMS messaging option is on. I have restored my phone twice already. I have even tried DOWNGRADING my software to 5.1.1 which was not successful. Then I tried using Iphone Configuration Utility to create an APN configuration profile, did not work on my laptop so I will try on another computer. Now Alexgophone says to put in a new sim card which makes a lot of sense b/c T Mobile, not as dictating at AT&T does NOT block Cellular Data Settings Tab which At&t is blocking so we cannot change. Once putting in the t mobile sim card, one can have access to that hidden tab from At&t and manually input the APN settings from But I need to make sure is At&t (PAY G) is the right one to take the settings from. And if that is the case, why can't I just use to make a profile on my iphone and directly change it instead of getting a new sim card. That's my question.


    I know that another option can be jailbreaking the phone but for ios 6 I have only found tethered versions. Through that and cydia, one can acheive the cellular data settings tab too. But this is bit of a process.

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    Hey I wrote later in this apple support thread but I don't know if you received it because it's like....9 pages later lol. Anways, I just wanted to ask did you try before you used the tmobile sim card? Meaning, when you were experiencing the mms picture texting problems, did you go to and try installing AT&T (PAY G) info to your phone as a profile? And it didn't work? B/c it's not working for me even though is supposed change APN settings...


    So what you are trying to say is that we must manually change the APN settings by getting a T mobile sim card so we can access the "cellular data network" tab? B/c at the moment with at&t go phone sim card, I do not have an option called "cellular data network" tab b/c I think At&t is blocking it.....


    I'm just upset that I am paying for picture and video messaging as well and I cannot use it! It's not easy being a student with a part time job and having a luxury contract to pay for haha.


    But anyways, you picked AT&T (PAY G) option right for the APN info when you put in your T mobile sim card? Just asking because there are like 8 different AT&T options on


    Thanks so much for you help alexgophone!

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    Hey shofstall92, I just wanted to ask a quick question about the T mobile sim card you purchased, did you have to activate it as well to access the Cellular Network Data Tab where we can customize our APN settings? Meaning, you know how when we activate our gophones and go on the website and type in our imei number  and sim card number (where I used 15's Os) and our information and finally get a new telephone number? We must activate this Tmobile sim card as well right, like going through the whole process and get a new number for the T mobile sim card? Or can we just pop in the unactivated one and we can customize our APN from there?


    And I've noticed that the tmobile prepaid sim card are pretty big or atleast the one I have leftover from about 5 years ago... (the metallic area of the sim card that cell phone actually reads), cutting it down as a micro sim card will work right? Just wanna confirm all this info so I can fix this annoying problem.


    Thanks so much! You and alexgophone really solved this thread! I'm sure there are many people suffering from this problem and cannot call apple or at&t for help.

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    No, the T-Mobile SIM card does NOT have to be activated. Just pop it in, and you'll be able to edit the APN settings. After you edit the APN settings, you can install an APN profile from the "" website. The way things are looking, my video should be uploaded tomorrow afternoon. I've been crazy busy lately.


    Also, it IS possible to cut any standard SIM or Micro SIM down to a Nano Sim, but is highly not recommended. I would recommend buying a Nano SIM card cutter, or T-Mobile Nano SIM card off eBay.

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    wow, ok thanks so much for your quick response


    And on should we pick AT&T (PAY G) option? I'm asking this because there are like 8 different AT&T options, one that says "AT&T", another one that says AT&T(cingular), AT&T(broadband), AT&T(PAY G), etc. When we edit the settings, we should type in whatever unlockit has listed (APN, PASSWORD AND USERNAME since the mms proxy, mmsc, mms ua prof url are all empty on the website) and as well installing the APN Profile you are saying. I just want to get everything clear so I or many others on this thread as well don't have to annoy you with like 10 different posts lol since you are very busy.


    And video? are you going to post it on youtube? I will definately watch it just post on this thread what the name of the video is going to be so we can all look it up. Thanks so much for all your help again!

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    I'm using the regular "AT&T" APN. It works just fine.


    Yes, I'll post it on YouTube, and then copy the link to this thread for others.

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    Ok, thanks a ton again for all your help! Have a nice day.

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