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  • ctpipedreams Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, I've been reading everybody's progress over the last few days and I'm going to give it a try. I am using a iphone 4 on the 50 unlimited talk and text and adding various amounts of data each month(which saves whatever data I have'nt used yet) I bought the 99 cent tmobile sim card as holymac did, but then I saw holymac post that maybe those sims couldn't be cut down.... there's no tmobile store near me to go get one. I should get the sim next week.


    I noticed the mms failure about a week ago when I tried to send one. Strange thing was, my data was still working! then my month of service was up(three days ago) and I saw that now att had the 65 dollar gophone with 1gig of data. Signed up for that and on the day it renewed my data wouldn't work. So as much as it would be nice to have mms back, what I really care about is data.


    Alex- any ideas on whether your sim fix will bring back my data? Is there going to be anything I should enter in the data areas of the tmobile/sim menu once I get to it?(or just try your/unlockit info first?) Was your mms AND data fixed by your tmobile fix? And thanks for all your postings on this alex/holymac...I hope I can fix it!

  • alexgophone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Exactly why I didn't switch to the 65 plan!!!


    Yes if you do the tmobile trick and also put in the Cingular apn for data it should fix it.

    Let me know!!!

  • iphonegoing Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    so frustrated.. i have iphone 4 with gophone. no mms. f'n ios 6.....  this tmobile trick does the iphone have to be unlocked???

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      this tmobile trick does the iphone have to be jailbreak???



  • gemsimmx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In my case there was no need to jailbreak.


    Here's what I exactly did just for everyone to see.



    - factory unlocked 16GB iphone4S w/ Gophone SIM under $25 plan

    - T-Mobile postpaid microSIM





    1) Power off iPhone4S

    2) Remove GoPhone SIM

    3) Insert T-Mobile SIM

    4) Power on phone, iphone4S start showing "Searching" from upper left corder display, then show "T-Mobile E"

    5) Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network, "Cellular Data", "MMS" and "Internet Tethering" appears.

    6) Power off iPhone4S

    7) Insert GoPhone SIM

    8) Power on phone, iphone4S start showing "Searching" from upper left corner display

    9) Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network, "Cellular Data"

    10) Wait until "AT&T 4G" shows from upper left corner of display then you'll see the folloeing will be automatically filled up:



    Cellular Data


    APN: phone





    APN: phone


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Max Message Size: 1048576



    Internet Tethering


    APN: phone



    11) Update "MMS" APN setting w/ the following:



    APN: wap.cingular


    Password: CINGULAR1


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Max Size: 1048576

    MMS UA Proof URL:



    12) Tap back until you exit Settings. Settings -> General -> Cellular won't show "Cellular Data Network".



    13) Grab one photo from Camera Roll and sent it using MMS to my T-Mobile. MMS sent and received.



    14) From my T-Mobile, sent a photo to my Gophone. MMS sent and received.



    15) Power off/on iPhone4S and ran steps 13 & 14. Result was the same.



    Please read the note as the procedure above may not be applicable.


    Big big thanks to alexgophone & holymacaroni92 to whom I actually got what I wrote above.

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    I need help or need to borrow someone's SIM card that worked.  I did what gemsimmx and alexgohpone did but my phone is not recognizing the t mobile SIM card which I just got in the mail (unactivated).  When I insert the t mobile sim my phone just says "no service".  No extra settings appear in the cellular data section.  I tried turning the phone off and inserting the sim, I also tried with it on.  Nothing happens.  Am I doing something wrong or is it the sim?

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    This is an issue with ATT ONLY!  I have an iphone 4 and lost the ability to send and recieve MMS messages, as well as group messaging, when I upgraded to ios6.


    I have spoken with both ATT and Apple Care regarding this.  I was told that this was only an issue with ATT as a carrier and that Apple is working to isolate the issue and hopefully put out an update very soon so that messaging can be enabled again.  Who knows how long this will take, if it happens at all.  My initial thought was that this is thier way of making you upgrade....I have no intention of doing that.  If I need to, I will switch providers.

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    @PSMuseum, I have an old regular TMO SIM that I cut to microSIM. Activated it prepaid couple of months ago and it expired.


    I also have a new TMO microSIM which TMO sent me for my regular posptpaid SIM which I haven't used.


    I both tried these with my iPhone4S and upon powering on, I see "Searching" from the upper left corner of the screen.


    Then after a couple of seconds it changed to "No Service" for the expired SIM and "T-Mobile" for the new microSIM.


    "T-Mobile" or "No Service", I still can see Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network, "Cellular Data", "MMS" and "Internet Tethering".


    In fact, I repeated the procedure using the expired SIM and it all worked fine.


    Take note that my Iphone4S is a factory unlocked 16GB version. Don't know if it makes a difference or not but I'm absolutely sure nobody can get a "T-Mobile" after "Searching" for an AT&T locked iPhone4S.

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    IT WORKED!!!!!!  I tried it before but made the same mistake of typing in the changes with the t-mobile sim card in.


    Thanks guys for the help with this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • holymacaroni92 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    hey ctpipedreams, those sims cards are fine! nothing to worry about, I had an ancient t mobile sim card in my house and saw that the metallic part of the sim card was huge, bigger than any actual micro sim card and I thought all the prepaid sim cards were like that, wrong... the new prepaid sim cards from t mobile (99 cents)  are FINE AND CAN BE CUT DOWN INTO A MICRO SIM CARD. I DID IT FIND ON MY FIRST TRY. JUST MAKE SURE WHEN YOU CUT DOWN THE SIM CARD THAT THE METALLIC PART IS FULLY EXPOSED WHEN YOU PUT IT IN YOUR SIM CARD TRAY so that the phone could read it... that's why i bought 2 just in case I messed up the first but it was fine... make sure your scissors are sharp and not dull

  • holymacaroni92 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    no, my phone is only unlocked, not jail broken and it worked fine for me.

  • holymacaroni92 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    no problem, i hope it works for you! after that send a pic.. if it doesn't work send it a couple of times. just follow the rules i wrote step and step, do the EXACT steps.

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    read my exact steps i took on page 13 and alexgophone's APN settings info that you need to type in on the bottom of page 13, you'll get it.

  • holymacaroni92 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    yay congrats on it working!

  • PSMuseum Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If my iPhone is locked to AT&T, how can I unlock it so I can try the t mobile trick?

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