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    I tried those steps and no luck.  I contacted AT&T who sent me to Apple who sent me to Comcast who sent me to AT&T and Apple and Comcast again and finally back to AT&T. Apple said to have Comcast change my wifi channel to 6.  AT&T walked me through all the resets and Apple did all the resets again to include restoring my phone three times, twice to new device.  Still can't send a picture using iMessage on wifi.  If I turn off my wifi I can send a picture.  The last AT&T rep said you must always turn off wifi to send a picture.  Even after explaining I have had my iPhone 4 for two years and never turned off wifi when sending a picture (mms).  My wife's phone (same type) and daughters phone (same type) on the same wifi network can each send a picture but I cannot.  I can receive but can't send.  After 5 weeks since upgrading to IO6 and can't send pictures, this is total BS!  iPhone 4 can and should send a picture while on wifi.  Yes, it uses cellular data to make it happen but customers do NOT have to turn off one feature to use another.  If anyone really has a fix, I would love to see it.  It would be even better if Apple would send an update to fix it!

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    I leave WiFi on all the time and have no MMS/iMessage issues at all.  Which jailbreak software are you using, or did use with iOS 5?

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    I bought my phone from an AT&T corporate store and have never done anything to it.  I have never altered anything and really don't know anything about a jailbreak software.

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    I used all iTunes updates as released so yes, I used IO5

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    By the way, my iPad 2 also stopped sending pictures when at home on WIFI at the same time.  I have been trying to fix both devices for 5 weeks.  My wife and daughter each upgraded but they have no issues.  The phones are on my account, family account.  We have the family text plan and we all had everything working before IOS6.  I have sign out of iTunes then signed in.  I signed out of iCloud and signed in.  I turned off MMS (phone) but after these changes along with all the others advised by ATT, Apple and having Comcast put my IPs in the DMZ, still doesn't work.

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    If you have Onavo installed, delete it.  The data compression it uses is incompatible with MMS.

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    Not installed.  Never heard of it.  Apple rep said it is a known issue with some iPhone 4's but no fix at this time.  Really irritating to try and send a picture and forget that a standard feature of WIFI is still running.  I have to delete the picture and most of the time turn off then on the phone to clear the deleted send.

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    Have you restored a back-up from previous backup after you upgrade your iOS?

    If so, please try to do the following, it MIGHT work:


    SETTINGS ->GENERAL -> RESET (yes,reset) -> RESET ALL SETTINGS ( this will not create any damages to your personal files or contacts, but, you might lose some settings, such as WIFI passwords and so forth)



    ST***D APPLE WEBSITE, even doesnot allow me to log in with my own apple ID, so I had to register a new one to reply to your posts. I most of time just read posts, and not reply to any posts because of language barrier. I understand how frustrated or upset you are now, so, I registered a new one to reply to your posts, so, hopefully, it will help you out.


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    I am so grateful for your step by step intructions. Amazingly, I was able to follow it and my MMS is up and running. I am so thankful for your help! Thank you so much!

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    This T-mobile sim card fix worked on my Iphone 3gs on ios6!

    Thanks so much! I can now send picture messages!!!

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    Best place to get a T-Mobile SIM? I read some people say you can get one for Free. Is that true? How?

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    MORE CRAP IOS6.0.1 is out. I didn't just get over then last headache of ios6 (BLANK STARE (•_•)

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    Does anyone know if 6.0.1 fixes MMS for GoPhone?

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    Nop still the same ****

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