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    I will upload a video here in a day or two on how to fix the MMS and data problem on iOS 6. As soon as I upload the fix, I'll post the link to it here. Just to clarify: My solution DOES fix the Wi-Fi, MMS, data, AND any iMessage problems. Stay tuned!

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    Thank you for your information! I just have one question about obtaining the T-Mobile SIM card. Would you just insert the card temporarily to get the cellular data settings to be edited and then take it out and put the regular AT&T one in? Or would I have to keep the T-Mobile SIM in the phone the whole time? If so, would they have to transfer everything from my AT&T SIM to the T-Mobile one? I'd still like to remain a GoPhone customer. All I want is my ability to send pictures BACK.


    You are giving me hope. Thanks so much!  

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    Thank you! I'm eager to watch!

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    You just pop it in and quickly go to the settings general cellular data section and put in the pan info.

    The phone will reboot so then just put back in your go phone sim and you are done.


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    I have had the same problems since updating to iOS 6.  I'm using an iPhone 4S.  My carrier is AT&T.  My phone is not jailbroken, and I am not on a go phone.  I have a contract.


    I contacted Apple support about the problem, and they walked me through their troubleshooting page for message sending problems.  None of the settings on my phone were a problem.  The person on the phone seemed perplexed.  She told me that my best option was to restore the phone, and if that didn't work, I should take it into a store.  I did what she asked.  I restored the phone to new - did not use an iTunes/iCloud backup, but the problem persisted.  I took the phone in to the Genius bar, and once I told the person that I had restored the phone, he offered me a new phone.  The new phone still had the same problem.  Today I called Apple support again - and I went through the exact same troubleshooting checks (yes, iMessage IS turned on, etc.).  Then, the support person, after speaking to her superior, insisted that it was a problem with AT&T not recognizing my messaging.  She told me to call them.  When I called AT&T, the agent I talked to told me that, no, there were no problems with my account.  Then, she called Apple to tell them as much with me still on the line.  They tried to just push me off to yet another person at Apple, but she wouldn't let them.  Then, I talked to one of the senior advisers with the AT&T person still on the line.  He AGAIN asked me questions about things like iMessage being on, whether or not my restore had been new/from a backup.  Once I established for the fifth time that the problem was not on my end, he told me he would have to send a ticket to the engineers.  Apparently, I am waiting for them to get back to him. 


    What irks me the most about this, minus the absolutely terrible customer service that Apple has given me (AT&T was nice enough to take money off of my bill this month even though the problem was not on their end) is that everyone I've spoken to about this issue pretends that they've never heard of it before.  But when a Google search brings up this thread and several others, it just seems that my problem isn't going to be solved.  I've been purchasing Apple products for years and years, but at this point, I'm starting to reconsider if this is the direction that the company is headed in.

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    I cannot thank you enough for your help. Should I just go to eBay and purchase a regular T-Mobile GSM SIM card? I have a microSIM cutter that I purchased earlier this year shall the need arise to trim it.

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    Yes or just go to a tmobile store and get one.  You can get the micro sim and not have to cut it.  I got the microsim.

    I did not want to wait to get one from eBay.

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    It looks like I will have to wait as there aren't any T-Mobile stores around my area that I know of. I suppose I can go a few more days without MMS. After all, it's been almost two weeks, now. :P

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    My story mirrors Bethany's. Apple guy I spoke to stressed the fact that it was so weird and he'd never heard of this before. It's very frustrating. So at this point I have to go buy a T Mobile sim card? Will a Verizon or Sprint sim card work?  Why won't the AT&T iPhone let you change the APN setting using the iPhone configuration utility?


    I'll give it another few days; if still no resolution I will just a Galaxy S3.

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    Actually I tried a Verizon microsim card and that works, as well.

    It lets you get to the Cellular Data Settings screen which AT&T blocks.

    This is the cause of EVERYONES problem!


    Stupid AT&T.


    I'm sure IOS 6.1 will fix it but who wants to wait to send pics via text.  I sure didn't.




    PS - I tried the iPhone config util also and that didn't work.

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    Thanks, I will try a Verizon microsim card then. There is a Verizon store close by; I will post my results.


    What is the purpose of the iPhone configuration utility if it doesn't work? I don't get it.

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    Will it still work even though it's a 4G micro sim?

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    I was informed by Verizon that they don't use sim cards and they didn't have one for an iPhone 4. Guess I'll find a T Mobile store. Very aggravating. Shouldn't Apple being doing all the leg work on this?

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    UPDATE: Purchased an inactive T Mobile sim card and the VPN settings are still not being unlocked on my phone. I am under contract with AT&T.


    No one with AT&T or Apple can tell me how to unlock or unhide VPN settings. I've wasted too much time on this already.

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