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  • m.bagnasacco Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem Here. I restored my iPhone and then went to a full-night charge, the battery seemed to be better when i turned the phone on after i woke up but i think the battery was just overcharged (110% or so) because suddently during the day it started to drain fast again.

    I was very happy with battery duration in 5.1/5.1.1 (i got on average 3 days of normal usage turning off the iPhone during the night), after upgrading to ios6 sometimes i have a full 100% when i leave home in the morning and a couple of times i found it dead before coming back home at evening, having made a couple of calls, sent 3/4 emails and listened to half an hour of music.


    I really hope Apple would release a fix very quickly because right now i'm scared to use my iphone when i'm far away from a usb port or a power outlet because i fear it can suddently shut down and make me unreachable to important calls.

  • burnet Level 1 Level 1

    The only thing that has made a measurable difference for my battery drain problem has been changing the "push" to "manual" for all my email accounts.  Battery then performs normally. 

  • rosendogrojas Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys.  I have this same problem.  iPhone 4s gets so hot sometimes with very normal use, and battery sometimes drains up to 10%/hour or faster on some days.  It almost seems like iOS6 just isn't made to run on anything but i5.  This is my first iPHone and I have been more dissapointed than I ever thought I would be.  As to apple deyning and giving us the brushoff when we call apple support, I think that is very spot on.  I have called at least 6 times in the past 3 weeks to report the same issue and everytime I get the same generic reboot and reset options.  They say since it's not a personal safety issue they can't do anything about it and never really recognize my problem face on.  They havn't sounded too concerned as it sounds like all of you have gotten the same feeling from them.  I think we should all demand to get these very serious phone problems fixed and out into the open.  What good is a phone if it heats up so much you can't hold it or destroys hardware inside.  and if the battery even lasts long enough to let the phone get hot.  It sounds like we are all trying the same things.  Let's not stop calling apple.  they need to be bugged with these issues until they admit they know this is a persistant problem.  I think they are all about promoting iPhone5 right now.  I wonder if it would be less of a hassel and solve these issues to just get a 5. 

  • gdfrommarlton Level 1 Level 1

    I was about to update my iphone4 to iOS6 and luckily checked this forum.

    Shame on Apple for not accepting this and not showing any results. This thread started around 2 weeks back and no update yet !!!

    Bigger shame on the PQA/testing division for not doing their job before releasing the update for iphon4.

    How many models are there? iphone5, 4s, 4 or lower. How many devices do they need to test?

    Sometimes I wonder how do these ppl get big salaries when they cant even do some basic testing.


    Or, this is a bigger scam to force ppl to buy iphone5.

  • abianc Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iPhone 4 about 2 years old. Updated to iOS 6 and I do not have battery drain problem. But I have read an article here in Europe. It has to do with the facebook intergration. As I do not have facebook intergrate with my iPhone. Maybe you could try to delete, and re-install fackbook. When it launch choose not to intergrate. Hope this will help.

  • rosendogrojas Level 1 Level 1

    It seems like a reasonable thought that they would make iOS6 not work at full capacity with anything but the i5.  I wouldn't doubt that they were thinking that when developing iPhone 5 along with iOS6.  It's not cool they would do that to us.  Apple makes some of the best quality products but they are getting more into the Dollar than actually keeping quality and user satisfaction on top priority!!

  • Cazart1 Level 1 Level 1

    same problem - iphone4 is draining battery too fast.  But, also problem charging now - starting to get many warning about "accessory does not support charging" or something like that.  used to all work fine - and other iphones still charge ok - but now my iphone 4 is having problems charging AND it is draining battery fast.


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  • Cazart1 Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe this is Apple's way to force the installed base of iphone4 and iphone4s to upgrade to the iphone5 now.  If Apple do not force the upgrade now - fairly soon the competitive options will be so much better than the iphone5, that in the near future the installed base of iphone4 and iphone4s will more likely upgrade to competitors.   From Apple's perspective it is better to get people locked into new Carrier contracts with the iphone5 now.  So I would not hold my breath for them to fix the battery problem.

  • Mackidockie Level 1 Level 1




    You're dead-on right. The new operating system was optimized for the new iPhone without much thought to older—but still sold—models. I'm almost certain Apple was motivated to get the new iPhone and iOS out the door to make their quarterly earnings look good on Wall Street. In doing so, they ignored their most important asset: return customers. Didn't somebody tell Mr. Cook they were risking alienating all iPhone 4 and 4S owners? It's a PR nightmare.




  • Cazart1 Level 1 Level 1

    But Apple know this problem exist and it is OK for them.  If they force the installed base to upgrade now, they have a better chance that people will go to the iphone5.  If instead people decide to upgrade later - ie in a few more months, the iphone5 will be even less competitive than it is today.  This used to not be an issue for the iphone, but now the competition has caught up and in a few months it may be ahead.  That is why I do not think Apple will be motivated to fix this problem since they know they may lose much of the installed base to competitors anyway - unless they lock the installed base into new Carrier contracts now.  It gives Apple a year or two to try to improve over the competition.

  • rosendogrojas Level 1 Level 1

    I Am very certain they are doing this to make those of us who have the 4s or older purchase the i5. But in regards to battery life. I have no doubt in my mind at least for me, that it has to do with my phone constantly looking for good 3G reception. I have been using wifi now for about an hour with excellent cellular service all while I write this and amusing multiple apps and have only dropped maybe 2% with very fast speeds and no phone heating up either. I do believe in my case it is because my home location has very bad cell reception and my phone is always searching for a signal which really drains the battery life very fast. Does anyone else somewhat agree with this idea? 

  • franquito Level 1 Level 1

    Well I'm sure glad I googled "ios6 update" before I went ahead and updated my brand new iPhone 4S. Since the iPhone 5 has been released the 4s is under $100. Not a bad deal!


    I'll hold on updating until Apple get this issue fixed. Thanks for the heads up folks!

  • snoop70 Level 1 Level 1

    I think you are right about the 3G reception. That's the one that seems to eat a lot of battery. Regarding Apple wanting you to switch to iPhone 5, I don't believe they did it on purpose because I have one and the battery life is terrible as soon as I switch on cellular data...

  • jgrinager Level 1 Level 1

    I highly doubt they are purposefully ignoring the problem to force users to upgrade to the iPhone 5 prematurely. Apple is a for-profit business, yes, but they aren't stupid. Purposefully ignoring the problem  long-term not only alienates their current 3/4/4s users, it's bad PR for them. Having called them and received the same "restore" lecture, I know they are not addressing it at this time, and that is frustrating as all heck to deal with. I'm sure the geniuses at Apple were told to not confirm it as an issue because they have no solution for it.


    The far more likely scenario is probably a combination of what people have said here: rushed it to the market without proper beta-testing, iOS 6 having bad connectivity to 3G, random apps causing errors (Facebook and Apple Maps being the 2 big ones), or other issues mentioned or not mentioned in this forum. There seems to be no overall solution and the people who haven't found a fix yet have every right to be angry and bad mouth Apple at this point. Insinuating it's a conspiracy to get you to upgrade to an iPhone 5 though....highly unlikely.

  • Cazart1 Level 1 Level 1

    I do not think it is conspiracy - my point is that as a for profit company (Apple is NOT a charity) it is in their interest for people that have iphone4's to migrate now to the iphone5 - that will lock them in for two more years. 


    The longer the installed base waits to upgrade - the less competitive the iphone5 starts to look.   Most customers are not going to be too upset - they would look at this problem as an excuse to upgrade to the iphone 5 (or maybe something else - but most likely the iphone5).  Some who purchased their phones more recently may be put off - but I think Apple assumes the majority will simply upgrade to the the iphone 5 now.   This gives Apple some time to get back ahead of the competition. 


    I think it is good that there is competition - and I hope Apple picks up their game - they have been off their best recently.

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