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  • garydixonspl Level 1 Level 1


    I had the same problem when I upgraded my I phone 4 to ios6 . Battery was draining power to 0 after 4 hours, and I need it for business. However, I am happy to say I have solved the problem current , not charged phone since 4 pm yesterday and it is sitting at 42 % charge . How?, I switched off automatic I - cloud backups , deleted the latest  mobile facebook app, switched off find my phone app and now manually retrieve e-mails ie no longer request automatic push every 30 minutes, I also switched off automatic send of diagnostics and usage ...all thanks to ideas I found via this support community.

    Not ideal as why launch products that cannot function properly . I will be moving to an alternative supplier when it is time to android . Sad as I was a convert to the easy to use operating system that apple provides, but for my work, I have lost confidence and detest losing features on my phone....


    Give these ideas a go

  • Stuart0007 Level 1 Level 1

    Everyone is needing to protest to apple. I bought an Iphone 3gs. I thought I was buying a smart phone and not a lifestyle change. They do not want you to unlock it. they do not want you to set up your own apps. They do not want you to use anything but itunes. When I spend a £150 on a phone I expect to use the phone as I want. Not constantly watching what I do. Every time they update , they try to get you to install an internet toolbar. Now at the bottom of itunes I get flashing advertisments. I just want left alone to use my phone and handle my music with windows media player. What do you think.

  • hb091666 Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 4 is drains at a much slower rate on WIFI than it does on 3G. Does anyone else notice the same thing?

  • smha69 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi evry one I have the same problem. Charging very slowly, and fast battery draining.

    I turned off Genius for Apps, Location-Based iAds, Traffic, and Maps from Location Services.   Also check Settings/General/Cellular, I turned off iTunes, Passbook Updates & i don't know what els.....

    please help

  • thewhiteslab Level 1 Level 1

    Did you try any of the solutions listed in this forum?  There is no one fix.  Different things have worked for different people.  You should try some solutions and post the results of your efforts here.

  • garydixonspl Level 1 Level 1


    Please see my comments above , it worked  without needing to switch everything off , and I still have blue tooth on . Main power drain was the I cloud automatic backups and e-mail being automatically updated do it manually .


    Really frustrating and I am going to  a windows handset next ..... Used to rave about HTC , changing in the summer

  • thewhiteslab Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 4 should give you about 8-10 hours of normal use on 3G.  [Normal use; not continuous use].


    In my experience it should give about 12 hours+ on Wifi [Normal use]

  • thewhiteslab Level 1 Level 1

    Try this: Settings->iCloud->Safari = OFF


    Leave it off and see if it makes any difference in battery drain.

  • Tumberry Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, unfortunately there is nothing wrong with the iphone battery as per my experience. The only issue is that the battery cant handle that much activity. Mostly push noification example, twitter,ruzzle,imessage,watsapp, email and many more etc.

    I only make this conclusion based on the below findings, which you all can try as well.





    BELOW IS MY STORY ........


    Guys, i am experiencing the same battery drainage. My data package got over, and i took time to recharge ( 4 days). And during these 4 days, my phone battery was amazing, i used to charge it once in 2 days.

    Im sure there is some app that uses data extensively that screws our battery.

    When i connected to wifi , i noticed the battery getting low as well.

    If only APPLE was smart enough, to create some software that tells us, what app is exactly using this much amount of data and at what time, then this battery issue will be resolved.

    But that wont happen, because then they wont be a lot of free too good to be true free apps, which collects data and whatsoever without we know.

    Until then, enjoy your life with a USB cable in your pocket and a car charger is your car, to charge it thrice a day.


  • Tumberry Level 1 Level 1

    just found a new thing in apple website , which could fix the problem if the phone still drains while not connected of cellular or wifi.




  • graham41 Level 1 Level 1

    I see that Apple have now released iOS6.1 ! Do you think this is supposed to address the shortcomings of iOS6.0 ??

    I'm VERY nervious about updating again unless I have to rebuild the bl**dy phone again !!!!!


  • Tumberry Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure, but I'll update u tonite, coz I'm planning to upgrade after I've taken a backup.

  • m_dh Level 1 Level 1

    Ok so I upgraded the new software on both my iPhone on 1/29/13 and now it is draining my battery. How do we find help on fixing this problem? Do we have to wait for another upgrade? Ive tried all the solutions they suggest and it doesn't work, still drains like every minute. How can contact apple to tell them this upgrade is horrible and fix it. Please help anyone!

  • enigma2k Level 1 Level 1

    I've updated to 6.1 and my iPhone 4S is still draining battery like crazy. Overnight (within 8 hours) it drains 30% battery.

  • cinefyl Level 1 Level 1

    Hey all-I have an iPhone 4S with the same problem since the iOS 6 update in Sept/Oct.


    Thanks to all for the various suggestions and ideas. I cobbled together a few and have seen an improvement in battery life:


    1) I turned Limit Ad Tracking on (Settings>About>Advertising> Turn it to ON)


    2) I disabled Safari in the Restrictions menu in settings, and in iCloud backup.


    3) I turned off Auto iCLoud Backup as well


    4) I still have on Location Services > Find my iPhone turned on


    Last night at 9:00pm, battery was at 54%. It is now 8:35am and the battery is 44%. While that seems awful, it is much better than it used to be.


    I am going to continue experimenting and will report back after a few days. I am leaving the nuclear option of restore as a new iPhone for the last resort.

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