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  • jade215 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iPod Touch 4th gen and up until recently my iMessage was working just fine. My imessage has been coming and going since I updated to iOS 6. I can't send or receive messages. My wifi/internet and everything else works absolutely fine. I have done every freaking reset and it's not working today for hours now. Please help! I really regret "upgrading" because it feels like a total downgrade. I hope Apple fixes this soon, if not I would really reconsider finding a way to get to iOS 5.

  • Kathy Kane 69 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem!!!!!!!

  • Al_Berto Level 1 (0 points)

    i have the same problem both on Iphone 4S and Ipad 4G iMessages and Facetime doesn't work.

    i will sell both on eBay and i will buy a Samsung!!!!

  • Dip Chipman Level 1 (0 points)

    Just reset your settings on iPhone. It also fixes a few other things.

  • Corazon99 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't even have that option on my appstore

  • Corazon99 Level 1 (0 points)

    was it the factory settings?

  • BritterRitz Level 1 (0 points)

    I recently had the same exact problem. I called the apple support number and was put on hold for a very long amount of time. Eventually I talked to a real person about what was happening and was put back on hold while he "researched" the problem, later to find that he had no solution. Then the call was transferred to his senior supervisor in hopes he would know a little more. He was helpful, but left me with one option- to do a restore... it didn't help and i never emailed/called back to close the case. I am reconsidering getting the iPhone 5 now. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out and going through all the steps to lose all your information. Hopefully apple will relalize that they have a problem and fix the "bug" soon. Keep bugging them about this issue.

  • MarianiM8 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just purchased the Ipad, imessage worked fine till I updated, now I cannot send a thing.  Apple has till the end of the weekend before I go back and return it.

  • mpyfrom Level 1 (0 points)

    I did the "Reset All Settings" as someone else suggested and it worked. I was having issues with a few other apps and it fixed those too.

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    I swear to God that I dont know how many times I did "Reset All Settings"not to mention 3 restores.  I have 4 iphones under my apple ID on my AT&T contract. Fom the set up of IOS, I make sure that ONLY the phone number and email address of that particular device is checked. Note - I have a primary Apple ID with 3 alternate email addresses that have been verified in the last 2 years so that my husband and kids are "godfathered" so to speak.  On the 2 iPhone 3GS I went to iMessage to check if the app was active to receive iMessage to the phones particular number and to the email to the alternated email address assigned to that particular family member.  NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER

    Here is the headache - did exactly the same tihing for the additional 2 iPhones which just happened to be the iPhone 4.  I went to iMessage to check if the app was active to receive iMessage to those particular phone snumber and 24 hours later I am still waiting for them to stop saying "Waiting for Verification".  It is however verified to receive iMessage to the primary Apple IDs email (mine) on my phone and to my husbands alternate email on his iPhone.


    Exactly the same thing is happening with regards to Factice . "Waiting for Activation"


    I did notice that when I received a banner noticidation on my iPad that this phone number would like to be associated with my email address, I said yes so now the phone number is listed in my iPads iMessage pinwhelling "veryifying".


    It has taken me 5 days to sort out the kinks and figure out most of the settings of all our iPhones.  None of this happened when we upgraded to ios5.1,1 so why the confusion now?  If it wasnt becuase Apple does not support downgrading, I would be restoring all the phones back to 5.1.1 which worked like a charm.


    Now cant seem to send nor receive iMessages via my actual phone number.  Is that insane or what

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    The weird thing is that I had the same problem, but my iMessages fixed themselves. Now the only problem is when I go to Messages under settings and I scroll down to Send & Recieve and click on that then I hit "Use your Apple ID for iMessage" then when I try to sign in it says "iMessage Activation: Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again." Anyone else gotten the same thing and maybe fixed it?

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    Create a new Apple ID and get it verified using ur pc/laptop


    Go to Settings - Messages


    Turn iMessage on


    Go to Send & Recieve and sign in with ur new Apple ID (sign out of any Apple ID already in place)


    Make sure your Cell Number is ticked (it should be (and grayed out)) AND your new Apple ID is ticked where it says "You can be reached by iMEssage at:"


    Then tick only your Cell number (or what ever relates to your apple device) on the "Start new conversations from:"


    Hey Presto you have iMessage again!!



    N.B The new Apple ID you created doesn't change your current Apple ID you use for your APP Store

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    This is what worked for me:

         I went to settings and turned iMessage off and back on again.


    Also try these two things.


         If I enclosed a picture, I could send my message on iMessage.


         Don't type in the "subject" line, go down one line below it and type.

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    Like all others I lost message and facetime after upgrading to IOS6.

    I get asked to log in to my apple ID,

    My log in is successful

    A page appears with my valid email addresses.

    I press next.

    The account says verifying.

    I am then returned to the log in page with my password still entered.

    If I press sign in again the above is just repeated.

    There seems to be absolutely no action coming from Apple.

  • Qute Level 1 (0 points)

    I used to be happy with my new ipad but after I upgraded it into ios6, really life *****!.. Having the same problem like you guys,imessage and face time won't work. I hope Apple will do something to fix it as quickly as possible , -Lonely Ipad user :(

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