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  • MasterCosmas Level 1 Level 1

    Just researched some and found out a solution, not sure if it was what i did (most likely) or just a coincidence (possible).


    Two super easy steps..


    1.  Go to:


    Settings --> Privacy --> Locations Services --> System Services -->  [Turn OFF] Genius for Apps


    2. Force Close App Store


    Double Tap Home Button --> Hold Down App Store Icon --> X Out Of The App


    Restart the App and it Worked!!! Let me know if this worked for you, or solved your problems?

  • Applehelping Level 1 Level 1

    Same here I thr ought it was only me getting the problem I'm sure the are bugs and with be fix at a later software(ios 6.0.1)

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1

    For some reason my iPod touch 4th Gen has no option to turn off or on Genius for Apps. My iPhone 4S does but that App Store doesn't crash.


    Another thing a lot of you guys are are ignoring is the way apps close or crash in the background since ios 6. If you have an app like Yahoo Messenger or IM+ and you're signed into your account, the app closes or crashes in the background. Meaning, if you stay signed into any of those accounts and start surfing the web with Safari or open Facebook and just look at pics, next time you go back to Tahoo Messenger for example the app has been closed and you get automatically re-signed in. This is a problem cause you won't know if a friend messages you until you remember to go back and check. No notifications come.  For me this is a bigger issue then the App Store crashing.

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1

    You think?

  • bigdog4s Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem... the app store search just does not work... comes up with a blank screen.

    I tried all the "tricks" listed here and other posts.  nothing worked.  however, this morning i turned off my wifi and my search worked, i then turned the wifi back on and it still works.   why????

  • classicfan13 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem  too My iPod is an iPod touch  4th Gen, 32GB.

    After  updating to iOS6 the AppStore crashes, when I use the Search to find an app

    I tried all the tricks and resetted the iPod - it updated automatically to iOS6

    And there's NO WAY TO DOWNGRADE TO iOS5   I think this is PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE!


    So  I must go to Mediamarkt to change the iPod to a new model, which is not updated, because I don't want an unusable AppStore!


    @bigdog4s: with turned off wifi you can't use the AppStore and its Search, because the iPod is not able to connet to iTunes without wifi

  • gruber1401 Level 1 Level 1

    Please try the following for a temporary solution.


    1) Open the App Store on your iOS device and tap search on the bottom, then quickly tap inside the search box on the top. You must tap inside the search box before anything loads on the main screen. (I'll explain latter why)


    2) Type appshopper into the search box. This should bring up one result only, thus not causing the App Store to crash. (The root of the problem seems to be, that the App Store crashes when it tries to bring up large search results, and for that reason I wrote in step 1, to quickly tap inside the search box.)


    3) Install the Appshopper App. After Appshopper is installed, you may use the search feature of Appshopper. The search feature is hidden under 'more' on the bottom right in Appshopper.


    You can then tap on a search result, tap on the App’s price, then tap ‘Buy’ to be taken directly to the ‘info’ page in the App Store without causing the App Store to crash.


    If you can’t get the search to work long enough to install Appshopper, then install Appshopper via iTunes on your computer and then try using Appshopper's search future.


    If this has helped you, please click ‘Like’ on the bottom right of this post.

  • RonJaxon Level 1 Level 1

    I didn't have the exact same problem but I had problems with the App Store loading very slow. Here's the solution that helped my issue. Who knows, maybe it'll help yours too. Maybe it's slow loading is party the cause of your problem.


    Go to Settings/privacy/Location Services/System services (way down bottom). Then turn off "Genius for apps". 


    I still get a pop up from time to time when upgrading apps and have to select "retry" to get it to start loading again. Sometimes I have to hit "retry" a couple of times so there's still some issues. But turning the Genius for apps off really made the App Store run and load faster.


    I hope it helps.

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1

    I've read a few post about turning Genius for Apps off to help the crashing issue, but for some reason on my iPod touch 4th Gen there is no option to turn that on or off. There is only the the one for the Location Based iAds and the other is the one for automatically setting time zone. Am I missing something here??? Is this option is available for the iPod, cause on my 4s I have it but not on the iPod or iPad 2. 

  • James5wins Level 2 Level 2

    I've been believing it has been the Genuine tab enable that has been crashing for a long time now, but disabling under settings is not possible for the iPod Touch 4G bc I dot c it myself either and I looked everywhere to turn off Genuine weeks ago. Idk what else to say. While in beta of IOS 6, the genuine tab had info saying its not available yet and searching is working correctly, Tsh, if I really wanted it to work, I would of went back to ios6 beta 4 long time ago but now it's probably to late to do that.

  • James5wins Level 2 Level 2

    Besides, I no longer care about it any much bc i havent munch used it in a while and i'm getting my iPod Touch 5G pre-ordered by this Friday. Oct. 19, 2012 afternoon and giving my 4G to my brother.

  • ravfromvancouver Level 1 Level 1

    To turn off Genius in the Ipod touch 4,go to settings- Itunes & appstores,click your Apple ID. You will get a window with 4 options. Click view apple ID,put in your password and then  you will get the option to turn off Genius.

  • classicfan13 Level 1 Level 1

    On my ipod genius is deactivated, and the appstore crashes, when i use the search function.

  • liam.robertson Level 1 Level 1

    To turn off genius for apps go to settings tap iTunes and AppStore  then click your apple id. Then click view account. Finally click turn off genius for apps!!!!   Good luck

  • classicfan13 Level 1 Level 1

    But on my iPod genius is turned OFF! It was never on! And the Appstore crashes! Turning off genius doesn't solve the problem.

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