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  • Bryen67 Level 1 (0 points)

    I Just got my replacement for the iPhone 5 yesterday but still it doesn't work right. Having a hard time to connect to my home wifi . It was slow compared to the iPhone 4, 4s , iPad 2. Keep drop out of the wifi network . So I don't know what to do anymore. I've try everything. Try to use it with wifi hot spot but it kept dropping out on wifi. I quest I wil have to go for GALAXY S 3 ?. APPLE ,Tim Cook , do something soon. We, the apple's fan wanted respect while we paid good money for your products, you made profits and we get JUNK STUFF. So don't treated us like we don't know how to spent our money ok. DON'T GET ME WRONG BUT MY FAMILY OWN APPLE PTODUCTS.

  • Danbricker Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm amazed that NONE of the tech blogs are saying a word about this. Not even a little comment. Yet they are all drooling over an iPad mini, which will use the same chip and also be just as broken.... I really think they are in apples pocket sometimes..

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    I just made an genius bar apt for today. I will look for the 98:FE wifi id on my replacement and double check that there are no: scratches on the bezel or elsewhere, light leaks from the edges of the phone, and screen touch sensitivity issues.


    My Phone: ip5/32gb/at&t/white/20:c9 wifi id


    Issues: slow, spotty wifi. cannot watch netflix on wifi without at least 1-2 buffering/streaming interruptions whereas on my galaxy nexus and ps3 streaming is pristine. Multiple speedtest runs show 2/5 slow download/upload speeds while 3/5 are acceptable; sometimes the upload or download wont even complete it will just hang until i exit out of the app. Also notice that when waking the phone up from sleep the wifi signal is not immediately lit, that it takes a second later to come on.


    Fixes on my end: turned off cellular data while on wifi, changed b/g router to broadcast on g only instead of mixed, changed encryption to tkip from aes, selected protected mode on my wireless n router, selected g/n broadcasting on my belkin router, constantly renewing my network lease, typing in or for the dns, forgetting my network and re-entering info, soft-resetting the phone ie. power + home button, turning off/on the phone, called and bithed out apple care


    Conclusion: nobody can say decisively whether it is a software or hardware bug but with all that i have done its time to move to hardware trouble-shooting. Point-blank, nobody should have to work this hard to make something that should alreay work out of the box, work.


    Ps. I will continue to update within the next 2 days and so forth to help keep everyone updated as to whether it is a hardware issue

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    I have wifi problem here too.

    I can connect, but no download or very very slow after connecting.

    No problem with my MBP, my old iPhone4 (ios5), iPhone 3G, Samsung SII on my home network.


    I don't want to change something, it should work without doing any fix. On hotspots I won't be able to change router parameters or else.


    Apple, tell us if it is hardware ou sofware issue plz !


    Black 16Go iPhone5 with 98:B8 wifi address (France)

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    i had my iphone 5 on its released date its 16gb unlocked one its been 3 painful weeks since i started using it i gave it a lil time thinking that it would sort itself out but no way i lost the count how many times i reset reboot whatever is there to improve it i mean wifi is just useless my ipad 2 and iphone 4 are working perfect even after ios6 update i have to be right next to my router to be able to get decent wifi reception i walk couple of steps away from router boom it will be soo slow even at work while i was able to get wi fi upstairs (router is downstairs) it wont recognize the wi fi hot spot unless im right next to router so its definitely something going on with range my wifi address is 98 94 so i mean some of them are working some of them are not this apple really started to do my head in it seems like first batch that was sold out within minutes is full of faulty iphone5s i honestly dont think that an ios6 update would fix this in my opinion its hardware otherwise iphone4 or 4s or even ipads wouldnt have wifi on ios6  it easily scratches as well  i mean we pay premium and we get this?its a joke i made a genius appointment on this thursday lets see what excuse they are gonna say is there anyone from the uk who had the same problem and got a replacement in the store straight away? im not gonna leave that store untill i get a proper iphone 5 that its got wifi working properly i wont tolerate waiting days and days for that thing to be fixed they are really taking the **** im on the verge of switching the s3  i feel like i went back to past and using 90's dial up internet because of this stupid wifi issue

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    Just got back from the apple store where I handed in my problem phone with the 88:53 address.  They gave me a new one with a 54:26 address and it works perfectly for the first 15 minutes as I type this. 

  • hencho1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the post schneiks but it's a bit premature to conclude that everything is fixed now no? Please keep us updated over the next few days before a hardware replacement is deemed the fix.

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    are the ones who got their replacements straight away are you guys from the usa?and did you get it by booking a genius appointment first?anyone had replacement immediately from the uk?cheers

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    I agreed with everything you've said. They are the one who made profits and we're the one who got screwed up. I meant bad. With my first phone I had to go to the mall or somewhere who have wifi hot spot to test it to make sure it's not home wifi that's messing up. After a few days I knew that its not my wifi but its the phone . Like I've said all the other stuff worked really well except this iPhone 5. Now that I've read on the post and see a lot of us are having issues with wifi. I kind of think that it's not the software it's the hardware. Why would the other iPhone with same software works but not new iPhone 5. So I'm done with this issues for now until they fix it because I'm going to return the phone back to apple. Good luck everyone with your iPhone 5.

  • Bryen67 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good luck to you. My second phone didn't work too well either. Wifi download is slow. Can't watch video kept freezing on me. Kept dropping out of wifi.

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    I disagree that it's hardware.  I've had two phones with the same problem. Making a couple of changes to the software settings have taken the phone from utterly functionless in the house to 100%. On my 30 Mb router I'm seeing 30 Mb downloads today. Two days ago I wasn't seeing any so obviously something changed is working.

  • Bryen67 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope my replacement didn't get straight a way yet. Still having problem with wifi and slow and freezing. From USA .

  • hencho1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sethmark not to rain on your parade but i also have > 20 mbs download speed via speedtest but that doesn't guarantee consistent connection. If I can have > 20mbs download speeds why can't i stream netflix without an wifi error message from them when my ps3 or galaxy nexus or mbp can?



    Also what are your wifi ids? I keep seeing that 98:FE is working well for some users out there.

  • Bryen67 Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont know about it, but Why 2 iPhone 5 connected to the same network the other phone worked but my phone don't work and they have the same software . My iPad 2 and iPhone 4, 4s could connect to home wifi but my new iPhone 5 didn't. So I'll let apple decide it and i will return my second phone back for now until they fix it.

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    You're not raining on anything. I have the same vested interest in this thing working right as all the rest of us. I do have the 98:FE Wi-Fi address however it seems to be the changing a few settings has made a big difference.  I believe that once they release a firmware update this'll all go away.


    This phone was completely useless in the house on Sunday.