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    hencho1, you seem to be a master at stating the obvious or generalizing/interpreting/putting words in other people's mouth.  Your posts for the most part seem useless and counterproductive.   Thanks for trolling though, you're a hero to at least one person.


    It has been 2 hours since my USA genius appt. and my new phone continues to operate properly whereas my original phone failed out of the box.

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    Schneiks why so mad bro? You have three posts to your name which state that your phone was broken and you replaced it and now a silly immature retort to my stating that dont be so quick to jump the gun, which is prolly charecteristic of you anyway. Is this more troll-like for you? You dont even suggest any diy fixes. As for my contributions? I'm posting on two threads including this one, hamburger-helper. Is it bc i am a hero to one and you're a hero to none? Haters gonna hate i guess.


    ANYWAY, keep us updated every couple hours with some more retorts and/or progress updates that are infinitely more useful that what i've contributed.


    I have my apple care appt in less than an hour and i will update you 15 min into it to let you know the status of it ie. schneiks who obviously lacks an understanding that these issues manifest over time, or not. But i will keep an update for at least once a day of i get a new replacement.


    Iphone5/32gb/white/at&t/20:c9 wifi id

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    I have been having major wifi problems as well.  For background, I received the iphone 5 from Veriozn on 10/1/12.  My wifi address begins with 54:26.  All software and carrier updates have been completed.  The issue started right out of the box.  I have Comcast high speed internet at home. Like most home users, my modem is encrypted.  I was able to connect to the internet immediately but everything was painfully slow and it would simply drop off every few minutes.  On day one, I discovered that my iphone 5 chewed up 1.7gb of cellular data (copying music) when I thought I was on wifi.  Apple then patched that bug.  But still my wifi at home would not work properly.  For example, my icloud could never completed a backup (it would start and then stop).  I have two Macs in the house running on the same wifi at blazing speeds with no issues at all.  Yet, the iphone is slower than dial up.  So i made an appt with an apple genius at the store in Philadelphia.  I told her about the problems and she claimed that she had never heard of similar issues.  I then said, well this is all over the Apple support forum.  She then went and huddled with several other "genuises" then came back and said, nope no one else has heard of these issues either.  I showed her the this thread and she then ran a diagnostic test on the phone and told me all was fine.  She then connected me to the Apple wifi and all worked fine as others here have reported.  She was even able to get the icloud to backup. But, my main problem remains-- I cannot connect or stay connected to secure wifi at home and in other locations.  So what that the Iphone works on unsecured wifi in the Apple Store.  That does not solve my problem.  The wifi in my house works great with my Mac computers but not with the Iphone.  Is Apple simply burying its head in the sand about this issue?  It is quite disturbing.  Is anyone at Apple trying to fix this issue?

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    So, my second iPhone seems to have pulled itself back to a usable state.  I am at work today and have had no speed issues using a LEAP network.


    Yesterday and the day before speed were fine.


    Some recent observations


    1. Original iPhone 5 MAC was 54: and had download speed issues
    2. Original iPhone 5 had no speed issues when connecting to Open network at Apple Store
    3. My new iPhone 5 MAC  68:96, 64 gig black, Rogers
    4. Never had an issue with this or the original phone dropping wifi connections (always slow speed related)
    5. Cleared cookies and cache on iPhone 5
    6. Running Google or OPENDNS did not make any difference
    7. Ping is strong and 0% packet loss internal and external
    8. I run 2 networks at home (WPA, broadcast on via Apple Extreme and OPEN, MAC filtered, broadcast off on Netgear running DD_WRT)
    9. Currently been having similar speed with either of the above (~10 mbps download)
    10. For some reason, YouTube videos tend to pause at around 20 seconds on an irrregular basis (home networks only)
    11. app is flaky and inaccurate.  Crashing on me every so often.


    I know this doesn't provide solutions for people but I do think this is software related.



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    Could you guys post your WORKING WIFI MAC Address (first 4 digits) on here.  I know a lot of you have replaced your first iPhone 5 with another one which has fixed your problems and I would like to check and see if I might get one that will match the MAC address posted.... Hoping that this is part of the solution. I just got emailed that my replacement unit has arrived and I'm going to tomorrow to replace my 98:B8 that I have had so many problems with.


    My apple store is over an hour away and I don't want to keep making trips there and I'm running out of time reference replacement time.


    Thank you in advance.

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    I wanted to place a comment reference people getting upset with other comments.  I think there are many of us that are frustrated with the situation, I am one of those. I know many vent on here and I'm ok with that.  But I hate seeing people argue with each other and make rude comments when we are all trying to find a way to solve this problem.


    I'm not saying replacing my iPhone 5 is going to fix matters, but I've expressed my concern and feel that my iPhone has more than just software problems. I have additional issues besides the ones that IOS6 is causing. My iPad 3 which I also updated to IOS 6 is having some issues with WIFI as well....where my daughter's iPad 2 and my iPhone 4 which I did not update to IOS 6 are working just fine. So I do believe we have more than just hardware issues going on.


    When I went to my appointment for Genius Bar, I was advised that Apple Engineers are aware of the WIFI issues and have collected numerous iPhone 5s to which I was advised they would not need any additional to be submitted. So it is good to know that Apple is aware of this, and we all want a FIX for this problem yesterday, but we will have to patiently wait until they make it available with an update.


    So lets try to get along, and keep working with each other providing input on things that have helped as maybe there are more than one issue going on and some things may help others.  This isn't just a place to vent but or to show Apple that people are ******.  This is a place to find answers as well.  Also your answers may assist Apple in finding resolutions to some of the problems.  Your input I'm sure does help at times, or I really hope Apple reads these and gets feedback on issues they are working on.


    Just thought I'd share my thoughts........ Let's get along folks..... Now back to WIFI issues on the iphone 5.

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    WiFi mac address 88:53  64gb IPhone 5. No wifi issues. 

  • SpanishCop Level 1 Level 1

    Dialdn....... Some issues may be software related as I have previously stated above.  But there are hardware issues I think also taking place.  My iPhone 5 for example had poor reception on the WIFI antenna.  When I was explaining my problem to the rep of the Genius Bar at an Apple Store..... My WIFI signal was flexing between 3 bars down to 1... this is inside the Apple store by the tech desk area.  The rep pulled out his iPhone 5 and his remained on 3 Bars never giving up signal.


    At my house I lose connection with my WIFI at 15 feed on a brand new N600 Netgear Router DualBand.  At 15ft my WIFI list would sometimes show the 2.4 ghz and other times the 5ghz and sometimes both and even my neighbors.  My iphone 4 and my daughter's ipad 2 and even my ipad 3 with IOS will locate both WIFIs of 2.4 and 5 at 50 ft away from router without any problem.


    So don't assume that everyone has the same problems or that it is only software related. From what I have gathered here and reading online it appears there is problems on both hardware and software side. But thanks for sharing your findings.... I'll update as soon as I get my replacement tomorrow and see if I can help further on my end.


    At this point... I'm not switching anything on my network, so if it works tomorrow.  My network is currently setup for WPA2 / AES.  I will not unsecure my network for the iphone. Everything else I have that is WIFI is working just fine aside from my iphone 5 and ipad 3.


    Best of luck and keep providing feedback.  Share your working Wifi Mac Address if you had your phone replace or if it is working without hiccups. Hopefully I can look on here tomorrow when I get my replacement and find my MAC address to maybe match one of the working phones while at the apple store and save me additional trips.



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    Hi SpanishCop:


    You are correct.  I do not have the knowledge to confirm that it is software and/or hardware related.  My comment about software was my opinion was based on my experience with my iPhone 5.  But, I do agree that it does sound like there are possible hardware and software issues. 


    Is it possible that the Apple engineers are just as confused as we are about the possible solution?  I would like to see if we can solve it but it is so very hard with these individual cases along with the variability of all the involved elements.


    Time will tell.  However, for now I am happy with my Wifi and especially the LTE speeds! Of course, I just jinxed myself.



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    day 2 on my new replaced iphone.. getting blazing fast internet!




    If your new iphone connects to wifi but doesn't work or very slow/sluggish speed, issue is likely to be with WPA. I tested my iphone at home, ATT store and Apple Store on secured network and it did not work!


    not much can be done to fix it (as far as I can tell, unless you have time and energy to try out 100 different things)... just visit apple store, show them this thread and get your replacement. As long as you can reproduce problem, it is not difficult to get a replacement. Make sure you ask apple guy to use secured wifi in his testing. my model worked on open wifi with relatively slower speed.


    Problematic SN: F2LJxxxxxTTR


    I hope this helps.. despite this unwanted glitch, over all iphone 5 puts s3 at shame!

  • Cesar Dario Level 1 Level 1

    The truth is that I am totally disappointed with Apple! I tried everything to make my phone work properly with my Time Capsule and NOTHING!! I can not use as it should work!

    It is a scam and do not see anyone reassuring that Apple is working on the issue!

    Apple please do something!

    I will make a note in the newspaper about the failure and this is going to be worse than the Antenna Gate!

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    Gracious.   Is this your first piece of technology?   Bugs get found in the funniest of ways and are frequently found by the end user.   They'll fix it.  

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    Mine was replaced straight away in Milton Keynes. Below is my original post:


    Like to share with you my findings and resolution with the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi slow and unusable connection when using WPA, WPA2. I work as Network engineer and also hold a Cisco CCNP and other security qualifications. Hopefully this might resolve and help some people out.


    After experiencing unusable Wi-Fi on various networks with lots of network timeouts on my new IPhone 5 16GB Black I downloaded an app that allows you to ping from iPhone/iPad I used a paid app called Scany but there are lots of free apps that allow you to ping.


    What I discovered testing with my own wireless N access point 802.11n:


    From my iPhone 5 I ran a continuous ping of around 500 packets to my wireless N access point IP address.. Remember we are testing the Wi-Fi connection so don’t add complications of pinging across the internet which could introduce issues and latency out of your control.


    No Security – No Issues

    WEP Security – No Issues

    WPA with TKIP encryption - No Issues

    WPA2 with TKIP encryption - No Issues

    WPA with AES encryption – Approx. 70+% packet loss

    WPA2 with AES encryption - Approx. 70+% packet loss


    I used 2.4Ghz range and 5Ghz range. Same on both frequencies.


    So the issue I suffered and I suspect most people are suffering is down to WPA2 or WPA with AES encryption. If you can change to TKIP. I would not recommend selecting Automatic encryption as it is most likely to select AES as it is preferred encryption standard.


    Note WPA2 or WPA with TKIP encryption is very secure and should not really cause any real security concerns. AES is more secure though. The main difference you will notice though if you are using a wireless N Wi-Fi network is that TKIP will only allow data to pass at a theoretical speed of 54Mbits the same as a Wireless G network 802.11g


    I suspect most people connect to various secured Wi-Fi networks during our daily lives you would have no way of knowing or altering the security used or encryption in use. Most Wi-Fi networks I would imagine are WPA2 or WPA with AES encryption as this is the most secure standard you are likely suffer this problem.


    Don’t turn wireless off and I certainly cannot recommend using WEP as it is easily compromised.


    As there is no major stories in the media although growing along with the issue on this forum. I suspect the issue is limited to a small but substantial batch of iPhone 5’s. They reckon they’ve sold 5 million+ so it might not be that many when you sell that many phones.




    Tried two system restores one from a backup and the next one setting the iPhone as a virgin/new phone. Issue still present. Resetting just your network connections will have no effect either.


    Phoned Apple Care first agent did not know about the issue, passed to supervisor who had only heard of one report of this but by the sound of it that seemed like another issue not connected to what I was reporting. They were not aware of it only being AES encryption as the issue. They only recommended dropping from WPA2 to WPA. Anyway I made an appointment with a Genius at my local Apple Store. (Milton Keynes, UK). They say they had not heard of the issue. I presented them with screenshots of the packet loss when using WPA/WPA2 with AES encryption and they were happy to exchange for a brand new phone as it was only 6 days old.


    New phone has no issues with any encryption.


    I have no idea if this issue is hardware or software. I have access to a IPhone 4 and IPhone 4s both running iOS6 neither of these suffer this problem. I would suggest getting your phone exchanged with apple sooner than later in case it does turn into a hardware issue.


    Hope this helps some people…….

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    Superfox427, is your replacement working fine these days? Could you provide your mac id again if you havent already? Thanks!

  • superfox247 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes day 4 now and all is well. WiFi mac is 98:FE:94


    I suggest anyone with issues with wifi over encrypted networks makes a Genius appointment and get the phone swapped out ASAP in case it can not be fixed by iOS update. Leave it much longer and you might end up with a refurbished iPhone