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  • arecapp Level 1 (20 points)

    did you try a restore as new

    sometimes all the data doesnt make it on the update and if you restore it might work


    even the new iphone 5 has wifi issues


    sometimes works if restored


    if does not work i would try to contact router manufacturer


    with all the symtoms you left i bet a restore to new will work


    make sure you backup data first


    and dont restore from backup because it will just put the same "possible corrupted" data on phone

  • graveman Level 1 (0 points)



    are you having the same issue than I?

    WiFi works fine 3 weeks ago, when my iphone5 was brand new.

    Now Wifi is getting more and more worse in transfer rate (working very slow)


    Here is my Speedtest history:

    Battery:      30%      Download 0.00 MBit

    Powered:               Download 3.26 MBit

    Battery:      60%      Download 3.31 MBit


    ... so it works now,

    will see what happens the next hours

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    Seem to be having similar problems. 16gig verizon iphone 5. Connects to wifi and remembers different networks and automatically switches between different networks. Will work fine as soon as it connects but will shortly have slow or no connection while still showing a full bar strong connection. I have seen friends iphone 5's exhibit the same behavior on several different wifi networks both public and password protected. 3g and LTE connectivity are always fine.

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    OK.... I got some interesting news... I don't believe this was mentioned before but I'm going to share.......


    So I got my replacement with WIFI MAC Address: 54:26 and the WIFI issues continues but not only that, my Cellular 4G is even worse than the previous. I'm talking 5 bars on ATT 4g with speedtest showing 0.38 download and 0.26 upload.  When I visited my father in 4G area..... my phone switched to 4 bars showing "E" instead of 4G. I attempted to access email and couldnt connect to email servers. I turned my iphone off and turned it back on and now I was on 3 bars of 4G and was able to access my email.


    Now for the VERY interesting finding I made..... Remember iPhone 4 issues "Antenna Gate" ?  Ok if you held your iphone 4 in a certain way you lost complete signal of Cellular....  Well I have been able to replicate this on iPhone 5 with WIFI.


    The antenna apparently is on the back... try this:   I take case off iphone 5 if you have one.... Now place your BOTH Palms on the back to cover the back of your iPhone 5. Watch what happens.....  My WIFI signal goes from 3 bars to losing complete connection of WIFI.  So now I wonder..... Are cases on iPhone 5 causing this too ???  Are people with big hands having the iphone laying on their big palm causing the WIFI to dissappear?  Is there a problem with WIFI Antenna ???  MY cell signal seems to remain and not lose connection but WIFI just completely drops.


    I would like to see if any of you have this happen also. 

  • SpanishCop Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll provide a youtube link as soon as i record this with my ipad shortly.

  • David Pearson Level 2 (220 points)




    Bugger you are right...

    video of mine here.


    I also have the WIFI issue so could be linked or its another feature...

  • David Pearson Level 2 (220 points)

    Use this one it HD and you can see the bars..


  • SpanishCop Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is a video I made to demonstrate wifi antenna being weak....  Now your whole palm can block your wifi.





  • SpanishCop Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm sure we will be told we're not holding it right.... don't let the iphone lay in your palm while you surf unless you have a case......  I have a bumper style case with a clear plastic back.... and even with the case on... i was able to replicate this problem.


    Soooo..... Those of you that have WIFI working or have replaced your problem iphone 5 and got one working properly.... are you experiencing this problem tooo ????  Or is it only happening to the ones with wiFI problems.  Makes me wonder now if defective antennas in WIFI for some of us or ALL iphone 5's have this issue.


    Best way to test it is with bare hands... i set my iphone 5 on both palms of my hands because I have smaller hands. But those with bigger hands I'm sure can be done single handed.



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    I was able to get the signal strength to drop a couple bars but it took two hands and a lot of effort. The antennae isn't one of my issues.

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    @StuartDMT and @SpanishCop.... and everybody else experiencing issues with wifi


    RECAP: I was having intermittent wifi connectivity, one minute fine the next being problematic. I couldn't stream netflix at home reliably (buffering issues, netflix error messages stating i had no internet connection) when everything else of mine could (ps3, mbp, pc, galaxy nexus). Speedtest runs would show 2/5 tests <5 mbps down, 3/5 would show >10 mbps down. Changed multiple router settings and tried diy fixes: entering google dns, renewing leases, forgetting networks and rejoining, soft resets, changing encryption to TKIP from AES on WPA2, selecting only g-mode on the router, etc. All these fixes helped but I would still experience slowness. And for the price I paid, I would not assume to do so much manual tweaking on my end to make my wifi more consistently fast, ie. galaxy nexus. And recently noticing that my bluetooth could not connect pair my MBP 13" 2010 with my iPhone5.

    iPhone5/32gb/white/20:c9 wifi id


    YESTERDAY: I booked an appt at the genius bar and had a horrible time, dealing with an associate and manager whom both ran diagnostics (which were fine) and said that they were unable to give me a replacement because they were unable to "Replicate" my issues on their end. To which I retorted that they were running tests on their open wifi network, whereas mine was encrypted albeit changed to WPA2 PSK-TKIP. When I insisted that they run tests on a closed network they responded abruptly and without consideration that it was against their policy to log into their closed network. It was as if they just wanted me out of their face. So I then gave them reason to have me out of their face and bithed them out- I then left. As soon as I got back to the office I called apple and spoke with an ios senior advisor whom i went over the issues with, and he said he would book me an appt and leave his own notes, recommending a replacement.

    iPhone5/32gb/white/20:c9 wifi id


    TODAY: I went back for the genius bar appt. and after an associate re-testing everything again (diagnostics were fine, their computers were linking up for bluetooth) I was given a 2 replacements: 1 had a severe scuff by the headphone port, with a bunch of black dirt/smudge on the edge of the front glass (it had looked like it was used, but the associate chalked it up to "packaging") so i refused it and was given another replacement which had significantly less scuffs and no noticeable black smudges. Did several speedtests in the store on their open network, seemed ok. Took it for a spin on the home network, signed on ok, speeds were stable and fast, but I didnt get a chance to test it for too long. Brought it back to work, where I ran some speedtests and it performed on average 3-4mbps much faster than my prior phone. Afterwards, I restored from backup on itunes, and have been running speedtests here and there (with both cellular data on and off) and my average speeds have been 2-3mbps faster than my prior phone as well. Tonight, I will continue to test wifi connectivity on my home network by streaming a netflix movie on wifi only (cellular data turned off).

    iPhone5/32gb/white/54:26 wifi id


    It seems that my wifi connection is much faster than it has been on my previous phone so far. I can only hope that my speeds continue to stay fast unlike STUARTDMT, SPANISHCOP, and LUCAS???


    I will continue to update tomorrow.

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    I had someone in another thread say that my hand was shorting it out and just above the volume buttons and that most phones will do that.  So I did another video with a CASE on it.  Rubber Sides and Edges and Clear Plastic back.  As soon as i put the cover on it... WIFI dropped from 3 bars to 2.......when I covered the back it dropped to 1... remove hands from back... up again to 2 and never getting 3 again until i removed my case.


    So now that makes me think...... Depending what case you get.... may determine WIFI strength also.  So use a case or not use a case......... it's an issue....  Not even an Apple Bumper if there was one would help this one out.


    Youtube Video HD link:


    Just thought I would share.



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    I can confirm this. Seems like antenna problem. Worked with Apple engineer for 2 hours yesterday snt screens shots and confirmed that iphone 5 slower on Wifi than the 4. SO the sales add about fast WiFi is false.


    Going to Apple for a 4th iphone and probably the last. Wireless vendor here in Canada suggests going with Samsung. But prior experience was real bad.

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    I was having a similar problem but seem to have found a temporary fix. I can connect to wifi networks fine, showing full signal but when I try to browse the web or whatever, nothing would load up. Pages would just hang and take forever to load, switch to 3G and works fine.  When I first got my iphone 5 everything was fine but after a few days I started getting these issues. I decided to reset my network settings while at home (settings-general-reset-reset network settings) and after re-entering my wifi settings hey presto, it's working likes charm. Really fast, as it should be. The only issue I have now is when I'm out and about I use other wifi networks, and entering different wifi settings into the IPhone 5 seems to confuse it again so when I get home it will automatically switch networks but the original problem comes back, meaning I need to reset network settings again, very annoying. Hopefully apple will put out a fix for this (assuming it is a software issue) but in the meantime I hope this works for anybody suffering the issues with wifi.

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    Hi all,

    I thought I’d add my experience to the hundreds of pages on here. I have been experiencing problems with my Wi-Fi dropping connection and connection speeds being very slow, on secured networks, since the phone arrived on launch day. At home the ipads get 59mbps downloads and the iphone5 was showing as 1.85 at best!


    I hadn’t phoned apple support until this week because I have been trying various other options myself as suggested on these threads. Nothing seemed to work for long so I gave in and called apple Tuesday night.


    The first guy said, I was the first caller with this problem – Who’s he trying to kid!! But the 2nd line engineer was a lot more honest. Within 10 minutes the engineer initiated a replacement but asked if I would stay on the line to help them troubleshoot further.

    I spent a further 2 hours working through various tests with him and managed to coax him into talking about his last few weeks at work. He admitted there was a problem but said apple hadn’t released a statement as they do not have enough detail on the problem yet. His words were “ it’s like sticking a plaster on an open wound, nothing sticks yet”


    So the replacement is on its way, which can be returned repeatedly until I get a handset that works correctly. Fingers crossed but I’m not holding my breath!