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    Took mine (32 GB Black on Verizon) in last week to the Apple store and they reset it to factory settings. Was working fine in their store. Brought it home and started going to crap right away. Went to Starbucks and won't connect. Reset it a few times and now it will connect, but dies after a few minutes. It shows that it's connected, but will just hang when you try any app that requires data.


    My wife's 16 GB white iPhone 5 is just fine, thankfully. I have tested mine against my wife's, my old 3rd gen itouch, and first gen iPad. All of them connect perfectly fine on the same network except my iPhone 5. This is my first iPhone and I'm really disappointed with its ridiculous wifi performance (or lack thereof). I only have a 2GB data plan and wasn't expecting to use it much since 90% of the time I'm at work or home or near some other wifi spot, but I'm being forced to use my data plan 'cause the stupid thing is useless on wifi.


    I have another Apple store appointment this saturday. Will post an update afterwards.


    P.S. My wifi mac address starts with 98:FE. I think my wife's starts with 68.

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    Did you have a 16 Gig or 32 Gig phone?


    If a replacement is not doing the trick, then WHY are we not hearing more about this issue in the news or from Apple support? Macrumors seems to have intentionally downplayed this issue. Is it, possibly, because they are distracted by the whole Verizon WiFi issue???

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    Actually I had a bit of a scare with my replacement ip5 last night when it started hanging in safari and apps while connected to home wifi. Before that, this phone had been working perfectly in the 24 hrs hours I'd had it... I rebooted it and it started retrieving data on wifi again so hopefully it was just a glitch in our service - which is not uncommon where I live.


    Im still very nervous to see in this thread that people continue to have replacement phones either having the same issue or develop it a couple of days in!! I had hoped I was in the clear now that I finally won my fight and had my phone replaced after 3 days of research, trying everything, hours spent on the phone with tech help and 4 two hour round trips to the Apple Store! And it may be just about to start it all over again as my husband comes home tonight and so tomorrow we unbox his iPhone 5 and start to try and get that working... Fingers crossed we didn't buy two duds! :/

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    I'm having same issue. Any word on when we could see iOS update?  Hopefully will fix this wifi issue and the screen glitch issue I and many others are having!

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    iOS 6.0.1 coming soon and will fix problems with wifi :) static lines on keyboard an AppStore. And much more.  Can't come fast enough!!!!

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    Peta22: This is what I've been seeing from a lot of people, and is the same thing that happened to me. Everything worked for about 3 days or so then it started doing the exact same thing as before. And I know I changed nothing. A reboot fixes it till I leave my home network for a while. Only thing I have left to try is taking my wifes phone which has had ZERO probs and restoring my config to it and seeing if something in my config or something in my behavior (pairing to my car's BT vs her cars etc) is causing this vs the hardware theory.


    I suspect this will be fixed in software, it seems Apple messes up wifi a lot in new releases of software/hw to only be fixed in an update later. I remember it happenning with the macbook pros in the past as well. And I believe I remember some ios5 threads saying the same.

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    I have tried to reset my network settings yesterday and so far it seems to be working slightly better...


    However now it will NEVER remember my wifi password, so it disconnects everytime my phone is locked :| or i go out and then i have to re-enter it several times.

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    I just my iPhone 5 about a week ago. I live in a small apt (1000 sq ft) and I have a Netgear N300 wireless router for my home network. Here's my dilemma, despite of living in a small apartment, and having a decent wireless router, I still have what appears to be a weak wifi signal.  Furthermore, I noticed that when I open up the wifi settings menu, my wifi signal has full bars, but shows a weak signal up at the very top (status bar).  Now I don't know whether my signal is weak or strong.  Will changing the RF channel on my router correct this, or is this a bigger issue??? Someone help?!?!?

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    I suggest changing your security settings (if you can). There are two ways, reset the wireless router (should default to no security-not advisable), OR reset to WPA 2 TKIP or WEP....I am trying this tonight, but many are indicating this is a temporary fix until IOS 6.0.1.



    Where is Apple during all of this?  Have not heard a word about anything being wrong except the ipad mini???


    I can't blame the people at the genius bar...they are grossly underpaid...esp compared with their Verizon/AT&T counterparts who earned MUCH more money by working on commission.

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    Hi Shaddow :)


    Your story gives me a lot of hope... Its really nice to hear that your wife's phone is working fine even though your having these issues because I'm hoping and praying that my husbands phone is a good one! His tolerance for things like this painfully low and I'd much prefer for me to be having the issues rather than him!! :P


    Its also comforting to hear that a reboot has been fixing your issue for the moment... If I develop the wifi issue again, Id prefer that to having to change security or other settings in phone or router to get a temp fix!


    Roll on IOS 6.0.1 in the hope that this is all fixed and we can all enjoy our phones the way we're supposed to be!!

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    Not sure if your reply was directed at me, but I just rebooted my phone and the problem was corrected.  The fact that this happened still bothers me tho.  I'm hoping the update fixes all these issues along with a better map!!! Other than that, the phone is fine.  Thanx for ur input!!!!

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    5 GHZ Wi Fi WORKS GREAT! The problem is only with the 2.4 GHZ channel for me.


    WOW!! Almost 2000 posts, so needless to say I only read a few of the most recent ones so my apologies if someone else has written about this also.


    Finally obtained a 64 GB iPhone 5 from the local Apple store and set it up to connect to the 2.4 GHZ channel on my router like my previous iPhone 4. Started experiencing the same problems as everyone else, excruciatingly slow or non-functional Wi Fi. Using Speed Test I was obtaining 0.02 to 0.4 Down and 0.26 to .79 Up.


    Had thoughts about going back to Apple Store, but this is so wide spread that I thought that wouldn't help. Even started thinking about my Apple stock and life savings falling from this problem slipping past Apple. Could the post Steve Jobs decline be here already ??


    I have a fairly new Cisco Linksys dual band router with 3 x 3 450 Mbps on each band. I use my Macbook Air onthe 5 GHZ channel since it is less cluttered where I live. I just recalled that this iPhone 5 can connect to 5 GHZ also, unlike the older iPhones. I tried 5 GHZ and found it works like normal again!! Repeat Speed Test was 30 Down and 17 up (yes I have top Tier with Cox).


    Don't know if othes who have the 5 GHZ option have attempted it. This is certainly a serious problem since 2.4 GHZ is so wide spread. Hopefully this is a software problem that will be corrected soon. I can't imagine what everyone is doing with the poorly functioning Wi Fi? If it were a scam to get people to spend more on 3G/4G LTE I guess they would have knocked out 5 GHZ also


    Apple really needs to solve this ASAP for everyone who has no access to 5 GHZ Wi Fi, assuming that this problem is for 2.4 GHZ.

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    Yes I agree;-)


    Glad yours is ok again;-)


    Mine is really fast over home wifi.. Its just when i go out and use public wifi that it stops working and doesnt alow any data tp pass through even though it says im connected..


    Im a little relictant to swap it for a new one in case the new one is worse..  - given my last one wouldnt even connect to my home wifi at all..  3G data is v slow and sporadic too..


    A little confused.. 


    Maybe an update will fix it..




    RTA 33

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    I am now on the 3rd iPhone 5 (32Gb) and they have all had the same problem on my home Wifi (5Mbps max) and on others as well.  Most downloads are 8 to 10 times slower than for the same file on my 3GS, 4, iPad2 and Macbook Pro. I've been documenting the issues and speeds on Speedtest but the folks at Apple don't seem to want that info nor are they acknowledging that there are quite a few that are having this problem. Yesterday the fellow at the Genius Bar said he hadn't heard of anyone having these problems and that these sites are just a bunch of complainers!!!!  I mentioned I have the problem and I see a lot of others do to.  The problem seems to be most evident with lower end Wifi data rates.  At the Apple store my phones all showed data download rates in the 30Mbps but of course you hardly need the phone to receive data there.  Down the mall at a coffee shop I found the initial download test showed relatively useable rates of about 2.5Mbps (I can live with that) but that dropped off with subsequent tests. My 3GS and 4 did not drop off at the same location.  It's as if the phone is willing to try for a couple of downloads but gets overloaded on subsequent ones. 


    Having this problem has taken 4 days out of my life and over 700 km of travel. I'm okay with that but what I have a problem with is the Apple response.  "Nobody else is having a problem and my phone works great!"  Beside the corporate lack of response I am unhappy with getting this problem pushed up the 'pipe' so that it is seriously addressed.  Are there problems with 32G phones only?  Are the problems related to certain production runs?  There should be a major attempt to correct this issue.


    To say the least I must say I am disappointed with the service response... except for their willingness to give me new phones each time. :-(


    Where do I go to get heard!!!!  Apple? Are you listening?


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    Just wanted to finalise my story here... I set up my husband's 64gb iPhone 5 yesterday with no issues at all. As opposed to when I restored my own iphone5 to a 2 week old back-up via iTunes, this time I ensured we'd backed up his old 3GS to iCloud first and we actually restored the new iphone from that iCloud backup bypassing iTunes altogether. It worked perfectly.


    However, i had checked the serial numbers of the two original ip5's at purchase and they weren't consecutive so if it was a manufacturing 'batch' issue, then I never expected they'd both have the same wifi issue that my original phone had.


    If the wifi issue my ip5 had was to do with restoring to a corrupt backup file iiTunes as suggested by the Apple Store, then I guess we avoided it 2nd tim around by using iCloud perhaps?


    All up, I don't think I can really add any valuable information here but maybe something in our experiences may give a clue to someone else as to where the problem might be. My heart goes out to ppl still having these issues as I was quite beside myself for the 3 days it took for me to finally get my case resolved by replacing the phone. I sincerely hope there is acknowledgement by Apple soon and that a fix is offered promptly. My appreciation to all of you on this thread who were so helpful and supportive as well.