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    There are plenty of other posts about 6.0 and 6.0.1 causing issues on iphone 4 and 4Ss. 6 most certainly is causing wifi problems on devices that never had them before. A good number of people have wifi on/off toggle even greyed out when they upgraded. Some people early on were able to go back to 5.1.1 and get wifi back after it was greyed out. Since we never had a 5.x release we have nothing to point to that it's software or hardware, but based on the number of people who have recived phones that eventually went back to the same problem I'd say it was software. I'd go further to say its enviromental/behavior triggered. There is something happening to my phone in my daily routine (not disconnecting from my work wifithat when I get home it takes a reboot to fix it. As soon as I got my mini, it did the same exact thing, same symptoms, everything when it was with me throughout the day Friday. Since I've left it at home.. zero problems.


    I know I keep saying it, but I never have time to do it, I need to take my wifes phone and put my config on it and take it for a few days and see if the behavior goes away. If my changes from Friday afternoon at work and home don't resolve it this may be my next step.

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    So, not only can we not use 4G LTE while talking on the phone (like people are able to do on other 4G LTE phones), due to Apple's brilliant idea to use a single antenna for both, but we get stuck with a weak antenna to boot.


    I am so frustrated with Apple. How a company so brilliant could goof this bad is beyond me.

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    # antennas is a design, weight, thickness, battery life tradeoff... obviously they dont consider people wanting talk + 4g lte as important customers who would rather have a thin, lightweight phone instead.

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    Well, not everyone is like you. Some of us would have preferred a phone capable of simultaneous voice and data in a slightly larger form factor than what we ended up with in the iPhone 5. Besides, the wonderful idea to go with a single dynamic antenna to save space and power hasn't turned out too well, now, has it? Let this thread be a testament to that.

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    I have to admit my apple is shaken.  I will not leave them because they are simply to big to let technical hardware/software issues totally sink the company.  But at the same time I will not buy first release again.  Let the chest pounders flaunt the latest because at this point I'd rather wait and just be happy when everything works.


    Thinner, lighter, smaller you say?  My Korean GF just showed up with something that might as well be a iPad mini.  Something new from Samsung that apparently is not released yet.  And she loves it.  It's way too big for me cause I don't carry a purse and I don't want to hold a mini to my ear but that thing is amazing.  And it works.  And She Loves it.  And the She's are a market segment.


    Apple.  I expect more from you.  And diamond cut edges only go so far.  So, Hey everyone, I got a rolex but it doesn't work - big whoop!  Jobs is no excuse.  You are way above all other technology companies.  Don't go the way of microsoft.  Innovate, revolutionize, and surprise.  I'll live with your shortfall this one time with my 5 and mini that have certainly not killed it.  But next time you better put up or I'm switching over because today I expect more and you are not delivering.  You are digging your own grave - 100 apps or no apps.

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    I have posted several times. Here I am about

    4 weeks into the iPhone 5 and its very strange. Seems

    Like this thing has a mind of its own. It's like it's getting to

    Know my home network and correcting itself. Could this

    Happen?  It is now getting on my home network at about

    An average of 12 Mbps which isn't great but getting

    Better. In addition it connects on its own when I get home.

    It still has trouble with new wifi networks and is extremely

    Slow when first connected to a new network. I have not

    Noticed a whole lot of difference between 6.0 and 6.0.1.

    I do disable cellular data when on wifi and it does seem to

    Help. All in all on a scale of 1 to 10 I give apple a 3 on the

    New iphone 5. Coming to an iPhone 5 from a Motorola droid

    X running android, hands down I think the android google

    Phone from 2 years ago blows the iPhone 5 away. Apple better

    Get on the ball if it wants to keep up the pace with Google's


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    then buy the samsung s3...its exactly for that!

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    Hey electronics munch.  I am not switching.  yet.  Apple is our best current hope for America to prove that we can still do it.  In the face of a global economy - innovation might be all we have left.  I buy the stock and own the products.  But if we don't send a shot over the bow now and then when our talent starts getting owned how will we maintain?  Heck, maybe your comfortable being a second rate economy.  But I’m not.


    Apple has all the resources needed to test and re-test against all platforms prior to a launch.  I used to run a wifi testing lab and it is not that expensive to setup.  Point is that someone didn't do the job.  Maybe you think Motorola, HP, IBM, MS, Cisco blah blah blah can make it happen for us?  Holographics, Voice Automation, Navigation, Robotics - Apple is perfectly positioned.  This is no time to get lazy.

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    you can live in your first rate delusion all you want. bye


    btw, "your" means relating to you, possession.


    "you're" means 'you are'. but knowing you i guess this is way too tough to comprehend.

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    delusions are only advanced thought patterns unrealized by the status quo.  and if grammatical corrections are all you've got then I have a ton of them waiting for you...

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    Something interesting I just discovered today that totoally confuses the issue for me. If I reboot my router (one of 3 I have in a roaming network, but the one the phone connects to the most) I get working wireless as if I had rebooted my phone.


    But the problem is not limited to just this router. I can leave this router off and come home and the phone doesn't work on any of the others as well. They are all different brands. Weird.

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    The only way I can see this making sense is that the phone "knows" which one of the routers it will connect and keeps a list.


    And according to the WIFI roaming specification it makes a list of candidates to do a transition if one fails to negotiate.



    That was the message that the phone was sending out that the routers did not recognize as valid, which would leave it connected but not able to send or get data.

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    Heh, I'm not even sure that makes sense. How would the phone have any indication that the router rebooted?



    Next thing I am doing is bringing home the router at work that has been just fine (that I swapped out for a different router that has also now been fine) and see if the problem shows itself at home on that router as well.

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    Hi Everyone. I've slacked off posting problems with WiFi issues related to Iphone 4S with IOS6 and 6.0.1, ive posted so much suggested work arounds etc.


    I got my hands on 2 * Iphone 5's and the same issue, unable to connect to my companies Netgear Wireless Access Point WG102 with Firmware 5.01 their latest firmware. The only work-around was to DOWNGRADE firmware !!. I've worked in IT with various Network / Support etc etc roles to know that its not a sensible thing to do


    BUT guess what, it worked !, and further more, look at Netgears Response as well which i'll happily share


    "There are no updates yet when the new firmware will be released. You may visit our website regularly to check the if a new firmware is already released. By the way, the firmware that will not allow Apple devices with IOS 6 has been removed from the website.

    Since that the case has been resolved by the work-around that we gave you, the case will be now set to close. You may open up a new case if you need further assistance.


    Aljo Lim



    Word of warning, it might not be the Iphone 5's issue to have connectivity problems to those WAP's out in the market; Product vendors who are NOT going to support the older WAP's with ongoing firmware updates FORCE consumers to BUY a newer / alternative product.


    This goes for consumers, companies and everyone...


    Looks like i might be saying goodbye to my Netgear Infrastructure products and tossing them out and looking for another brand i think.


    So much for legacy support..


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