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    I agree, you had/have other issues when that's happening. Don't get hope from me. I've been following this thread for days and haven't had any issues then two days ago it popped itself of my wifi. I immediately thought I was starting to have these issues but after reconnecting I've had no more problems. I think the fact Apple has had wifi issues with every single idevice released says something about the engineers in that dept.

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    My problems (you can read back through my previous posts for more detail) are almost exactly this. A reboot fixes it until I leave my network. Only at home tho, work is fine. I have moved my old work router (that never had a problem) to the house as a test to see if the problem goes away at the house. If it occurs at the house on this router, I have to start wondering if its something on the network (itunes home sharing etc...) that might be causing a problem.

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    As a followup, I got home, and have wireless problems on the router that I have previously used at work without any problems up until earlier this week. All I did was put a new LAN IP on it for my home network, change the SSID and password.


    So this really makes me wonder if it's something on our networks. The weird thing is, my wife's phone still has never had a problem.


    I guess I'll set this router up on its own network so only my phone is on it's lan side and see if that changes anything.

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    Well I have been reading all these comments and at least I now know I am not loosing my mind!  The first time I started having issues on my Iphone 5 (purchased 10/18/12) was the very first day.  I made appt for Genius Bar.  I never got to the "bar".  When the sign in person saw my phone, she said it was the case.  Ok, I took case off and went home.  Seem to work a bit better.  Started up again.  Went back to Genius Bar.  Of course phone connected great in store!  Ran diagnostic and all was good.  Documented my issues.  Came home, same thing.  Called Apple support.  First advisor didn't have a clue.  Got a "supervisor advisor" who sent me a lengthly email on changing my router settings.  I then was on the phone with Linksys Router folks for an hour and $200 later had my router adjusted to everything Apple suggested.  Worked for a bit.  If you reset your Iphone, all settings appeared to be lost.  Phone will say can't find network.  Even though Ipad and Mac are running great on network wi-fi.  Fed up, I am going back to Genius Bar today and want a new phone.  I know it may not solve all issues, but trying.  My stepson has an Iphone 5 and never experienced any issues. 


    I am amazed at the disconnect with Genius Bar and Apple Support.  They have either been told to say they know of no Wi-Fi issues or they are clueless.  Genius Bar hadn't heard a thing, and Apple Support is spotty on who knows of issues or not.  Very disappointed in this product.  I wish I still had my 4S.  It worked just fine on the exact Linksys Router that my Iphone 5 can't find! 

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    Weird. I bought a case for my iphone 5 which would case my wifi to not work at all, it wouldnt even pick up a signal. Aside from that, my wifi is fine at work and at home but i have an issue with optimumwifi. There is a hotspot at work that i have no issues with but at my girlfriends house when i try to connect to optimumwifi sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt while for my gf optimumwifi works no problem on her laptop and iphone4s.

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    I have had the same issues, have maxed out my 4G data. I upgraded from a 3GS which was essentially working fine except for the speed, safari would take a while to launch, but the webpages would load pretty quick on wifi.

    Now my safari launches in a snap but the webpage takes forever to load!! It seems to work at an angle, but the wifi signal isnot stable it does not stay connected in the room adjacent to where my router is, and when using it while lying down, it seems to work in certain positions only, which is interfering with seamless web browing.

    I have called apple a few times, went through the whole troubleshooting steps- resetting the network settings, resetting the phone to factory settings, resetting m router (which has WPA access) , took it to the apple store, where it worked just fine! I don't know if it is a hardware issue or a software glitch.

    I wanted to buy the ipad mini with wifi, but if it has similar wi-fi issues, I am concerned that if it does not connect to the internet over wifi, it is just going to be an expensive paperweight/mediaplayer.

    I have been told by apple to take my iphone 5 to the store and swap the phone, but after reading all the posts here, I wonder if that is going to fix the wifi connectivity isses!!

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    I'm having the same problems on my iPhone 4 since upgrading to iOS 6. It's worked fine with my home wifi for over 2 years but since updating to the latest firmware it will connect to my home wifi but cannot receive any data. Weirdly, the iOS update hasn't affected how my phone works with my office wifi, just at home.


    My iPad 1 on iOS 5 works fine at home. My iPad 4 on iOS 6 works fine at home. Has iOS 6 introduced some new wifi code that affects how the older iPhone 4 wifi chipset interacts with certain routers/wifi configurations?

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    After 6.0.1 update I was still having issues however I did a reset (home + power button and that seems to have solved the problem for now anyway.

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    Had my iphone 5 for five days and I lose wifi at home randomly, and phone doesn't remember it when i leave and problems at work though?  Tried the basic stuff that is mentioned throughout this thread with no change.  Apple support is clueless and they are blaming it on my router.... I just don't think that's the case.  I will keep watching this thread and hope somebody figures something out. 

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    If you reset the network settings on your device, Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, and also reset your router and modem at the same time, then the signal will boost enough to allow the device to locate and connect. Sometimes you may need to update your router and modem or update the Firmware on the router and modem. If you updated the iOS software over WiFi and the signal did not maintain full signal strength then it is possible that some of the software code skipped in and out causing this error, espically if you had no previous WiFi connection issues before the update.

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    Doing a hard reset by holding the home button and the Sleep/Wake button should really only be used if the device is frozen, doing this action can actually damage the software on your device.

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    That's exactly what mine does. Apple store is pushing for me to get new router. Business manager in store said he had same issues and got an Apple router and it fixed problem. I did talk to Verizon, my carrier and they said there definitely has been problems with phone. They will admit it, but Apple won't. Verizon doesn't have any more iphone 5's till first of year. Apple won't replace because they can't replicate problem in store. I think Apple screwed up big time with this phone!

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    Not saying that my answer is the only answer to this issue, it may be an antenna problem with the device. If you let Apple Support or the Apple Retail store know that you are dissatisfied with your product, in my experience they do try to resolve it.

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    I want to get an iphone 5. I have never had an iphone before. Now I am wondering wether to get one or not. Should I just get a 4s?

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    The software can't be missing parts and still install correctly. If you updated via wifi and the file wasn't complete it would be corrupted and not be I stalled at all. As for the hard reset, while yes it is possible that files can can be corrupted most modern OSes are designed to remain stable regardless of when a reboot is performed. The hard reset is often the first thing recommended if you call support.