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  • Anita Howard Level 1 (0 points)

    This is exactly my issue. I have tried every fix possible. Fast speed. Constant dropping. I have most update firmware on my highly rated medialink router. I am very frustrated!

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    After 2 days of major frustration, I broke down and bought a new router, an Apple Time Capsule with 2TB of backup storage. At this moment all is working well. iPhone 5 wi-fi seems faster too. I accused the Apple people of making hardware so it only works with their routers. 


    Still very disappointed with this phone and the way Apple is handling. The store people act like they never heard of any issues and even said they don't read comments on Apple Community pages. Might be watching a once great company going down the toilet for greed.

  • tkhun Level 1 (5 points)

    All you boys with your big words..Very Funny..Thank you all for once again making this an experience that I wish I had not attempted. I will be sure to Pass along all your wisdom to my fellow Co-Workers, and My Sr. Tech Support team that we all Do not have a clue as to what we are talking about or how to do our job.good greif..not going to vist here again. highly reccomend no else does as well.

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    Bring your phone to apple store, they will run a test and if it doesn't work they will give you a new one.  Apparently they make defective units with poor quality control test.  My brand new iphone 5 replaced with a new one in less than 24hrs is working normal.

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    I accused the Apple people of making hardware so it only works with their routers.


    Well. I would be happy if that would solve my problem. Which it doesn't. And it doesn't solve your problem either. You can't ask all the world to replace their routers with Apple routers.


    I did replace my home router with a AirMac Express. It works well. For anything else but my iPhone 5 device(s).


    Recap: I replaced my first iPhone 5 that had awful WIFI throughput - Anything else on the same networks run with normal speeds while the iPhone 5 (with iOS6) runs very very slow, sometimes dropping connections completely. Only very very sometimes (I'd say less than 5% of times) it works at expected (fast) speeds. Oh the replacement has the exact same problem. I regret paying the trip to far away Apple store and back for this.


    And so finally my wife got an iPhone 5 as well yesterday. Voila. Same slow WIFI downloads. Congratulations on your new turtle sweetheart.


    At least the iPhone 5s are very fast and working well in most other parts.


    Now with 100% failure on all iPhone 5 devices, that's enough for me, The WIFI in iPhone 5 and/or iOS6 is completely broken and actually that is a bigger issue than the map problems and all just because most people (except all of you in this thread) rarely notice it. Apple is not doing anything so far, not a word. Of course, that's expected but I'd rather see mr Cook apologize about that than the maps.

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    I just got my iPhone 5 (Blackberry for years).. first time Apple user at the bequest of my son... "can't join the network" message for my home wifi.. i did turn on my Verizon hotspot.. and that worked!.. but the whole idea of using my cable router at home is to avoid the data charges from Verizon!...


    i reset to factory settings... still the same problem.. i turned off all security on the home router (thinking that WPA-personal could be the issue)...but same problem...


    Now i am reading about all of this and wondering what to do?... sounds like Apple has a real issue here... unfortunately, i am not alone..and a new phone wont help nor an OS fix available...


    Who knows when i'll hit the slow wifi issues?

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    My problem: Slow video streaming over Wifi.

    Second iPhone 5 arrived yesterday. Same problem. So I will send it back to apple until I get one that works. On another forum with more competent and less emotional writers I learned a lot about the issue. The most important fact: It is possible to get an iPhone 5 that works just fine. You just need to be patient and swap the phone often enough. I don't get the problem. Seems to be some Software issue. Seems to be some kind of QoS error. But with this in mind I don't get it that some iPhone 5 are working better on iOS 6.0.1 than other. But I don't care. It's not my job to figure it out. So I will send it back with the following error description:

    Slow Wifi connection

    Movie streaming (for example most MP4s over Safari, Youtube app, Twitch app) with Wifi will generate only a downstream around 100 KB/s. Eventually there will be a short peak in the beginng of streaming but after a few seconds it will drop to the 100 KB/s. The slow speed will be hold disciplined. This iPhone 5 (Serial: XXX) got out of the box and connected to Wifi. The error was directly reproducible.

    Checked with different ISP, router (AVM, DLink) and router settings (every possible router configuration). iPad2 and iPhone4S (both on 6.0.1) are working well in all checked Wifi networks. They both generate max. downstream (around 1,2 MB/s) and streaming runs smoothly.

    Even 3G network generates higher downstream on movie streaming with the iPhone5.

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    God this is so infuriating...


    My iPhone keeps on dropping it's Wireless connection and then have to forget the network and re-enter the password all the time...


    I've updated to 6.0.1 but still get the same issue.. come on Apple sort this out.. my 4S is still sitting in it's box and I might be getting rid of the 5 very quickly if this isn't sorted.

  • Laurent Martin Level 1 (5 points)



    On another forum with more competent and less emotional writers I learned a lot about the issue.


    Could you please send the link to the forum you mentioned? TIA.

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    @ Laurent Martin

    Sure buddy.

    On the following thread I learned the most about my described Wifi issue. Check page 19-22 if I remember correctly.

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    @Lord Rayden,


    That site might be less emotional but it's really no more helpful than all of the postings on this forum.  It's the same old thing, what works for one person doesn't work for another.  Some people replace a phone and the issue is fixed, others have had many phones and still the same problem.  One guy on the other forum even suggested toggling bluetooth off and on and that fixed it!! Oh if it were only so easy!!


    There seems to be as many people (on both forums) claiming it's hardware vs. software because of their personal experience.  This must be why it's difficult for Apple to figure out what exactly is the cause because every third person that posts their issue has something different happening.


    I'm one of the people with spotty wifi connectivity - it goes in and out and if I'm far from my router it's really slow but of course my iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and Macbook have zero range, connectivity or speed issues.  Plus I have an AT&T Uverse router so I'm not able to swap it out if I wanted to.  And I wouldn't, I'd eBay my iPhone 5 before I thought about having to pay for a new router.  This phone is a dog and I'm still trying to figure out whether to return it, eBay it or just live with it.  Sigh.

  • LordRayden Level 1 (0 points)


    Sure, believe whatever you want. Based on experience, knowledge, comparison of the experience from people with the same issue it's pretty clear for me what to do. There are only two options anyway. Waiting for some magic raining down that resolves all the iPhone 5 Wifi issues (a patch) or swapping as long as I get a product that works. I stick on the second option because even when apple fix the problem they have not mentioned to fix I'm fine.

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    Just wanted say this again - because I was on my FOURTH iPhone 5 replacement because of wifi issues (or no wifi at all).  I am not saying that everybody SHOULD do this or that it is the "ONLY" fix..... I am just relaying what ended up working for me.... just maybe it will help a few others.


    ....While on the phone with a Senior Applecare Advisor, he had me backup up my phone, wipe it clean, reinstall the OS, then he remoted into my computer, accessed my router and changed a few settings (ones that I would never have a CLUE what to do with).  He had to do this 2 times before landing on the magic solution, but it WORKED! 


    Do I think this is something we should have to go through?  Heck no!!  It is ridiculous!!  But I really wanted to keep my iPhone 5 and this finally fixed it.  I am "router clueless" so there was no way I would've figured it out on my own.  So if you are like me (I'm sure there are a few out there) then ask if this can be done for you. 


    I am now enjoying my iPhone 5.  FINALLY!!!


    I wish you all the best of luck.

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    I now have my 4th iPhone 5.  I have an individual contact person and it would be great to direct him to the Senior Applecare Advisor that got your phone to work.  Do you have the contact info for the Advisor?

  • flyingphil Level 1 (0 points)

    Your case number would be very helpful in tying my Advisor in to the fix used.