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    Are they going to recall all iPhone 5?

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    It seems like only the ones that have the wifi issue will be recalled for now.

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    Good question and will they also fire the guy responsable for not testing the wifi properly along with the guy who screwed the maps?

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    I hope so.

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    Thanks to those who suggested changing router settings but that's not much use when travelling.  I have had no luck with trying anyone's suggestions.


    My iPhone 5 still not retrieving data from a 5 star hotel in Bangkok with high speed internet.  Yet it sometimes works in a cafe downtown.  Macbook Air works well.

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    This is RIDICULOUS!! i went to the iphone store, they gave me a new one and SAME BS!! NO WIFI at home, only works if i turn wifi on then off, my ipad, and everything else work just fine

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    I believe this is not a hardware issue because I solved it by adjusting router settings, and this is my 2nd iPhone 5, both had same wifi problem. Many other people have gotten 3rd or even more replacements but are still facing the same problem, so it's very unlikely to be a hardware issue. Try some of the solutions and see if they work for you. Goodluck

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    What bothers me the most is that the people at the iStore and my provider's technician said they never heard of this problem before!!! It's a wide spread issue by now!

    They're probably afraid of being picked up by men in black suits, driving a black suv, taking them to a place never being heard from again. ;-)


    My iPhone 5 works fine now by the way.

    I reset my routers at home and at work right after doing a iTunes restore.

    At home I have an Apple Airport Extreme linked to an access point. First reset the access point; then the Airport.

    At work just resetting was not enough, so I restored factory settings. Didn't have to upgrade firmware.


    Everything works fine now; even at my friend's house.

    Quess I got lucky?


    (Living in the Netherlands)

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    I've been watching this discussion for 2 weeks now - since I got my iphone 5 and couldn't get it to sync to wifi or bluetooth.


    Managed to get the bluetooth resolved by deleting other items connected, but took a while for wifi to settle.  But its not right.


    Seems that if you can access the router there is a way of getting wifi to work.  I found that although I couldn't initially connect at home - each time I went out and returned had to put in router password again - that issue disappeared after about 3 - 4 days.


    But what remains is the issue everyone seems to be coming across, and for which I can't see a solution.  That is where the phone won't connect to another wifi router, or if it does, it won't download.  I've experienced this with our local coffee shop.  Can't go and change their router settings even if I knew how!  I'm also wondering what is going to happen when I'm travelling, with hotels, cruise ships, airports etc.  Seems this is where others are expereincing the issues (as well as home), and whilst we might be in a position to address those at home or work, how are the wider roaming issues going to be overcome?


    This question seems to be back in Apple's court.

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    Are these recalls for the WIFI issues only or all iphone 5s. That's seem like a huge recall and I undersatand not all customers have this WIFI issue.

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    Hi guys,Denmark here. D-link DI-524 firmware version v 2.07.

    See my previous attempts to connect to my router, probably tested majority of the solutions suggested in this forum, even turned off my encryption WPA2-PSK, changed to WEP etc, all other Apple products works flawlessly with my router.

    I got my second iPhone 5,64GB and it worked immidiatly jumping to the wifi with WPA2-PSK no adjustmemts, notning but working. Have tried on netcafees, MacD, shopping centers, works flawlessly.

    For my situation it comes down to the hardware In iPhone 5 that was probably the problem, guess i was just lucky to receive an iPhone 5 that worked.

    Unfortunately i bumped into the iMessage - waiting for activation problem - which is now solved also - probably the software settings.


    Good luck to all you guys, hope u get the wifi issues solved - and that Apple can initiate a major lesson on this, avoiding sending untested products in the markets.

    This has unfortunatly given me some really strong thoughts if my next buy should be an Apple product and if I should skip the whole Apple eco-system, not paying premium for a scrap product!

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    Hi kpowdk


    Another person from Denmark here ;o) - I also experience wifi problems, not that often though. Could you please describe in more details, what you experienced?


    My experience is:

    I have no problems connection to wifi networks, but sometimes its just so painfully slow. If I check with speedtest app, it sometimes cant even find server to verify against. Other devices works great, when this happens so my internet is not the issue.


    Then I can ether let it be, and then after a short period of time, it starts working again. I can also choose to reboot my iPhone 5 (64Gb - Black), and then it works flawleasly. I've only experienced this a couple of times.


    But when reading this, it seems that people affected are experiencing it a lot more often than I. My router is set to WPA2.



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    As I said, people with inconsistent speeds, could you test local streaming with Air Video Free or any similar apps please ? Slowness only impacts the iPhone 5 in my case only when it comes to internet streaming but not local streaming. This means that WiFi is not the culprit here but rather a software issue.


    Thank you

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    I bought 2 iPhones 5 32Gb in US Best Buy store.

    Went back to my country and immediately upgraded iOS to 6.0.1.

    And now one iPhone works good with my home Wi-Fi and another iPhone is able to join my Wi-Fi only when I am very close to my router.


    Absolutely two same iPhones, but one is working good and another makes me crazy.

    There is also Wi-Fi network of my neighbor with different settings and I have same problem with one iPhone in this network.

    I tried already everything many times: reset, network reset, restore. Nothing of this hepls.


      Now I am not able to go back to the store and to replace one faulty iPhone because I am very far from it. Dear Apple, what solutions can be advised?