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    Update:  Went to the Apple store, talked to a "Genius," replaced hardware, and all is right with the world again.  WiFi works flawlessly on my iPhone5 now (Even at home).  Luckily (on my old iPhone5) my WiFi wouldn't pick up anything even in the Apple Store.  Usually when I go to get something like this fixed it works fine when a tech is looking at it.  I may have just lucked out.  Sorry to those who are still having issues..

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    Did they give you a new phone?

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    Yes, same wifi problem with the new one.

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    Hello all.

    I had gotten an iPhone 5 about 2 weeks ago. I had the same wifi issues so the next day I went to the Apple Store and got it replaced. However, the 2nd iPhone 5 had the same wifi issues. So I did some digging on how to fix this issues and I had tried everything on my 1st iPhone 5(reset network settings,turn on http proxy, restore the device, turn off the device, upgraded to iOS 6.0.1,etc.) On my 2nd iPhone 5, I turned off cellular data and it worked fine! There was one problem however, when I'd leave home and come back,the iPhone 5 wouldn't reconnect automatically to my home wifi. So I had to manually type in the password every single time. Then about a few days ago, I switched my Internet provider from COX to AT&T due to laggy Internet. Due to this, I also got a new modem with built in wifi from ATT. I connected it to the new modem and its still WPA2-PSK like my old router which was linksys. After connecting to my new router, IT HAS WORKED FLAWLESSLY. It reconnects automatically and I am getting good wifi throughout my house. So I believe it isn't a hardware problem since I was having the same wifi issues with my 2nd one but could be a software.

    The bottomline is that try turning off cellular data which will be found in settings>general>cellular>off.

    And try resetting the router, I couldn't do that to my linksys because it required a password to log in which I had forgotten.

    Good luck guys!

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    Well I found out following dependencies..


    I had a look into my WiFi Router (Fritz! Box 7390, locationi: Germany).

    the 2.4GHz channel was originaly set to automatic mode, which set it to channel 1.

    The router shows me that more then my router is using this channel and there is much noise around this and the second channel.

    I set it to manual and chose Channel 8 which was empty and free from noises. So since then the network didn't slow down again.


    This sais me, that the noise blanking inside the WiFi driver of iOS 6.0.x is not working. this obviously hangs up the connection between iOS 6 devices and the WiFi Hostspot.


    give it a try and tell us here, if it worked.


    Nevertheless it's just a workaround, no final solution. Apple have to fix this issue ASAP!

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    Hello All!

    I bought an iPhone 5 16 Gb  3 weeks ago in Hungary with ios 6.0. The wifi worked well  for the company where I work, and bluetooth as well (20-30 meter range). Then I updated to ios 6.0.1. The current status:
    Wifi: poor, often can not find a signal. If you find it easy to lose.
    Bluetooth: range is reduced to 4-5 meters after losing the connection to the device (stereo headset).
    The company works flawlessly with all other phones wifi and bluetooth. In my previous phone (iPhone 4, ios 5) there was no problem .This 6.0.1 update is suspect, because my phone worked fine before.

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    I am a super genius so i decided to figure this out. You need to go into your router settings and go into the DMZ section. You can look at your client list to find out what ip your phone is. in my case it was because i have a belkin router. Go into the DMZ tab in your router settings and enable this on the ip number you just found. This will allow the device to work on the wifi network without using the routers firewall. This allows you to maintain your wpa key and network security.


    Have fun!!!!!                          FH

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    I have been having Wifi Issues since day one. THEY HAVE BEEN RESOLVED or at least understandable.


    At my house my wifi would stop in the middle of either streaming a video. Airplay through my Apple TV was literally impossible.


    I didn't go get a replacement after reading everyone's posting.


    First off you must recognize which issue you have. IMO there are two issues.


    1. Wifi not working at all.

    2. Wifi Intermitting Problems


    Lets just say I ended up fairly high at Apple's Corporate Office and also had an awesome senior tech assigned to my case.


    I was sent a brand new replacement to start with. Luckily I didn't wipe my old phone out while restoring my new iPhone 5. I immediately noticed the same issue with the new phone.


    The senior rep explained some things and we did some trouble shooting which made more sense. Many people have been told their old routers are the issue or older hardware with the router and wifi system.


    In my case I have a 1st Gen Time Capsule. I had mine set to B, G, and N 2.4GHz and 5GHz


    The iPhone 5 doesn't like this. And it made more sense because I have an old old old printer running on G WPA which is very old. By switching some things around on the Time Capsule settings this took care of the Wifi in and out issues.


    The Airplay issue was caused my TC being on the far side of the house furthest away from everything. It didn't affect the 4S that much because I am guessing the 4S had a more powerful output.


    I moved my TC 5 ft closer and everything works perfect now.


    Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.


    1. The iPhone 5 has a less powerful Wifi system then the iPhone 4S.

    2. The iPhone 5 is more prone to wifi interference. 

    3. Replacing my iPhone 5 did not fix the problem.

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    I read a lot of posts here, and on other forums, here is my story:


    I got a New iPhone 5 last week and the WiFi did not connect to my home router.


    I tried many different remedies, including phone resets/restores and 3 different routers.


    My old iPhone 4 had no issues, but the 5 would not connect or had very low signal - even in the room with the router and none in the room next to the router, when the 4 was working OK.


    Went to iPhone Store today and they swapped the phone without question (even in iPhone Store my 5 Wifi signal was low compared to technical helps iPhone)


    Just home now and iPhone 5 is working GREAT, just as my old 4 - so if you are experiencing issues my advice is not to play around with ANY router configs etc - and get a replacement ASAP!! Don't waste your time thinking it is your issue - especially if you have a working old iPhone or other device that connects without any issue - just go get a replacement, and get what you paid for.


    Hope that helps - posintg here as I really wasted my time this weekend, swapping routers, changing routers, and changing router setting - all just to fail - and should just have gone to Apple Store right away.


    I see other posts saying 5 has lower WiFi capability - NO, its faulty, get it replaced. Otherwise your replacement is also faulty.

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    I had the weak wifi problem with my iPhone 5 and just turned it off and on again. Boom! Back to normal.

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    Do you remember what setting they told you to put the time capsule on?

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    I purchased my phone (white 16GB) yesterday and had the same issues.  I tried a lot of the fixes posted above and upgraded to the newest OS, 6.1 I believe.  Come to find out, I didn't have enough IP addresses allocated in my router.  I have a Cisco multiband 2.4 and 5 ghz router and the default was 5, or 5 devices.  As soon as I increased the number of available IP addresses on the router the iPhone 5 connects flawlessly along with numerous other Apple devices.  I set it to 10, no harm in making it over what you need.  Crisis averted, but I feel dumb...  I hope this helps. 

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    I had the same issue with wifi. Mine, however, got solved just by turning my phone off and then back on again. Just like it worked for one other user here. Hope this helps.

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    "Thanks to those who suggested changing router settings but that's not much use when travelling."


    This is the crux of the problem.  Even if changing router settings does help, it's only a temporary work-around rather than a real solution.  Rebooting the wireless router doesn't help in my case, and I'm not willing to revert to insecure settings such as WEP just for one faulty device.


    I'd be interested to know if users that have apparently fixed their WiFi issues use other WiFi networks.  Have you connected to a different wireless network and then returned to your home network, with network still working fine?


    If I reboot my phone when I'm at home and don't connect to other WiFi networks it continues to work fine — as is usually the case at the weekend when I only use 3G when out and about.  The problem only returns after I've connected to my work WiFi networks in the meantime, and then return to use the network at home.


    On extra thing I did notice with the iPhone 5 is the WiFi speed reported on the router itself.  It seems when the iPhone 5 is idle it throttles back the connected speed, perhaps to save power.  When I start using the device the reported figure jumps back up so it performs well.  The iPhone 4 and iPad 1 devices on the same network show the normal/full speed at all times, so could that be a factor?

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    I am having the same problem as you.  Its killing me.  I am trying a different router using a 5Ghz connection.