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    Exactly, this is why Apple needs to step up to the plate.  Address the problem and stop making this some other manufactures of access points their problem.


    Any back lash from access point vendors and Apple should not be put on the owners of Apple products, it is not our concern.


    I agree totally getting out market awareness.  I have said time and time again on this post, it is time we all take this to our local media!!

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    The thing that bothers me about this is I can't help but wonder if it's a hardware problem that an iOS update isn't going to fix.   It almost seems like a very weak signal to me.  I've had occasions in the past where I needed to use my laptop just on the edge of Wi-Fi range, and this is *exactly* how it would behave -- couldn't always see the SSID, would lose connection after a while for no apparent reason, couldn't see it after I woke the laptop from sleep, etc.  Now granted, that's a laptop, not an iPhone, but the symptoms are the same, and I wonder if the cause is the same as well -- weak signal.   And if so, why is it weak?  Not enough power to the transmitter?  Faulty antenna?  Either way, is software going to fix it?


    I wondered if it might be another "you're not holding it right" issue, but I can see the same problem even if I lay the phone down so I'm not touching it at all.  If I'm more than 10 feet from the access point, it doesn't want to work very well. 

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    i totally agree with Robertk1. If i was home in San Diego, I would be calling local media. I am in the remote areas of Thailand by Burma border on a volunteering mission. Really disappointed that I can't take pictures from my iphone5 and upload to the net. My latest ipad does not have problems connecting to wifi but it is awkward to carry it around.

    Irony is that there is very little awareness about the issue. Every day people are buying new iphone 5 and Apple does not bother to inform existing or new customers. Very unethical.

    Any takers to contact the media back home in the U.S?

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    Hi Robert, Its got nothing physically to do with how the Handset it held.


    WiFi was working for those whom affected before IOS6 was released. Its a Software issue.

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    Please respond with hardward and iOS to keep this thread current.  Also your connection point hardware.



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    Apple Device

    IOS Version


    Wifi Device



    WiFi Connectivity is a YES for all is good, NO for WiFi Issues



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    OK.  All of the following work great (all get plenty of signal strength and never drop connection in any room of the house):


    iPhone 3GS / iOS 5

    iPhone 4 / iOS 6

    Apple TV

    Playstation 3

    Toshiba laptop

    Belkin wireless range extender

    Netgear WNDR4500 B/G/N router / Firmware V1.0.1.20_1.0.40 (latest)


    The following does not work great (unless you sit right next to the router):


    iPhone 5 / iOS 6.0.1 (10A525)

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    Thanks for your help!  I want to try your suggestion but I can't even "see" any networks.  I've tried enterting everything in manually and connecting that way but it just says "joining [network name]" and just waits there.  Anyone else have this issue?


    Edit: I can sometimes "see" some networks but as soon as I try to connect they go away again

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    As for your Iphone 5, if its brand new have you tried to get a replacement for that reason of poor signal strength or perhaps a repair if you're out of return policy warranty ?


    Also as for Netgear Products, they are "aware" of WiFi Issues in generall with Iphone 5 Products. Have you tried downgrading firmware as a test since you pointed out its the latest ?

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    I haven't tried getting a replacement yet, but I am going to try tomorrow.   When I went to pick it up, it took over two hours, not including my drive time.  I'm not crazy about spending another half day getting it exchanged.  (This was at Best Buy - the nearest Apple store is a 3 hour drive each way.).


    As for downgrading the router -- I shouldn't have to, but am willing to try. If I can't get a new phone I will definitely try it.

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    Hi Robert:

    The Apple Store is available to troubleshoot the issue while Best Buy is not.  I would recommend calling 1-800-MYAPPLE and telling them you aren't near a store.  They'll arrange a replacement through the mail.

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    Apple Device.  iPhone 3GS

    IOS Version.    5.1.1


    Wifi Device.    Dlink

    Firmware.        Dunno ( 3 years old).

    YES.  No problems connecting to wifi anywhere. No drops.  Doped appears faster.


    Apple Device.  iPhone 4 (2 ea)

    IOS Version.   5.1.1


    Wifi Device.   Dlink

    NO.   Wifi connectivity problems. ( but no where near as bad as iPhone 5)


    Apple device. iPhone 5. (2 of them )

    iOS.  6.0.1


    Wifi device.  Dlink

    NO. Severe wifi connectivity problems. 1) does not connect auto to wifi after sleeping. 2) randomly drops  wifi unless within 15' of router. 3) if I turn off cellular data wifi stays connected. 4) speed seems to be an issue on multiple networks and is random.  I occasionally notice a visual 'blip' when web pages are loading at the end. 

    I thought I needed a new router due to problems with iPhone 4 but since I don't have drops on wifi when I turn off the cellular data I am thinking that is not the sole problem. 


    FWIW- I downloaded the ios6.0.1 right after getting my iPhone 5. I had problems with not being able to turn off i-messaging and a dual data usage monitor for 'tethering data usage' ( which I am not a subscriber of)   Both of these concerned me because of my limited AT&T data plan.  Extrapolating out the tethering usage to a monthly amount would have used up all my data plan.  Apple had noApple Device

    IOS Version


    Wifi Device



    WiFi Connectivity is a YES for all is good, NO for WiFi Issuest seen this problem;suggested I reload the iOS.  I did- that did not solve the issue. Resetting some settings did & hard reset fixed both problems.


    Also something funny seems to be connected to text messaging & whether cellular data is on or off.  As I understand it from AT&T if my cellular data is off, group & pic msgs don't go through but all others will. However I have discovered that I don't get text messages when my cellular data is off from at least 1 other iPhone5 user that is not a group mms or a pic mms. 


    And I have audio problems on voice calls  in multiple locations.  I can hear fine but others can't hear me. 




    WiFi Connectivity is a YES for all is good, NO for WIFI issues

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    I actually don't have the problem anymore. I placed my Apple TimeCapsule in another room and my WiFi signal does not drop anymore.

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    First iPhone 5 had very poor wifi signal, returned it as I assumed it was a hardware fault.


    Took it to Apple and the second iPhone 5 has exactly the same poor signal strength and range.


    Have tested in my own home and local restaurants wifi connections. The range is worse than the following devices:


    1. iPhone 4

    2. iPhone 4S

    3. iPad 2

    4. Galaxy note

    5. Sony Xperia T

    6. Toshiba laptop

    7. Xbox 360


    Not sure if I can get my money back, the phone is certainly not fit for purpose though. Until I find a resolution though I will be recommending people steer clear of the iPhone 5.

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    What I don't see mentioned a lot is the cellular version of the phone.  Mine is the Sprint version.  I'm going back to the Apple store today and exchange it again.  I get full wi-fi speed on my home router when my phone is within one foot of the router, any further away and the wifi loses connection and "unable to connect" messages.  At work, all of the wireless networks I used to see and connect to, don't even show up.  At a friends where it used to work, can't even see his or his neighbor's networks anymore.  At home, I have an iPad with the latest iOS, an android phone, two laptops, an Apple TV, a Wii and none of them have any problems with wifi.


    I don't see how what encryption you are using or what brand of router you are connecting to would make a difference because both of the iPhone 5's I have had so far worked perfectly initally and I didn't have any problems.  My original phone worked fine for a couple weeks and my replacement only worked perfectly for one week before it stopped working properly on wifi.  My iPad(3) with the latest iOS continues to work fine at home and at work.