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    My first i5 worked fine for about 6 days then wifi stopped working unless close to the router.  Got a replacement that has been working so far (2 days) but noticed last night I had to manually connect to wifi after the phone went to sleep.  I also have an i4s with IOS.6.0.1 that works perfectly as well as the i4 I had before.  Not sure what the issue could be if they are fine then they just stop working, it doesn't seem to be much of a concern to Apple though. Changing routers or settings should't be an option, these phones should work on home and public wifi just like any other device.

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    They might be lying or they might have done something to your phone.. I ordered mine online and I alr got 3 replacements for a proper working iPhone 5. I'm from Sg too.

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    garrett247 wrote:


    Hi Robert:

    The Apple Store is available to troubleshoot the issue while Best Buy is not.  I would recommend calling 1-800-MYAPPLE and telling them you aren't near a store.  They'll arrange a replacement through the mail.

    Thanks, Garrett.   FWIW, I don't expect Best Buy to troubleshoot.  Nor, honestly, do I expect Apple to do so.  In my mind there is nothing to troubleshoot.  I've got a router, a range extender, and a plain old access point.  I've tried and failed to stay connected to WiFi on any of them with the iPhone 5.   I have been managing networks for years, including WiFi, and I don't see anything else to troubleshoot.    There are over 170 pages in this thread, and there are no solutions to the problem, only workarounds that last for varying lengths of time.   There is a definite defect here.


    It may in fact be a software defect, since several people report it only happened after upgrading to iOS 6.  But for my network, at least, that doesn't seem to be the issue, since we have multiple iOS 6 devices that work just fine.  It is *only* the iPhone 5 that fails.


    I'm going to try to exchange mine for another one today at Best Buy.  I figured since I was going to have to wipe it anyway, I went ahead and wiped it and set it up as a new phone -- no data restored, no apps installed, nothing.  Just a plain phone, set up fresh.   The WiFi problem still exists.  I connected to the network, put the phone to sleep, and walked out of WiFi range.  Then I walked back in range and turned the phone back on.  Not connected.  So I went to reconnect, and it didn't discover the SSIDs, even though I was standing one room away from the router.   Like I said, I don't know if it's hardware or software, but it's definitely defective.

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    Wow, it must be a pain for you to go through 3 replacements to finally get to a working phone..for me still trying to reach Singtel... I kinda regret upgrading to iPhone 5. My previous iPhone was working perfectly.. Now it's so much hassle n I'm still waiting for a resolution from Singtel..

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    Its definitely a software issue. I have no problem connecting, but when I download movies, the connection is slow. When this happen, I open another app that connects to the internet, the speed of the movie that was downloading 30 kbs changes to 460 kbs. It seems to be weird that apps interact with each other.

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    Just got back from the Apple Store.  They told me that the problem was because my LTE switch was "On" and Sprint does not have LTE in my area.  He said it took a lot of work on the part of the Apple engineers to determine that this is the fix as the LTE and WiFi chips are conflicting with each other.


    Anyways, the good news is that he created a repair order and if I still have issues with the wifi, I can just walk back in and have it exchanged.

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    Free thorn,


    I do believe you were handed a load of $&@".  LTE is cellular data related.  If you have cellular disabled LTE is out of the picture.  This is how I use my phone when I don't need cellular.  I still have "wifi" connection issues.

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    Load of crap or not iirc it's a shared chip doing both and needs to switch back and forth. This isn't to say its the cause but anything is feasible. Once again, every single mobile product Apple has released since iPhone 1 has had some type of wifi issues.

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    Software issue is confirmed by the fact that local network streaming/download works flawlessly on iPhone 5 that have unconsistent speeds on WiFi. Only the internet part is affected. Try it by yourself with a NAS or by using your PC/MAC as a server.

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    That is not the case with mine - both local and Internet traffic were affected. I couldn't even see the SSIDs of the network to join as often as not.  It really acted like a hardware issue.


    I just left Best Buy, where they swapped my phone for a new one (kudos to them for doing so).  It's working fine on the free WiFi at Barnes & Noble.  According to the MAC address, this has an Apple chip in it just like the last one.  I'll update with the results when I get it home. 


    Interestingly, the previous one had a slight metallic rattling sound near the power button if you shook it.  The replacement does not. Related?

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    I agree. I did this, and the speeds to still slowed down. I almost want to believe that this was intended for the ignorant to think wifi is slower, so they use their data plan.

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    I feel the same way. Works fine when I'm downloading more than one thing.

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    Picked up a new iphone 5 from the Apple store last Saturday, did not even make it 100' from the store and the display died.  They exchanged it right away and the display is fine, the LTE is great, but the WiFi is terrible.  It gets about the same amount of WiFi signal as my IP4 but it is very slow doewnloading from WiFi, streaming audio will cut out 15' from the router (newer Cisco/Linsys E2500 with latest firmware) and takes forever to reconnect.


    Signal strength in the fringe WiFi signal areas in my house is similar to the ip4 but in some places the ip5 just slows to a crawl or stops but the ip4 works fine eveywhere.  To me the WiFi unusable, same with my office, took 30 minutes to download a 200mb app, my old ip4 did the same file in under 5 minutes.


    Most likely just going to return this for a refund and wait until Apple figures this one out. I tried all the WEP/WPA, bandwidth settings in the router, resetting the network and restoring the phone, everything suggested on this and other forums.  I have about 2 days fooling with this thing and its pretty frustrating to say the least.


    I really like the ip5, AT&T LTE in my area is as fast as can be, like the size and screen and just blew 100.00 on new cables/case, but the WiFi on this is broke, dont feel like doing the replacement dance so I'll just give up and wait.

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    I got the new phone home, and so far so good.  It saw all the approriate SSIDs when I walked into the house, and was able to join the encrypted network on the first try.  I then walked back out of the house out beyond WiFi range and put the phone to sleep.  When I came back into the house and turned it on, it automatically reconnected to the WiFi.  The one I returned never did that -- I always had to reconnect manually.   This has the same first part of the MAC address as the old one, meaning it also has an Apple chip in it.   It is 6.0.1 straight from the factory.


    Dare I try to restore my backup onto it?

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    Perform a BACKUP of this config from the factory

    Then do a RESTORE of your original ?


    I'd be cringing as well


    Though its a bit of a drive for you isnt it ?