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  • onlyAR Level 1 Level 1

    when apple will release ios 6.0.2

  • KJ49 Level 1 Level 1

    JimHdk wrote:


    My response was directed NeRD_ not to you.


    My IP5 works fine on any router i've tried it on.


    My apologies, the 'who you repled to in your post' doesnt show up well on this monitor, since you just posted about the Asus router after my post I ASSumed it was for me.

  • shnzrsrfun Level 1 Level 1

    The 4th beta of IOS 6.1 was released to developers this AM 12/17.  Maybe by year end we can all really test it!!

  • Bob Krugmire Level 1 Level 1

    Hi kids.  I just wanted to pass along a conversation I just had with Toni at Apple Care.  She indicated that the Apple engineers wanted me to switch my router to an "open" network, basically removing any protection I might have from hacks, etc.  That is apparently their new suggestion to get my iPhone 4s to reliably connect to wifi.  Done with Apple.  They have lost a long time supporter and customer.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Bob Krugmire wrote:


    ...She indicated that the Apple engineers wanted me to switch my router to an "open" network, basically removing any protection I might have from hacks, etc. 

    If you read the troubleshooting guide for WiFi problems here  you will see that temporarily turning OFF router security is one of the standard troubleshooting steps in solving WiFi problems.


    "Temporarily disable wireless encryption or security on the Wi-Fi router to rule out encryption issues."

  • marshallfromct Level 1 Level 1

    Is that to say Apple can not complie to standard encryption protocols?? 

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    To Marshall: All issues are pointing to encryption with WiFi relation to IOS6. Its the IOS6 that has caused the compatabilities issues with WiFi Vendors communicating with IOS 6.


    countless threads and posts have all pointed to this direction.


    If all you're tweaks to the Apple Deviec & Your WiFi device have failed, this also includes upgrading/downgrading firmware for your devices, then you're simply left to hope and pray for the new IOS update like the rest of us OR you go and buy a new WiFi device and hope for the best.

  • Russ T Level 1 Level 1

    What no one (that I've seen) has yet addressed is that IF it is an issue of compatibility and/or security compatibility - why are Apple's own routers affected? I'd like to think that at the very least Apple to Apple would still work.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    The reason why it affects potential Apple Products as well without going in too much detail is the physical hardware is NOT all the same, and you need software to drive these.


    Same principle as "some" Iphone 4S's work OK with IOS6 but its common to know Iphone 4S's have connectivity issues with WiFi.


    take my company for example, "most" Iphone 4S's upgraded to IOS6 no longer work with my WiFi Netgear products, same with Iphone 5 with IO6 that you cant get out of.


    I had to downgrade firmware on my Wifi Netgear device to make them all connect again.


    I hope this answers your question and understanding.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    There is nothing pointing to any WiFi encryption problem in iOS6.

  • marshallfromct Level 1 Level 1



    These are standerized encryption protocols adopted by all manufactures of wireless devices.   From what I have read here and in talking to others ios5 did not have this issue. That given, are you saying that Apple screwed up on a industry standered?  This also says nothing for all the public access points, not encrypted, that are having connection issues.


    Bottom line, Apple, address the issue. 

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Im not implying its a Encryption issue of any kind, nor did i mention the word encryption. i work in IT myself looking after a companies infrastructure, im well aware of WiFi Standards etc. I speak in context of "communication" issues between IOS6 and the devices that connect to it. I make no reference to target particular Iphone handsets or other apple devices.


    If i was specific in context to a statement, that would mean i know what the "real;" problem is and "would" have an answer. To this point in time, we've all found our work-arounds, unfortunately some cant event get that far and are forced to return their apple products or buy something else and have discovered an alternative WiFi product happens to be compatable.


    i've been posting since day one. Ive done my fair share of extensive testing both at home, at work etc.


    My findings are relevant to those experiencing the same issues and have demonstrated my work-around, but its not the answer to the root problem.


    We need an explanation why an Iphone 4S with IOS5 worked fine, then you upgrade to IOS6 then everthing falls apart. This is my experience. I also got the same problem with Iphone 5 with IOS 6. Its all pointing to the new IOS6, something has changed software wise and is failing to communicate to the WiFi hardware devices on the market whether its an Apple wiFi device or something else


    My problem is specific to a certain model of Netgear WiFi device. I would be comfortable in saying, that if i went out and bought something else and flew around to all my branches, the apple devices would be more compatibly consistant.

  • foovo Level 1 Level 1

    Here's what I'm seeing. I have 2 networks I'm comparing. At Home I have an Airport Extreme which has the same wireless network name extended wirelessly to an airport express (previous generation). This works fine for at least 2 years with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (the 4S is not on iOS6 BTW so that may change things), iPad 2, iPad Mini. The iPhone 5 can connect to the wireless when close to the Airport Extreme, but it cannot connect to the same network name when out of range of the Airport Extreme - but within range of the Airport Express (even if it shows 2-3 bars). In exactly the same location, all the other devices work just fine. In my Work network, I have 2 Airport Extremes which are both LAN connected but they have the same SSID and passwords and all of these are WPA2 by the way. Again, an iPad mini and an iPad 2 have no problems connecting but the iPhone 5 can see the network but fails when trying to join. I think there are probably multiple problems going on in this thread, but I'm pretty sure there is a problem with having multiple routers with the same SSID - even though this is suposed to 'just work' - and does for most iDevices. I have also been able to compare dozens of iPhones 4 with up to half a dozen different iPhone 5 on our Work network. The iPhone 4 will typically see multiple Wifi routers if they are available but most of the iPhone 5 sourced from one Telco all seem to pick up only one SSID - I think the wirelss stength being weak is another problem in the mix. I have seen one other iPhone 5 that was sourced directly from an Apple store being able to pick up more SSIDs in the same location - so there may also be some variability in manufacturing. I really hope this can be fixed in the firmware and is not an inherent hardware problem. Anyhow - awesome stuff Apple Discussion Community - as we head to a 180 page thread, you sorta figure this problem might be real but very disappointing that the Apple pundits never mention this on their podcasts or blogs.

  • Russ T Level 1 Level 1

    Shanon.Roberts wrote:



    My problem is specific to a certain model of Netgear WiFi device. I would be comfortable in saying, that if i went out and bought something else and flew around to all my branches, the apple devices would be more compatibly consistant.

    Shanon, would it be safe to say that it seems like at this point that the problem is 1) something to do with a bug in iOS and 2) said bug is only an issue on certain routers? Or would you say also that 3) there is perhaps a hardware issue on some of the iPhones as well?


    I guess I was working on the assumption that at the very least, Apple's own routers would be compatible with their Wi-Fi devices (iPhone 4S, 5, etc) but - not to put words in your (or anyone else's mouth) that's not necessarily the case. In other words, not only is it bad enough that Apple hasn't fleshed out the bug in iOS itself but the fact that the bug manifests with their own Wi-Fi router is even worse.


    Again, I'm not trying to put words in anyone's mouth here and I realize Apple is the "enemy" here and the rest of us are all frustrated customers trying to figure this out.

  • Eliot_P Level 1 Level 1

    Any progress with the WiFi issue? There seem to be lots of different WiFi issues being mentioned on this thread, but it looks like the two of us have the exact same problem. I had my two iPhones replaced and was able to reproduce the issue on both of them. However, one of them has siginificantly better WiFi, and even when it gets slower, it still can buffer videos and load stuff tolerably, albeit in low quality. It's also better in that it seems to recover from the bug by itself most of the time. The bug is also much less frequent, so I think I could tolerate with the hope that it might get fixed with an update. The other one seems worse, but I haven't yet tested it much.


    Btw, does your WiFi slow down with all WiFi networks? I've been only trying on my university campus WiFi.