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  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Troublemakr: i respect your comments , however ... Having the latest and greatest whether at home or the workplace doesn't mean it "should" work.


    Secondly , although this thread is IPhone 5 wifi, other Apple products are also having connectivity issues with respect to IOS 6.


    Something has changed in IOS 6 that wasn't transitioned from IOS 5 and has caused these issues.


    I respect that fact you also sound older and more experienced than myself in IT, however i believe my comments are valid.


    I agree it should work as my companies wifi was fine with ios5 and now I have dramas with my wifi devices no longer connecting and downgrading my firmware on WAPs fixed my issue. I'd also like to point out there is not security degradation in doing this, so I proceeded.


    Blame apple for what ever they changed or Blame Wifi vendors for not liasing with Apple for their upcoming Ios6 updates to be more compatible.


    They are both to blame and also the hardware manufactures gone in to the development of these apple devices.

  • CSauvignon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm so dissappointed with my iPhone 5, wifi is not working!!! I'm so frustrated, I wish I have read all this comments before, I just want a freakin refund!!

  • troublemakr Level 1 Level 1

    Another data point: I was looking at the status screen of my router (running DD-WRT), and the signal it sees from the iPhone5 is consistently 10dB lower than that from other devices (a MBP and 2 iPad2s).

    Frustratingly, the wifi just dropped out just now on the i5, as I was fetching email, while the MBP has no hiccups; I'm sitting here with the MBP and iPhone5 (and iPad2) within 6 feet of each other.

  • Bearington13 Level 1 Level 1

    Regarding iPhone 5 wifi issues, I reset my phone, changed router settings, tried every suggestion offered by other threads, finally I removed my clear silicon cover. Wow, it worked, wifi now working as it should be with ping of 36 ms download 12.17 Mbps not bad I'm now saying, hopefully this is how wifi will remain.

  • robertk1 Level 1 Level 1

    If removing the case helps, that's a great fix for the short term, but definitely not  a long term fix.  Wi-fi is supposed to punch through the walls and floors of your house, so it should definitely be able to punch through 1/8" of plastic.

  • Paul Derby Level 1 Level 1

    In looking at the iFixit  "take apart" web page the internal WiFi chip they found was a Murata 339S0171 (Broadcom BCM4334) Wi-Fi module, same as in the Samsung Galaxy S3.   A quick search for WiFi problems on the Galaxy S3 shows similar problems on that smartphone, too.  There is a lot of speculation about power management being the culprit, but nothing really definitive.


    Seems both companies, Apple and Samsung, have some work to do to resolve the WiFi stability and throughput for the customers that use WiFi for both their premier phones.  Maybe the end of the holidays will see the right engineering teams back on the job resolving this situation so that all the phones work, not just the subset that happen to stay connected.


    In doing some of my testing it looks like the data buffer for WiFi uploads is very small on the iPhone 5 and causes poor upload performance when driving a lot of data through the phone, too.


    My phone is working fine after 6.0.2, but I leave it plugged in most of the time and use LTE or 3G most of the time.


  • Jiminho_ Level 1 Level 1

    A little update on my refund for my ip5 (had two, both faulty, 2nd one with wifi issue).


    28 days after apple said refund had happened it appeared back in my AMEX account. I had to contact both parties to query why it was taking so long. AMEX said they had to wait 28 days before they could do anything. BANG on the 28th day my money arrives.



    28 days = long time for a refund, whose fault that is?


    i dont know, but i'm inclined to think AMEX like to hold onto cash to get a bit of interest.

  • CRZ24 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Paul, that's very interesting. The S3 had WIFI problems since July. I didn't see anything about their WIFI being resolved or still exists?

    For the people that finally got a working ip5 replacement, I wonder if the chipset was upgraded or something? Or just a faulty batch?

  • Paul Derby Level 1 Level 1

    No indication of hardware problems but definitely software improvements needed on both IP5 and Galaxy platforms. With a reset of the device.  Since most of the reports show good performance followed by bad performance that is likely software. Hope the engineers are all rested up after the holidays and ready to tackle this challenge!


    Seems the non-ideal workaround for those with access to their access point is to degrade from WPA2 auto down to WPA2 down to WPA. WEP is too insecure but will probably work as a degraded alternative.


    Deleting stored access points and turning WiFi off then back on and reentering access point settings may give some temporary relief too.  That's kind of what some people are indirectly doing when they redo their settings for proxy servers and DNS, even though neither DNS nor changing to auto proxy should matter for maintaining a WiFi connection.

  • vm23 Level 1 Level 1

    There is definitely a distance issue. When I am within 10 feet of my wireless router, the WiFi connection on the iphone 5 is perfect (same as my Macbook Air, etc). So, roughly a download speed of 10 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.5 Mbps. This is the same for the iphone 5 & Macbook Air at that location close to the router.


    When I move to another room with both devices (about 25 feet and one thin wall), the Macbook Air speed remains exactly the same (Download: 10 Mbps & Upload: 1.5 Mbps). However, on the Iphone 5 download speed drops dramatically & the upload speed remains the same (Download: 0.3 Mbps and choppy signal & Upload: 1.5 Mbps).


    I tried the same thing with my wife's Macbook Pro & Iphone 4. Again, within 10 feet both devices have excellent download speeds. When I move to the adjacent room (25 feet), the Macbook Pro speed remain the same buth the Iphone 4 download speed drops to about 3.5 Mbps with unchanged upload speed.


    I repeated this 3 times with all 4 devices and it's reproducible every time with the iOS devices (worse with the iphone 5).


    Finally, I tried all of the recommendations: resetting the network settings, firmware update, router reboot, turning off bluetooth, removing the case, etc. Very trivial effects, almost no change.


    If this doesn't get fixed on the iphone 5 I'm going to need to get two extra airport express units to boost the signal in a 1500 square foot condo.


    This doesn't make sense......

  • Patsywright Level 1 Level 1

    Reset your iPhone and back up from iCloud and see if that help. I could not go 10 feet with out my phone dropping wifi  then I reset it and back it up from iCloud. Work a lot better. I know this is a pain but please try it.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    You have the same issue I had. I would get 30 Mbps on my iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad1, iPad3, Android tablet and 4 windows PCs all tested at the same location (about 5 meters from my router). At 5m my iPhone5 was testing at 2 Mbps.  (iPhone5 could get 30 Mbps if my iPhone was 30cm from my router) Also same issues at work. I went to speak to the "Genius" at the Apple store who told me there was nothing wrong with my phone and that my 3 month old professionally installed wifi router must be broken. Of course the router company would have tested the router and found that it works with every device in the universe except my new iPhone5 so I doubt they would accept it as their issue.


    Anyway, I refused to change any settings on my router (as per thread suggestions) and had Apple give me a new phone. Brand new with no data on it it was testing over 30 Mbps. I have now restored the phone with all of my old apps and music and are still getting over 30 Mbps.


    This issue was killing me. As everyone knows this is very frustrating. A phone with dial up speed wifi is useless and was even considering going back to an iPhone 4s or even and Android phone.


    All I can say is there seems to be 2 issues with the phone #Issue 1: Has trouble connecting to WiFi - Update to latest firmware and possibly look at changing your router security settings.  #Issue 2: Slow speed when moving away from your connected WIFi router - After my experience I can only suggest THIS IS A HARDWARE ISSUE. Apple must have a bad batch of phones. Book an appointment with you local Apple Genius bar and get them to give you a new phone. (FYI - The WiFi will work perfect when is the Apple store and seems to work OK with Apple AirPort Express routers)


    I have changed nothing but the phone and now have wifi that is 80 times faster.

    I am so glad that this issue is now fixed. Good luck to everyone.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    I tried removing my case on my bad iPhone5 and did get a small improvement (at best from 2Mbps up to 8 Mbps). However, after getting my iPhone 5 replaced I can now get over 30Mbps even with my plastic and aluminum case on. I suggest you get another iPhone/iPad device and do a speed test. If your iPhone5 is not geeting the same speed as other devices in the same location, I think there still is an underlying hardware issue.


    FYI - The app "" is a great way to test the speed of your various Apple devices.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    @CSauvignon Get you phone replaced by the Apple Store. I have written some other replies with more details, but there is definetly a bad batch of iPhone5's and it looks like we both got one. My new iPhone5 works perfectly.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    Results now uploaded to YouTube. Being speed tested are (from left to right) iPhone3Gs, iPhone4 and an iPhone5. This was tested about 5 meters from the wifi router. Please note: I get the same results when each phone tested separately. iPhone3Gs, iPhone4 both have on a cover and the iPhone5 is naked. iPhone5 running 6.0.2 update.


    And after I had my phone replaced at the Apple store (iPhone5 also now has a cover on! - same result with cover off)...