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    It disconnects from wifi when idle and not plugged in.  Power saving..  I'm not sure exactly what the "idle" timing is though.  When checking for mail and such it should reconnect to wifi automatically (if available) even when the screen is off.

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    Ah ok I do understand now... thank you!

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    I also have problems with the Wifi connection at the office. The connection itself is good but no data is coming through. But I can use Airplay with no problem with the connected Apple TV. It only occurs with internet data. Strangly enough it works without problems at my home network.


    Still wondering if it's hardware or software.

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    SamAust: Did they give you a brand new phone or did it look like it was refurbished? I want to get my phone replaced today and want to make sure what to expect.


    Thank You

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    The dude at the Genius Bar just "swapped out" my iPhone 5 a few hours ago.  It looks brand new - still had the same shipping screen protectors on it that my iPhone 5 originally did.  My original actually had a minor defect in the front glass and this new one is in even better condition.

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    I think you are closing in on the reason for much of the problems.  Both Apple and Samsung are striving to squeeze all the time they can get from the battery in their latest phones that are using the same chipset, so they are cycling the WiFi as much as possible to save power. This leads problems such as:


    authentication probems with power cycling of the wifi chipset

    download interrupts for long data streams with power cycling of the wifi chipset


    Both Apple and Samsung customers are complaining about poor WiFi performance with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 which both appear to be using the same WiFi chipset according to the "take apart" web sites.


    It also appears that WiFi settings are cached in non-volatile memory so that once the settings are corrupted for authentication the phone won't authenticate and once a large data transfer starts, the firmware isn't cleaning up the buffering correctly leading to extrememly slow performance.  I was this behavior in my iPhone 5 particularly on uploads of large data sets such as you get with speedtest.  The phone would send at full speed for a while, then completely stop, then pick up a few seconds later reducing the overall throughput substantially.  6.0.2 helped resolve this problem on my iPhone.


    It seems most (but not all) of the customer reported WiFi difficulty with iPhone 5's  start out with performance OK, then degrade...  so the problem is probably firmware rather than hardware.


    When people exchange phones for a new one, they get a nice clean start with the hardware and non-volatile memory settings, but if the firmware is still flawed, the phone will degrade when the conditions lead to power cycling and interrupted data buffering.


    Hopefully, Apple engineering will experience the same problems or get one of the returned phones so they can isloate the problems and get a fix released. 


    For phones that have slow WiFi right out of the box, there is the possiblity the antenna wasn't connected correctly during manufacture.

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    @hadi They got a phone out of a plastic case. It looked new and had all the protective covers still on the screen. For what I could tell, it was a new phone. There was no sign it had been touched outside of a factory. But the number 1 thing was it fixed the wifi issue that was driving me insane. When I got home I set it up as a new phone and did some speed tests and compared with my other iPhones and iPads. All worked perfectly. After my tests on the fresh device, I then downloaded my old data from iCloud and it still worked perfectly. Just wanted to be sure the issue was not caused by the software on my phone.


    Good luck, I hope a replacement phone also fixes you issue.


    I think there is both a software issue and a hardware issue. Mine was definitely a hardware issue from the start. I believe my phone had a very weak antenna. I think the confusing thing is that there seems to be a software issue that causes similar wifi problems.

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    Indeed Paul this appears to be the problem. I've been saying since day one that firmware that drives the WiFi from these Apple devices are failing to communicate to correctly with respective IOS6 devices as there no volume of WiFi issues like this reported with IOS5.


    i dream the problem will be fixed with IOS 6.1 or Iphone 6


    Im hoping Iphone 5 is a disaster like Windows ME when that came out

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    Windows ME was a disaster for anyone who used it. iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has been fine for all but a small handful of people. Your comparison simply doesn't hold up.

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    What this thread represents is only a small fraction of people affected.  People who actually recognize that they have slow wifi may or may not search out a solution, may or may not find their way to this board and may or may not set up an account to participate.  That this thread is nearling half a million views speaks volumes.  Do a Google search and look at all the search results.  Apple, we have a problem here. 

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    @don_toronto Agree totally. There would be a lot of people who don't realise they have an issue.

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    @don_toronto  Right on the money.  My guess is this is, as you suggest, a very small fraction of the people with affected phones.  Many do not realise there is an issue, depending onhow they use it, many see the issue, but don't realise there are these sorts of forums, then others look at the forums and think - why bother!!

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    Very well said.  The way I get around to downloading a >1GB file is to use a slow speed WiFi; such as, 2Mbps.  Each time I tried to download at 25Mbps it stops and stops and stops.  The slow WiFi gets the job done without having to keep an eye on the download.

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    Perhaps i should of also mentioned Iphone 4S with IOS6 ? This is also been made aware on these threads of being a problem as well.


    FYI: I just created a NEW WiFi Hotspot at my work and its a Belkin, dont have the model off the top of my head as im tying this, but my MD's Samsung Galaxy 3 connected wonderfully, but my Iphone 5 didnt accept the pass key.


    So here i go again, another firmware tweat on this WiFi Device ?

    Time will tell.


    I had to downgrade firmware on our Netgear WiFi devices just to get my iphone 5 and staff's Iphone 4S's which all have IOS6. This was never an issue with IOS5, it never missed a Heart Beat

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    Just talked to Apple and my is 30 days old than also they will send refub pic... In Apple she said they never send new phone. All refub only. They said, they change logic board for wi-fi and new hardware. She try to convience me that I will be getting refub pic that is better than new one. What a stupid I am to listen her... but don't hv any choice... whatever they say, need to accept it... This is totaly not acceptable from Apple. They did big mass to this phone & hardware. I am buyng $1800+ phone over the 2 years contract and getting refub pic due to Apple mistake.