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    Go for it.  Don't let them bowbeat you.  As in my experience, Apple are conceding a hardware issue,  Push it!  Good luck.

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    How did you crack your glass? Did it crack easy, cause I'm under. The impression the glass is a lot harder to crack compared to previous models. Like did you do something and say yeah my screen is broken for sure, or was it like *** why did it crack?

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    Hey mate,


    Are u able to creat a guest network on your router at home ?

    If so create a separate guest network for your iPhone 5 and done put a password on this account but make sure u hide the network name (SSID) or people will use ur download usage (if u have any).


    This has worked for me, and I'm sure it will for u too.


    Here found this post it might help.


    All the best buddie, and don't stress apple will resolve this issue..



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    After a series of tests I'm convinced that the problem is hardware-related (antenna). I'm using a partly wired network besides the wifi. In my office-chamber at home I have installed a supplementary acces-point (using WEP2 encryption and now the connection works perfectly as the Iphone and the acces-point are whitin one meter. When I'm further away, it doesn't work.


    I also dicovered that when removing the protective-case from the iPhone5 (Uniq Colour) a had a little beter connection near the router (which is hidden in the TV furniture)


    Last week I recieved my Ipad3 and this device works perfectly everyware so it isn't the router buth clearly the IPhone!!

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    As I posted earlier, Apple are conceding that this is a hardware issue.  Get it replaced!

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    Does it matter how long I've had my iPhone? Think it's going on two months now.

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    I'm almost certain it should still be under warranty.  Even if not, I'd push your case, since it's a recognised fault.

    If you're in UK I can give you Apple Support number.  You're definitely entitled to free phone support for 90 days.

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    Update: My replacement iPhon5 (see post on page 210) has been working fine since last Friday. Coincidentally or not, I connect it to my car bluetooth this morning and my wifi is now starting to act up again. It will connect but I am going nowhere unless I turn the wifi off. I will do a few more tests and keep you posted.

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    I just went to bluetooth to forget this device (my car), rebooted and my wifi is now back to normal again. I am going to repair to my car and give you an update later. If this is reproducible, I think it is more likely a code issue unless wifi and bluetooth use a combo chip.

  • Shaddow Level 1 (10 points)

    I would say that it completely normal. The bluetooth thing probably has nothing to do with it. It seems a significant number of people who get a phone replaced which works, stops working after a few days. Happened to me twice so far. Everything is fine for 3 or 4 days then it goes back. In my case I havent even turned bluetooth on once on this new phone.

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    Update: I re-paired my phone back to my car, drove to office, and wifi is still working fine. The problem I experienced earlier was at home. Hopefully it is just a glitch on my home access point. Will update if new episode emerges.

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    I am based in UK and got my iPhone 5 on O2 contract. I called O2 to inform about my faulty handset with slow wifi issue and ask if they will replace my handset or I shall directly contact Apple store.


    The support gal said its the first time she has heard of the issue. I said do a google and you will find that globally people are facing the same issue and even Apple is replacing the faulty devices. At this she said let me Call Apple and Check if they are aware of this issue.


    After a while she called me back and to my surprise said that Apple is not aware of any such issue and probably I am finding slow wifi issue due to Poor BT broadband connection. I said my iPad and iPhone 4 is working fine. For which her response was may be you have connected too many devices to your wifi network that's making your iPhone 5 wifi slow.


    it's difficult to explain to O2 and Apple why globally so many iPhone 5 users are suffering from Apple's poor product quality control resulting into their latest gadget with faulty wifi hardware.

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    Rubbish!  Call Apple yourself on 0844 209 0611, as I did.  They directed me to take the phone into the local Store and it was replaced, no problem.

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    After three attempts requesting the replacement of my iphone 5 Movistar did it because I had to tell the technician to move his *** and walk a few feet from his working desk and he could check the Wifi problem we have been discussing in this forum. Thanks.

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    I'd personally like to see a Link on the Apple website themselves stating they are aware of the issue this will totally support the truth of the matter


    On a side note, if we can get any details from whom this Apple personnel is etc...


    Im surprised the clowns at Apple are stating they are now aware of the issue after all these posts/threads/replies etc etc.


    A Range of us have been saying its a communication/signal issue that requires a software fix since day 1.


    I hope they start reviewing contracts over there OR Hire staff to involve themselves as active participants on these forums.


    Other companies employ their own staff to contribute to their Tech Support Forums, Apple shouldnt be any different.


    However the Article was posted September 2012, and they think its been fixed by releasing IOS 6.01 ?, someones heads needs to be banged together