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    I am on my 4th iPhone 5 as well and experienced the same as you.  Once they handed me the 4th one and it didn't connect to any wi-fi like the other 3, they finally hooked me up with an engineer and a senior tech.  They asked to remote into my home computer and set my router differently.  They changed me to WPA Enterprise (I believe) and changed my GHz signal to something other than it was previously.  That got me up and running at home.  However, I still can't connect to my Netgear router at work, but that is a known issue and I am waiting for that fix to come "someday."


    Prior to all of this, I went through the following: 


    1.  CS Reps not calling me back after asking me to perform certain tasks on my phone.

    2.  CS Reps losing my notes (had to start over NUMEROUS times because of this).

    3.  Genius reps saying they DID know of the wi-fi issue.

    4.  Genius reps at the same store telling me they knew NOTHING about any wifi issues.

    5.  Lather, rinse and repeat (don't even get me started on the data leak issue).


    But eventually I got with the right person and he got the job done.  NEVER GIVE UP!!  They are going to have to deal with this in a more public manner soon enough because their silence is ******* off a large population of loyal consumers.  It will come out, and they will look really, really bad.

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    Hi guys,


    I can see this is an ongoing problem and didn't want to start yet another thread.


    I'm just curious if anybody else has a similar issue to myself?


    I've had my iPhone 5 (16Gb white) since October 2012 and always thought the Wifi was weak compared to my old 3GS but recently (since iOS 6.0.2 update) my connectivity has gotten worse.


    I am still able to connect to my home wifi to look at text based websites and ebay etc.  However as soon as I start to stream video via Youtube, Gametrailers or BBC iPlayer, the wifi immediately cuts out and reverts to 3G.


    The only way I have been able to maintain wifi and stream video is by standing next to my router.


    My D-Link router only broadcasts on 2.4Ghz but I feel loathed to replace it when my 3GS, PS3, 3 laptops, wireless printer and girlfriend's Nokia Lumia 920 all work just fine with no conflicts or lag.


    I've got an AppleCare Rep contacting me on Thursday to troubleshoot the problem but just wondered if anybodu else had similar experiences and if there were any fixes I could try myself?



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    I can only hope my problems are over.  Yesterday I went to the Apple store with my story, and was told to reset all settings.  Did that (collosal pain) to no avail.  Next step was to be a restore as new, making the reset all settings seem like a walk in the park.  I did not tackle it yesterday, and when my husband came home from work last night, he told me his new 4S was dead.  Sure enough, it did not take a charge and could not be revived, so off to the Apple store I went again today, not having done the restore on my phone.  I got a very sympathetic tech, who got hubby's phone started with a reboot (I had done that too!), and did a restore as new on it while I waited.  Hubby really had nothing on there but apps, and contacts were in Outlook, so no problem there.  Then tech asked me if I wanted a replacement for my phone (oh JOY).  He took details of my router & config for diagnosis purposes, and brought me a new phone, which is almost done syncing now.  I'm choosing not to restore from backup, as there might be something in there related to the problem. Also, the new phone is on 6.0.1, and I'm leaving it there.  It's working fine right now, and only time will tell.


    mgsalmon - There is a thread for your specific problem:

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    ChrisAgNYC wrote:


    So, it has been a while since I have posted on this topic.  I am on my 4th iPhone 5 and Apple seems to have given up on being willing to replace them and wants to try and figure out what is going on.  They have "escalated" my case and have been really interested in what has been going on and trying to get as much info from me as they can.


    As a recap - I have been having the same problem since the first day the iPhone 5 came out - I can connect to a network the first time, but if I leave and return, I connect but can't retrieve or send any data.  This happens in my office, at Starbucks, my parents' house and other places.  It works great in my house and at the Apple Store.  I have a 64GB Black iPhone 5 (this model seems to have more problems than the others based on what I have seen in real life and on the web)


    So, since my office is the best place to mess around with things, I decided to connect an older Aiport Express to my network and tried to use that as my access point - unprotected - to see if it would work.  It did the same thing.  I then decided to connect a new Airport Express that runs 5GHz and to use that - password protected - and now it works perfectly fine, just like it does in my house (also running 5GHz at home).


    My conclusion is that there is an issue with the 2.4GHz portion of my iPhone 5.  It might be an issues handing off from LTE to 2.4 or something along those lines.  It might be software, or it might be a bad run of chips/antennas, but there is definitely a problem.  It works fine over 5GHz, but falls very short when trying to work over 2.4GHz.


    Apple now had this information and we will see what they come back with.

    I support this wholeheartedly as I myself was suspicious of this. And BT that also works on the 2.4 band seems to complicate the issue even more.


    And if i cant use a smartphone on the 2.4GHz WiFi band then its a no-buy. Hopefully Apple will fix this as I love everything about the iPhone 5. (maybe not how easily it scratches)

    For now my unit is being returned within the "money back" policy and Im hoping they wont give me a hard time in the approval of the returned device.


    I will for sure buy another unit when all this is sorted out.

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    Alright guys... I have been watching this thread since it first started and was hesitant to plug a trigger on a new iphone 5 because of this thread... So despite seeing this I decided to see for myself and bought a 32GB iphone 5 in black.. So so far I have had it for 2 weeks and was on IOS 6.0.1 and have not had a single Wi Fi issue with this phone on my Home Network or my work network.. So I was hesitant to go to ios 6.0.2 and waited a bit and went ahead and did it about a weeke ago and the phone is still rock solid.  So last weekend I just bought another iphone nd this time I bought a 16GB iphone 5 in white for my girlfriend and this one too is working like a champ.. So either I am the luckiest guy on the planet or what because I do not have any of the issues you guys are describing here....


    Good luck and I hope you guys get your Wifi issues fixed!!

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    Knuckles - You are not that lucky.  There is really only a small percentage of phones affected.  Those of us with problems feel it severely, but the odds are greatly in you favor that your particular phones will not have any of these problems.

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    my iphone 5 loses wifi connection all the time now, and when it is connected its super slow. I think its 6.0.1 because my ipad is starting to have the same issues, but not as bad as my iphone 5

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    On the surface, it looks like my family's 4 iPhone 5s work fine. Don't have trouble connecting to networks, at home (Airport Expresses/Extreme) or in an Apple store. BUT - wifi performance itself is woeful on all the phones (2 or which have already been swapped by Apple). Try this - if you don't have a Dropbox account, get one, and put a large file in there, maybe 20 or 30MB. Then try to download it to the phone. It is just about impossible to accomplish this on an iPhone 5 or an iPad Mini. iPhone 4s, iPad 1, iPad 3, all fine. 3G is fine too.


    You really don't notice this issue in day-to-day stuff. Web browsing, mail etc. seem to be fine, but then you're not really downloading much there. Speedtest for me at home shows 17mb/sec speed, which is what my ADSL runs at (although sometimes Speedtest does seem to have extended pauses). So even though Speedtest looks OK, I would urge people to try the Dropbox test. 6.0.2 didn't change a thing for me. Same problem trying to download all my Evernote notebooks for offline use. Takes hours on iPhone 5, minutes on iPhone 4.

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    My iPhone 5 was working fine on Wifi when I got it on November 2012. Connection to all access points of different brands at my home and at public hotspots at airports, in hotel etc. Connection speed was just fine, no problem to use any app like Dropbox, also the exchange connections was good. Once I updated to 6.0.2 Wifi was gone straight away. I could only force a very poor connection stand next to the access point which had no encryption at all. But still data transmission was not possible, it was always going back to mobile network connection.

    This change from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 clearly seems to be the reason for the problem as it was running OK beforehand and immediately stopped working after the update. All resets and other trials simply did not help.

    I got it replaced at the Apple Store and the new one again worked fine, but it also still was on 6.0.1. Due to my first experience I did not update to 6.0.2. After a couple of weeks of usage I decided that I am brave enough to do the update to 6.0.2 now, and guess what happened? Wifi connections immediately took affect after the update.

    So for me it seems really SW related with the change from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2. Symptoms and experience for other might be different. As for other people it was bad also under 6.0.1 I can only imagine that it concerns a problematic Wifi chipset that Apple does not fully have under control. If there is a difference in behaviour of the chipset depending on the production lot, it would be worse. If different chipsets of different manufacturers are used in different production lots of the iPhone 5 Apple should make sure to find out the best driver implementation for each chipset and make sure it comes in a new update ASAP. If in addition it is also related to a real HW problem of some chipset batches it should really be communicated and a test scenario should be provided with which you can clearly identify it. All these Wifi problems together with the bad reception and call quality of the iPhone 5 so far could really cause an issue for the iPhone's and Apple's reputation. And not action and communication pro-actively can really make it worse.

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    Fellow Apple users,


    Since a few days I have my iPhone 5. Everything works like a charm, apart from connecting to wifi. It can connect to a wifi spot/router. But either the data transfer is really slow, or it's just connecting but not receiving nor downloading data via the wifi.


    Normally I don't update my iPhone (at least not he last one) and with my last iPhone I had no problems what so ever.


    Hopefully there will be an update soon for this problem, seeing I'm hardly the only one experiencing this problem.


    Greets from Holland,


    - Marc

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    Bad news, my 5 GHz work around stopped working this morning when I arrived to my office


    I'm back in contact with Apple and we will see what happens.  It is very confusing as all of the other iPhone 5s in my office work perfectly, but mine doesn't and now Apple wants to look at the network as the cause.  If it was the network, wouldn't they all not work?????


    I'll keep you posted.

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    I spoke to Apple (UK) yesterday who said that they were aware of a problem and that I should make an appointment at Genius Bar to confirm and replace. I since spoke to my company who contaced vodafone and will swap out tomorrow.


    My first encounter with Apple was that the speeds I was getting were average for DSL (300kbps).....hmmm


    Anyway - good that they finally admit to knowing of an issue.


    Best of luck with yours!

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    Bought an iPhone 5 in the New York Apple Store at the end of November. Worked like a charm. Since the 6.0.2 update, however, wireless connectivity has become a nightmare. On my home network it still connects, but the signal strength is less than on my iPad or iPhone 4. When i'm close enough to my router i can still reach 54 mbps download, but that speed drops quickly once I set a few steps further.

    At work the phone sometimes connects, sometimes it doesn't. Download speed at approximately 0,5 mbps, while I reach about 25 mbps on the iPad.

    And then there is also the 3G problem (here in Belgium we are still awaiting the roll out of LTE). 3G works fine... apart from the speed: 0,5 mbps approximately.

    For me it's clearly a software issue.

    I contacted Apple Care, after a few tests they said my iPhone needed to be repaired; I paid 29 EUR for an express exchange and than... nothing. Until I checked the status where it said that the repair was annulled. So I Called them and learned that I had to return my iPhone in the New York Apple Store (about 6000 km- I Live in Belgium). After telling them that I found this was not a very good plan, I was put in contact with a superior advisor. This kind man said that any Apple Store would do. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't like the Belgians very much, so: no official Apple Store here, only preferred resellers, premium dealers and so on.

    The nearest Official Apple store is in Amsterdam (250 km, we're getting closer).

    Hopefully Apple comes out with a fix very soon, as I still believe that downgrading to 6.0.1 or an upgrade to a better iOS version (6.1?) might resolve the issue for me and my beloved iPhone.

    For the rest: Although there is no official Apple Store in Belgium, we are a civilized country (electricity, hot water, brick houses, internet, we have it all :-).

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    Couchar - I am not certain, but I think if you restore your phone as new, you may get 6.0.1.  I just got a new (replacement) phone at the Apple store, and it came with 6.0.1.  You can try it with little to lose.  It might also just jog something into place.  Before you do it, make sure you sync to save your data.  There is some data that will not be saved by a sync.  Be sure your contacts are synced either to Outlook, or whatever contact manager you use.  Also copy all your pix off the phone.  I use an app to display, comment on,  and slomo video, and that data was not saved, but I had all the originals.  Also, if you have many screens, take pix of them first, to make set up afterwards easier.  Do not do a restore from backup, as you may just recreate the problem.  Good luck.

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    Sk8Dreams wrote:


    Couchar - I am not certain, but I think if you restore your phone as new, you may get 6.0.1. 

    No, you will get 6.0.2.