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    I hada this problem with my new iphone 5 and am also with vodafone.  I contacted the latter first, went through all sorts of processes with them, to try to sort it, to no avail.  They advised me to contact Apple support, by phone, which I did.  They tried same things.  Same result.  I was advised to take phone into local Apple Store.  After it wouldn't recognise their wifi, they replaced it immediately: no questions.  The 'genius' said it was a fault with the wifi card.  New phone worked perfectly since.

  • edarlingb Level 1 (0 points)

    Incidentally, Apple did give me the option of sending it to them and having a replacement posted out to me - rather than take it into a store.

  • dholz Level 1 (0 points)

    A simple solution would be allow all iphone5 users affected by 6.02 revert back to 6.01, why is that so difficult?

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    I feel your pain i brought my iphone 5 back to apple twice and GUESS what that piece of crap connects to their wifi !! they think im an idiot that enter the wrong password! ... funny it doesnt connect to any other wifi i went to att, library, starbucks and it doesnt connect their wifi either! or any other wifi at the mall ...

    i CAN NOT wait to see my att bill i already disable imessage, notifications and email off my SMART phone! and added another GB to my plan to avoid crazy charges!

    I love the iphone 5 dont get me wrong but if it "just DOESNT work" i cant help but have that hate/love relationship this is probably the last iphone i buy im done seriously i cant believe they wont just give me a new phone when i purchased the extended care plan! they CARE? alright...

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    My iPhone 5's WiFi was working smooth under 6.0.1 - no issues at all.


    After update to 6.0.2 - terrible situation. Bad data transfer rates. Server timeouts. Nothing happens. Regardless which network I am in.


    Please update very soon.

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    I have the same issue, tried to reset all network setting but still same. Did u solve ur issue?

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    DavidR_G - Make another appointment at the Apple store. Bring a written list of everything you have done and of all the situations where your wifi works and does not work.  Tell them you have been there 2 times already, have done everything they said, and still have the problem.  Demand a new phone.  If the "genius" says no, ask to speak with a manager. 


    One thing you can do to show them you do not type your password incorrectly, is to put it in Notes.  Show them, and tell them you copy and paste.  I actually do that, inserting a few bogus character in the middle, and removing them when I need to use the password.


    I was lucky and got a new phone on my second trip to the store, which was actually the very next day for my husband's new 4S.  You will get a new phone, if you persist.

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    Just back from the apple store with a new phone. It's already on 6.0.2 but wifi is working fine. Hopefully it will stay that way...

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    I have been to the Apple store in Southampton. I explained the problems I was having, the assistant thought it must be a fault with the phone itself. We tried to get it not to work in store but it was fine. Nevertheless he suggested replacing it with a new handset. I restored it last night and up to now has worked faultlessly. It is quick, it stays connected, doesn't drop out, the range is throughout the house. Doesn't this mean that there was a hardware fault with some phones. Hopefully I have the phone that I want. Shame on Vodafone UK for not backing me up and offering to replace it free of charge. Thumbs up for the staff at Apple - well done.

    Fingers are crossed.


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    I have an iphone 5 and was having the same issues not being able to connect my Iphone 5 to my home WIFI internet until I checked the wifi settings on my 5 iphone.


    I clicked on "Settings"...."Wi-Fi".... selected my wifi router name....and put in the password and there was a "tick" next to the Wifi connection name idicating it was connected but the little verticle bars  in the very to lefthand cornerof the screen were not appearing.


    So I went back again....."Settings"...."Wi-Fi".... selected my wifi router name.... and then i clicked on the blue circled arrow.


    That takes you to a page headed "Forget this network"


    I got my Ipad out and compared the settings and found the Http Proxy was set to "off" on the Iphone 5 and on "Auto on the Ipad.


    Changed the Iphone 5 to Auto and it works fine.


    Hope this helps some of you.



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    Let us know, I am totally over this whole mess. I can't depend on this iPhone 5 @ all. I'm waiting for a particular vendor with another OS to release their new phone soon, putting my iPhones on ebay and saying goodby to Apple. No business is ever "to big to fail".

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    So Yesterday I went to Apple Store and got my iPhone 5 replaced with a refurbished one. And wow that works fine...its on 6.0.1 and i have no intentions to upgrade it to 6.0.2 as the wifi speed is fine now.


    Though, few things worth mentioning before you take your phone to Apple store:


    1) At apple store i went to, Wifi signal strenth and internet speed (40Mbps) was superfast and therefore my faulty iPhone 5 was behaving much better that it was behaving at home wi-fi. It was really difficult to prove that I have a slow wi-fi propblem :-)

    2) Then and there I ran Speedtest application multiple times and noted significant variance in the download speed. Sometimes it was showing 15 Mbps , sometimes 40 Mbps and other times something in between. I assumed this is a good prove the my wi-fi card is naughty

    3) The Apple store rep said that she has never used sppedtest app in past so cant comment on its relibility ;-)

    4) She ran a diagnostic test on phone, noticed multiple application crashes and call drops. But since I had restored my phone three days back, she said we dont have sufficient data to prove that its a regular trend. We need atleast two weeks data. (So guys in case you are taking ur phone to apple store, preferably dont reset your phone). Therefore all she can do is reset my phone as a new without using my data from cloud and asked me to revisit the store within two weeks time. :-( i had no choice

    5) But, i was really fortunate. After reseting my phone, wi-fi blinked and itunes store got stuck on phone showing loading for a very long time and i had to close itunes. Thats it, on the basis of this new evidence she replaced the phone with a refurb iphone 5 that works fine (so far).


    So guys if you are taking your phone to Apple store, please have two weeks worth of diagnostic data and be prepared for a shock that your phone's wi-fi may be significantly better at the store.


    Before going to store, at your home you may try one more trick on your wi-fi router to improve signal strength that i guess is not mentioned before in this forum.


    In Router config usually there are 11 (or is it 12) wi-fi channels and there is an option to automatically select a channel that has best signal strength for your home environment (depending on interference from other wi-fi devices). Try running the automatic adjustment of channel once or twice to see if that improves signal strength i.e. your i Phone 5 wifi response.



    Cheers guys

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    Add me to the list of users whose iPhone 5 worked just fine on wifi on 6.0.1, and is completely unreliable on 6.0.2


    I'm very fortunate to be on a Verizon unlimited plan... so I just keep the wifi turned off.   Otherwise, all apps hang when the phone tries to make/maintain wifi connections.


    Either give us the option to rollback to 6.0.1, or issue a real fix to this issue.  

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    My iPhone 5 is also plagued.. I didn't really notice it wasn't connected to WiFi anymore until iCloud alerted me that I had not backed up a long time.


    I found it would connect to WiFi, but transfers were slow and eventually WiFi would disconnected.  I did upgrade to 6.0.2 last week with no change.

    I reset my network settings, and then I couldn't even negotiate a connection to my AP (Linksys running DD-WRT).


    The only way i was able to connect is by having the phone <3 feet from the router with no wireless security enabled.  Speedtest reports 2Mbps transfer rates.  If I move farther away from the AP, the WiFi disconnects.


    On LTE, I get 12+Mbps download rates.  Fortunately for me, I am still grandfathered in to the unlimited data with AT&T.


    I suppose I will make an appointment to go to the apple store this week.

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    ****, just got a new iphone 5 and activated it via wifi. Everything was fine until I updated to 6.0.2......

    If I move 3 meters from the wifirouter the iPhone loses connection.