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  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Ozzi: That can be easily achieved if you're within your warranty period to do so, the affected WiFi is a greater percentage related to IOS 6, than a minority whom can get a phone replacement.


    The average person should be doing this as a 101 for dummies whilst in their warranty period, otherwise if you'er out of your return warranty period you could be charged for repair/replacement.


    Did they test your phone with their WiFi in their building ?.

    They wiped a couple of my Iphone '5s as well, went back to work and still no good. I go back to Apple store and for some reason it connected their WAP's in their building.


    Shame you cant offer the Hardware specs and details of your iphone 5, might be possible to narrow down possible known iphone 5's with certain chips no them etc just like cases were mentioned a long time ago on these threads.

  • zverko Level 1 Level 1

    People who say thay can connect on wifi in apple store but not at home: its simple. In apple store they use apple routers like Time Capsule or Airport Extreme


    For example. I had great problems with my wifi on iphone5 (as i stated earlier in this forum). I had TP Link router which works great with macbook air,ipad3 and wifes iphone4. I got my iphone5 on 22.12.2012. It worked for few days and stoped working. Nothing I could do. At home, at parents, and work, nowhere I could connect on wifi. Terrible. Than i have bought Time Capsule for home and my iphone5 is working great in home wifi but still ***** everywhere else.


    So, It must be eather hardware problems (and it works only with apple iDevices) or it is some kind of sotware problems, which btw is not corrected with 6.1.


    So, i am heading to apple store for replacement of my iphone5.


    Will keep you posted what happend.


    Best of luck to us all who have lost all patiente with apple

  • JanSKay Level 1 Level 1

    I've had trouble and I have a Time Capsule and Airport Express to boost the signal in other areas of my small house and I've had trouble so it doesn't matter that its an Apple to Apple product.


    I'm almost afraid to say this for fear it'll jinx it but a few hours ago I reset my network settings on my iPhone 5 and not lost a signal AND the wifi sync issue I've also had even longer than the dropped wifi seems to be working properly. I'll report back tomorrow to verify its still working.... Or not.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    To zverko: Id be surprised if they simply give you a brand new phone after the lenght of period and also not updating to IOS 6.1. There have been a small number with connectivity issues even with Time Capsule and Airport Extreme, if i recall these also have firmware updates to them, i could be wrong as i dont use those two products ?.


    If all goes well and you receive a new Iphone 5, see if you can provide all the evidential proof of this and share it around to those who are having the same misfortunate, they can use this as leveridge to pop in to their own local place for exchange like your case.



  • zverko Level 1 Level 1



    Yes they will. Because, before i have bought Time Capsule I had internet chat with Apple junior and then Senior Genius online. We chated for one hour where i told him all my problems. I reseted the phone, restored, setted as new one, and it couldnt connect to wifi. After 9th or 10th attempt I mananged to connect to wifi so I could set up the iphone after reset. He saw that and he said to go and replace. After all that i bought Time Capsule and my wifi conectivity works only in home. Everywhere else i cannot connect.


    Here is the example:  Few nights ago, I was with my wife in coffee near the river. And the beautifull and romantic time was screwed up by the fact that she connected with hers iphone4 onto caffee's wifi, but i could not with my iphone5. All the time "unable to connect". She connected from the first attempet, with no trubble at all. I have print screen, both from hers and mine which i will also print out and cary with me to the apple store.


    So i am pretty sure i will get a new one. Dont worry about me.


    And ofcourse i will share my info with you guys. After all, we are here to help each other.


    keep you posted all

  • smythm20 Level 1 Level 1



    As promised,I said I woudl provide an update.  Tthe IOS update has certainly improved things for me.  No drop outs last night and imessage appeared this morinng  without having to disable Airplane mode.



  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Hopefully you're in the small patch of fortunate people having their wifi issues resolved, fingers crossed

  • kosherwaffle Level 1 Level 1

    So after updating to 6.1, I am able to connect to the router I have set up in my room, yet I still cannot connect to my campus' WiFi.  Same "unable to connect" line

  • CKFROMSG Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone5 also encountered the same 'unable' message even with the router I always able to connect with iPhone 4. I noticed that iPhone 5 seem to connect to router than iPhone4, or iPhone4 just don't show the 'unanle' message.

    Just wait long enough, 10 secs more, before click on the router's name. It should connect.

    The same apply to public network. Whenever I saw the router name while the iPhone5 still searching for other router, I will get the 'unable' message. Wait for the searching to complete then click on the router's name on your iPhone.

    No harm give it a try to see whether this work for you.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Well since this is an iP5 thread I would assume ALL users here would still be under the 1 year warranty at the very least so that would certainly be worth looking onto with Apple. More and more I have seen folks who swapped their devices and wifi is as it should be. Both before and after iOS 6.1. Apparently there are some definite hardware wifi issues with the iP5. iOS 6.1 seems to have made a big difference with other iDevices so if there is a combo iOS issue and hardware issue with iP5 its could really be a challenge getting wifi to work properly.  So I agree, utilizing the Apple warranty to get ones personal device working as expected should be at the top of the list. Especially given the price of the unit and the fact most will be in a 2 year contract and stuck with the faulty device for some time.

  • mark_mark896 Level 1 Level 1

    I think for sure this is a hardware issue. The first iPhone 5 I received had the same issues with Wi-Fi and battery drain. The replacement worked fine on 6.0.1. I didn't upgrade to 6.0.2.  After reading a few reviews of 6.1 I upgraded to it. I don't notice any difference in Wi-Fi or battery life. I think the Wi-Fi on the iPhone 5 has a smaller range than the iPhone 4. It is still within an acceptable range though. The battery life is similar to the iPhone 4. I am getting at least a full day out of it with normal usage and usually after a full day I'm still around 50%. I suggest anyone that is continuing to have problems with their phone to get it replaced.


    Good luck,


  • JanSKay Level 1 Level 1

    After the recent update as you know the WiFi connection still dropped and I like many of you, was frequently turning the WiFi off and on to get it to work if only sometimes for a few minutes. UPDATE: About 18 hours ago I Reset the Network settings and so far the WiFi has not dropped off! I pray it holds!


    (Note: The other issue with the WiFi sync to iTunes still isn't consistant as discussed in another part of the community so Apple needs to get that fixed, too.That also has been requiring the turning off WiFi and turning it back on in iTunes for it to sync via WiFi).

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Glad it worked for you! And I know I will catch grief for this recommendation but here goes. For me, iPhone 4s, wifi sync works fine but I choose not to use it.  I would recommend that for better battery life that sync be tethered. A few reasons. 1: iTunes has to be opened to sync so if you are at the PC may as well plug in. 2: if wifi sync is enabled, the phone potentially is searching for an active iTunes account to connect to allways thus using battery. Back in iOS 5.0 days and iP4s was new it was one tip for battery efficienty to turn it off. I would guess thats still the case. Lastly, I guess it depends on how often you are syncing for it to matter one way or the other. For me its not that often so I would just as soon plug it in when I want to sync and save any battery power I can.


    I know, I know, turning off a feature is not the answer. And you should be able to use all features and never turn anything off etc etc. But I choose to turn off items that are not critical or used often to conserve battery. And wifi sync is sorta pointless unless you have the pc in another area, iTunes always open, and sync often and dont want to go to the area where the pc is.  Anyway my point here is unless you really need it you may be better served just turning it off and saving the battery.

  • jimbob-jamie Level 1 Level 1

    After have problems with my volume keys on my iphone 5, I had a swap out from Apple with a new phone. Which I faced similar issues as everyone else here. Wifi dropping out, had to be right next to the router to even get 1 signal bar.


    I phoned up apple again and explained the wifi issue. They replaced my device which I received today. I installed ios 6.1 and everything is working absolutely fine.


    Never faced this wifi issue on my 1st or 2nd device. After I found this forum, was worried my replacement was going to be the same, but thank god not!


    This is my 4th replacement iphone 5. Funny enough each one had had a different fault. Hopefully this one will last. Stuck with it until my contract ends!

  • Level 2 Level 2

    "2: if wifi sync is enabled, the phone potentially is searching for an active iTunes account to connect to allways thus using battery"


    I don't think this is true. the phone automcatically does wifi sync only when connected to a power source.


    you can force wifi sync manually but then you are responsible for battery life.