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    Like many of you I am having problems with my iPhone 5. It's a 64GB black. WiFi works with no encryption, and WPA, it won't work with WPA2.

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    I'd like to believe it's a software issue, but take a look at my situation:


    2 iPhone 5's purchased on launch day, (1) 16GB Black (1) 16GB White.


    My wife's White iPhone 5 has had zero drops or connectivity issues on our WPA2 Home wifi network since getting the phone on Friday.


    My black iPhone 5 on the other hand, has had issues since day 1.  WiFi shows as connected, IP address is assigned from router, however no data seems to be transmitted to and from the phone.  Only remedy is to a) reboot the phone  b) forget the network and join again; both solutions last for about 5 mins of browsing before it goes back to limited or no connectivity - all the while showing my phone as still connected to my wifi network.


    Brought the phone into the Apple Store for a restore; brought it home and within 5 mins the same issue was replicated.  They've made a note on my account and I'll be bringing it back to the store today in hopes that I have more luck with a new device.


    Super frustrating.

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    Well after finally giving in to the frenzy that is 'the iphone' i'm feeling somewhat dissapointed!


    I received my iphone 5 on Friday , and the wifi makes my AOL dial up connection of the early 2000's seem stable!

    I almost expect to hear a dial tone when trying to connect to my wifi

  home its average at best with the occasional loss of signal - at work it cant even connect to the wifi router


    Not really a great start considering the cash we have to cough up for this 'holy grail' piece of kit, and to add insult to injury my 2yr old htc is sat there laughing at me with its full strength wifi signal !


    apple, can we please address asap


    kind regards


    a somewhat deflated apple sheep



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    I just want everyone to know my experience with this wifi issue.


    I too was experiencing slow intermittent wifi but just assumed it was my ISP and not the new iphone 5. I then started hearing about the widespread wifi issues and decided to download the speedtest app and see for myself.


    1. First try, average of 17mbps. Not bad.

    2. Second try, .75 mbps. Horrible

    3. Tested my iphone 4, 15.4mbps.

    4. Tested both side by side on same network of course - iphone 4 got 16.8 and the 5 got 2.3

    5. Then did another test right after with the 5 again - 16mbps back to normal.


    I want everyone to know that I don't think it's an isse with WPA2. I use a wide open, security free wifi at my house for all my devices. ps3, iPad, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV, macs etc.


    NONE, have any issues except the iPhone 5.


    PLEASE be a software fix and not hardware. I've already taken my phone back once for screen issues and build quality.


    I am also experiencing fast battery drain like many others. Just typing this reply has dropped my battery 5%!!! That's just unnacceptabel.


    I have been a huge apple fan for years and have given them plenty of my money. I really don't want to ditch the iPhone, but if these symptoms are hardware related, I might just return for a refund and move on. Sad

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    Thanks for that.  Obviously you can;t change public access point router s etc so they will need a fix ASAP!!!!!!!!!

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    Had the same problem. Upgraded to ios 6 and couldn't connect to wifi anymore.  I tried everything Apple suggested and nothing worked.  I finally just reset my router and upgraded the firmware and walla everything is working...

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    I just tested my iphone 5 with the speedtest app and it only got 2.2 mbps download and when i try using the speedtest app on my galaxy tab, the download speed goes up to 4.5 mbps and I've been trying it a few times.

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    I am having the same issue as others. I have a really nice asus diamond rt-56u router and the wifi performance on my iPhone 5 I terrible. I tried both my 5ghz and 2.4ghz connection. My iPhone 4 works great along with iPad,kindle fire,laptop, etc. I am using wpa2 encryption. Is the consensus we are waiting for an update from apple on the situation?

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    It's mixed. For the WPA2/AES issue, some peope have reported that replacement hardware has fixed their issue. The majority, however, report that the problem persists after hardware swap. I'm giving Apple a week to release a software update to fix the issue. If they don't, then I'm returning two iPhone 5's.

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    Wow! I was mentioned in that article! Good!

    Hopefully Apple will publicly acknowledge the problem.

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    We bought 2 iPhone 5s and my wife's phone is working fine on wifi while mine would not work in wifi at home. The speed is slow and dreadful. We saw a major difference of speed on both phones. My wife was getting over 10 MBps and I got only 2-4 MBps on the same home network. It *****!!! Apple needs to fix it quickly for apple loyals like us.

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    Wow. In reading through these posts it seems that a lot of people are having the same problems. My brand new iPhone 5 will not even locate wireless networks. I don't think, in my situation, that this is a software problem. The iPad 3rd gen is running on iOS 6 with no problems. My iPhone 4S worked flawlessly on iOS 6. My wife and both have Macs and connect and work great. There are 3 people in my office with an iPhone 5 and their WIFI works flawlessly. I have an Apple Airport Extreme at home and if I'm in the same room as router it works but just super slow and then drops out. Usually when you turn WIFI on you can see any and all networks in the area, not on my iPhone 5. It won't pick anything up. Just to add to the discussion. I have tried any and all "restores/resets" that are out there. I have reset the router, made sure firmware was up to date, changed settings and nothing has fixed the problem. I have reset from the phone, restored from iTunes, set up as a new phone, etc... I saw on another thread that some users have used this link( ) to find out when their IPhone 5's were manufactured and what they have found in their research is interesting. IPhone 5's that were manufactured in the 37th production week in September at the C3 (China) factory have been having the majority of issues with WIFI connectivity.


    I just spoke with a very sweet lady at Apple Support and she spoke with 3 Senior analysts who suggested to "set up a repair" where they exchange the phone for you. I am heading to my local Apple store this afternoon and will comment on whether the replacement device fixes the issue.


    If you are experiencing the same issues or anything similar, take your device to Apple for an exchange. The information stored in your device could help them diagnose the issue and help others with the same problem.


    I will say this, even with these issues... this device is amazing and other than the WIFI issues this iPhone is literally the best one yet!! Thankful for how this device helps and is SO much easier to use than any other device that in all reality is an iPhone knock off.

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