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    ah ok that could be true. Its been a while. I believe I do remember that. Also I remember whenever I opened iTunes for any reason the device would connect even if I didnt want to sync.Of course using battery then. The only time I plug in power is when I go to bed and PC and iTunes is off so it never synced anyway.  I just never saw any real value as when I need to sync I have to fire up iTunes (laptop) so may as well plug in cable since I am sitting at it anyway. Email and calendar and contacts are all real time sync with the server and backup to iCloud (unless a manual to iTunes once in a while). Certainly its a users preference I just dont see the real benefit. But bottom line is it should work if a user wants to use it. Good point tho.

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    I have not had issues with connecting to wifi but I have a strange issues with download speed when on wifi.


    But only when downloading podcasts...


    Running 6.0.1 or 6.1 on iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPad 2.


    On WIFI I can download a 45 mb app from the appstore in less than a minute. I can stream Youtube and Netflix with no problems. Internet browsing - no problems.


    But downloading podcasts with Instacast 3, Downcast or the Apple Podcast app happens at a rate of 20-80 kb/s when on WIFI. As soon as I switch to 3g ( 4g/LTE is not yet available from my local provider) my download speed goes to between 300kb/s and 2 mb/s.


    Anyone else have this problem?

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    To Kosher: That sounds like my problem before i was fortunate to be back on track after the IOS 6.1. I had the same issue since IOS 6.01, IOS 6.02. Id suspect compatability issue, my fix was changing my firmware on my WAP's through my company as i manage the infrastructure, though unless your working on the IT side of the campus, id doubt you could do anything other than contact your helpdesk and query your issue with them and point out you believe it to be a firmware issue.


    It might also be a possibility your case doesnt require the same resolution as mine, but you have same symptoms

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    Even when you open itunes, auto-sync option is ON, it will sync over wifi only if the phone initiates the connection and that happens only when its connected to a power source. (other then force manual)


    you could turn off auto sync withing itunes and then not matter what, it'll never sync unless you manually force it from either device.



    but wifi sync - umm...i rest my case. it just doesn't work..too flaky. Which is another reason why I have all my data and media as raw transferrable data on my harddrive and use manually manage data everywhere... none of all this BS syncing business.

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    FYI just updated to 6.1.  Wifi signal seems to be better but still dl speeds are exactly the same as they were running 6.0.2.  It's funny, I have an apple router but have yet to clock good dl speeds on wifi, when my buddy with his android s3 consistently clocks 20 Gbps on my wifi.

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    the S3 has 1 antenna more than the iphone 5 (which is why it can do voice+data simul. on cdma networks).


    so I am guessing - that because of the extra antenna and bigger size, the antennae are physically bigger in size - resulting in better signal to noise ratio and hence higher speeds assuming everything else is the same.


    just a guess.


    btw, i get between 11mbps - 50mbps on wifi with the iphone 5, depending on the node. (its mbps to gbps. wifi for 20 gbps has not been invented as yet.)

  • Fadie Level 1 Level 1

    Every single wifi device I've connected and tested to my network consistently clocked around 20 Mbps ( which is the max speed my ISP is providing me), including other android phones besides the s3.  My iPhone averages 10 to 12 Mbps on my network but have speeds as high as 40 on other wifi networks.  Based on those facts I'm pretty sure it's not the difference in antennas as you say.

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    I meant to say Gbps sorry

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    Wifi cannot get 20 Gbps speeds. you're reading something wrong.


  • Fadie Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry it's Mbps you are right ... I'm tired ... Fact is every wifi device I've tested pulled the max wifi speeds my network is offering when my iPhone is only pulling just over half.

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    Well I dare to say that I think my wifi (and general network weirdness) problems are fixed with 6.1. I've had it loaded since the weekend and come and gone from work to home and my wifi is always working and never connected but not working like it used to be. There were days that it would be fine, but this is the longest period I can remember of consistant problem free performance.


    I also had weirdness where I would have to put the phone in airplane mode to get LTE/4G working after switching of wifi networks (didnt need a full reboot like wifi did when it acted up) and I haven't seen that as well since 6.1


    i was confident that my problem in particular was a software only issue as a reboot alsways fixed it 100% of the time for me until I got on other access points and returned home.

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    Fadie: Your assessment is incorrect. It could very well be the antenna design that is causing lower than expected speeds. The transmission rate depends on, among other things, the power and resilience of the transceiver on both the router and the phone. It may be that the power of the transceiver in the home router is slightly weaker than the one in the router where he works. Couple that with a really weak iPhone antenna and it's inability to deal with outside interference and he could very well see lower speeds on his iPhone.

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    Connection Type: WiFi

    Server: New York City

    Download: 37.72 Mbps

    Upload: 8.57 Mbps

    Ping Time: 117 ms


    6.1 makes my wifi connection fly....

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    Well just as I feared, iPhone reset network only kept my wifi connected for about 20 hours. A really nice 20 hours, too. Now it's back to frequently having to turn wifi off and back on. Probably going to have to call Apple soon but I don't have much faith a new iPhone will matter because of the reports we have read.

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    Agree with your pessimism about getting a replacement phone. The replacement phone is the option of choice for the "greyed-out" WiFi (in fact, it seems to be the only choice aside from going to a hardware guru or temp fixes like hair dryer). The WiFi flakiness is much less likely, if at all, to be improved with a phone swap.