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  • German123 Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)

    Yes that would be the really only option Michiko87

  • Couchar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    As I found that it was the iOS 6.0.2 update that started the WIFI issue on my phone (as seems to be the case for a couple of others), I was wondering if anyone has tried downgrading the phone to iOS 6.0.1 or 6.0 to see whether this fixes the issue


    what I experience:

    -no problems when I'm on an apple configured network (router = timecapsule)

    -strange connectivity when I'm the network configured by my ISP: optimal speed and connectivity throughout the house, even 20 meters away, but no connectivity at all on certain spots, although less than 5 meters away from the router (other iOS devices on iOS 6.1 or below work flawless on those very same spots)

    -when at work: perfect connectivity and speed within a range of 1 meter from the router, one meter further: everything is ghone (noting but air between myself and  the router). It has nothing to do with the router: all other iPhone 5's, iPad's, iPod's connect as they should.

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    Couchar - You cannot downgrade without voiding your warranty.  Document and go to Apple store for a replacement phone.

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    Downgrading will not void your warranty. However you cant downgrade anyway. Once Apple releases a new version they stop signing all older versions after a few days so you cant downgrade if you want to. But if you could it would not void your warranty. There are millions of devices out there that never upgrade their iOS and are still under warranty if within the 1 yr standard or 2 yr AppleCare warranty.

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    The new release is meant to improve LTE network.

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    i just find out that my iPhone 5 stays conected on slower networks but it wont stay conected on optical networks and i have no idea why i would say it is a hardware problem and that the iphone 5's wifi anthena cant handle higher network speeds and i thing that apple is trying to save money and they are putting an anthenas that are not conpatible with higher speeds to save money and when someone is conplaining about the issue they simply replace the anthena and its all sorted

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    sbaily4 - IF you could downgrade without jailbreaking, then it would not void your warranty, but since that's not possible.....  I did not want to use the JB word here

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    Tom Apple iPhone - I doubt it's that simple.  I've read every post in this thread, and in a few others also, and had one of the problems myself.  This is complicated!

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    ah ok I hear ya.  Thanks for clarification.

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    Finally bit the bullet and traded in my iPhone 5 at Apple yesterday. All is connecting as it should with the new iPhone 5 thus far!  Of course like many of you the connection issue couldn't be replicated at the store so I got their 1 time curtesy swap out, even though I took evidence of my connections (and lack there of) and proof of several other devices not having trouble connecting consistantly to my router. If it occurs on this iPhone I deal with Apple's 1 time swap policy, but I pray I will not have to hassle with it and all will continue working!

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    So what is that 1 time swap deal? If the phone "appears" to work they will only swap it once? If its actually broken is does not apply? I mean if you have a 1 yr warranty on the device dont they have to make sure it works for at least a year? Does the warranty continue from orig purchase date on the swap out?

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    This has been published in another document before but not really highlighted. Apparently Apple has determined it needed to be reiterated as they published a new document today. Could explain why when folks go to the Apple store their device magically work .


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    After upgrading from 5.1.1 to 6.1 with my 4S WiFi was not working with my Router at home. In my company WiFi works. I tried reset network, reset iphone as a new device all without success.

    The Phone connect to the router and after a few seconds the connetion was death.

    What worked for me was changing my Router Setiings from auto (b/g/n protokoll) to manuell g/n protokoll only.

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    sbailey4 - I have not heard of a 1 time only swap policy.  In fact, I've read several posts here from users who have received replacements more than once when the first try did not resolve the problem.

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    It should not